Friday, September 16, 2011

Top 10 Famous Students that were Home Schooled

1. Thomas Edison inventor

2. Christopher Columbus explorer

3. Mark Twain writer

4. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart composer

5. George Washington, Abraham Lincoln Presidents of the United States

6. Ben Franklin, William Penn statesmen Winston Churchill

7. George Patton, Douglas MacArthur United States Generals

8. Albert Einstein scientist

9. Leonardo DaVinci artist

10. Joseph Pulitzer newspaper publisher

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  1. Interesting post. I suspect some home school advocates would use this list to bolster their arguments against public schools and against government in general - because most people who home school their children today are of that mind set. But all of the people on the list are from past centuries or the early 20th century - when public schools were hardly developed compared to today. And of course, some of them are not even from America. So it's not a valid comparison. . . . . . . <== Just an observation.

  2. I was educated through the Catholic school system, I now feel it had its limitations as compared to public school yet it did give me a strong religious base that I think has been beneficial through the tough times in life. I am learning more on my own as an adult out of school however, I seem to have a keener curiousity.