Friday, September 23, 2011

Top 10 Respect to R.E.M

REM is disbanding after 30 years.  Lucky for me, I got to see them at the Mann Music Center a few years back, that Michael Stipe is really something. Here are a few of their songs I know and have felt through the years.

1. Everybody Hurts

2. The One I Love

3. The End of the World As We Know It

4. Losing My Religion (this song will always have special meaning to me)

5. Orange Crush

6. Drive

7. Find the River

8. Man on the Moon with Bruce Springsteen

9. Turn You Inside Out

10.So. Central Rain

I pay my respect and thank them for the great music and lyrics.

Special Mention: One U2 and R.E.M, Nightswimming, Camera, Fireplace, Don't Go Back to Rockville,Me In Honey,Radio Song,Try Not to Breathe,Orange Crush, Ignoreland, Shiny Happy People
and the list goes on, I am obviously a fan.
Credit to Michael Grant who turned me on to R.E.M. and to my son David, who made me my first R.E.M mix.  We attended the concert together.


  1. I did not become an R.E.M. fan until well after they were an established and popular band. I appreciate their music more now than 30 years ago. I've heard (from you and others) that Stipe is a very good performer, so if I had seen them in concert, I may have been a fan earlier in their career. At this point, I'll have to settle for watching a video of one of their live performances.

  2. Late bloomer with them as well, probably close to the last 5 years or so. Listen to Find the River, good song I think you may like it and Everybody Hurts well that just goes without saying. I'll have to think of one that your band could do. I can't recall Mind's Eye View doing any of their songs.