Saturday, August 27, 2011

Top 10 Hurricane Feeding the Drama

How prepared are you?

Darby Creek, Upper Darby, Pennsylvania photo courtesy Jill Bender

Written before, during and after the storm the weekend Irene came to town 8/27/11 - 8/28/11.

1. Pathmark was packed with people getting the basic essentials.  Potato Chips?  OK, I needed creamer for my coffee it wasn't necessary for me to be there.

2. Was there price gauging going on?  I didn't notice anything but the Green Tea was completely wiped out. It was on sale.

3. I did purchase one meat item.  I found a recipe for Shepard's Pie with leftover meatloaf.  This is a pipe dream though, meatloaf is never leftover in my house, I am that good. It will also keep me occupied.  I have a child who really is an adult now, but not in my eyes, living n North Carolina. I am concerned.

4. Did you do your neighborly duty and remove all projectiles from the outside of your property?  It doesn't matter much unless everyone co-operates.  Which was the not case in my neighborhood, but I believe my conscious was clear.

5.  One thing this storm has bought to light for me is there are a lot of unnecessary things in my shed.

6.  I am anxiously awaiting how much water my convertible will take on.  It takes on water in a heavy downpour. It was completely dry and I thank a website that I found several months ago that gave explicit instructions on what to do to clear clogs in drainage holes inside the tract under your doors.  If anyone needs that information email  I will do my best to find it for you.  It has been a success story for me and this hard rain was a test.

7. We have a small stream behind our house.  I have only seen water fill the field once in the 19 years we have lived here.  We have however witnessed trees taking a timber from the saturated ground and heavy winds on different occasions. Luckily this was not a problem for us. Others were not so lucky.

MacDade and Springfield Road, Upper Darby, Pennsylvania, photo courtesy of Jill Bender

8.  Currently the only communication I have with North Carolina is Facebook.  I do not want to take up the battery life in the event power is lost on a cell phone.  Texting takes less battery use, it was my major mode of communication with my daughter after her cable wires went down.

9. I have been watching the weather channel for updates.  What does Tummy Tuck have to do with an impeding disaster.  That damage has already been done. My bad, someone changed the channel.

10.  UGH!  I just missed a phone call from North Carolina.  No message. Update:10AM Saturday morning, my kid is safe, she lost power earlier this morning but it is back, so all is right in my world.  I hope the same for every one else.  Stay safe!

I kept tabs throughout the day as it was going on with us.

Since I don't Tweet this is my Twitter.

Just remembered to stick a container under the attic exhaust fan. No rain yet in suburbs of Philadelphia, PA 11:48pm. Received a video text from NC.  It looks wicked. Windy and rainy.

MacDade and Springfield Road, Upper Darby, Pennsylvania photo courtesy of Jill Bender

12:26pm light rain has begun.
12:42pm first domestic dispute.  I will not put a moth clinging to my front door outside. It's raining. Unfortunately, the moth did not make it inside either.
1:02pm local fire department knocked on our door asking to remove vehicles from the streets and move to a local designated parking lots, your local school. This was in feear of tree limbs falling and allowing emergency vehicles easy access to the roads.  In hind sight, I think this really was a great idea. Saturday afternoon: It is still only raining lightly, no wind.
1:56pm daughter still safe and sound in North Carolina. I have been watching the weather channel for the last 24 hour. I do have a vested interest with my daughter in NC, but in my opinion, even if it seems like extreme measure, I think we have been informed and warned.
2:10pm Just heard an update from the beach I vacationed at 2 weeks ago 95% of Long Beach Island, NJ has been evacuated. I have been there during a tropical storm. Even a small rain storm can flood the island easily. I am glad Mrs. Fitz is safe at her son Bill's house.
5:40pm rain heavier at times trees are swaying but not erratic. Things are still good in NC. Text communicating with her dad.
7:52pm a new addiction chess against the computer passing the time waiting for updates and or check-ins from North Carolina.  I'm not worried for her safety. She's a very able girl. The rain continues to fall and it actually seems quiet right now.  I can't hear the rain like I did earlier.  You can't really see the trees swaying either because it is now dark out.  Winds are suppose to pick up overnight between 2-3am when every one who can sleep, will be asleep. All day on Facebook people have been chattering in anticipation.  It is like a nor'easter snow storm where everything is shut down.
9:40PM Tornado warning in our area.  We we told via TV to seek shelter in the basement.  My husband, son and myself are in the basement. This is weird we just had an earthquake a few days ago. 10PM Lights are flickering but we still have power .
Facebook. She has been away from home in college at West Chester University for about 48 hours now.
Sunday 6:51AM the storm appears to be over heavy rain and light rain fluctuated through the night.
Sunday 4:16PM the sun came out.

In conclusion:  I am happy to report we suffered no power outage, flooding or any other damage.  At times, I felt frightened by the newscast but in the long run I think it helped people make smarter decisions and we were all prepared.  I don't have a problem with any decisions or announcements that were made to keep people safe.  I say job well done. Modern technology kept me in touch with the people I cared most about that were not under my roof at the time. I also found Facebook to be a place where people could go and express their concerns and I feel it helped quell some anxiety.  Did I just say that?  Facebook has a purpose? It worked for me. Actually, my assessment was premature, my daughter's car in North Carolina was smacked by a fsllen tree limb, thankfully it was parked in the driveway and she was not driving it.  For this as a family, we feel greatful and blessed. I was on the emergency hotline waiting for less then 10 minutes before I received a live associated. I found State Farm to be very impressive and I hope the turnaround time in getting the car fixed is quick but also realize there are more crucial things in life.

 Did I feed into the drama. Well um yeah I did. 

Silly things I did: 

1.  Cleared my garden of debris (cucumbers of a different yellow color) and used them as weights in the trash can, as to prevent the wind from taking it away.

2. I was carrying around a back pack filled with our important documents along with 2 flashlights up and down the stairs during the tornado warnings but luckily the wind did not cry Mary and we were spared.

Most sane thing I did: 

I did not take anything or anyone for granted.

I ended each text message with love you. I always do that anyway and it's nice to get it back.

It was an eventful week, earthquake, hurricane, tornado's, on to the next drama...back to school. There are some things in life you have no control over. Focus more on the ones you do. It has been a long weekend for many of us.  Hopefully we now realize what our valuables truly are.


  1. laughing at you running up and down the steps with your important papers hahaha- Jill

  2. Yeah the huband was laughing at me too but I was complimented later for pulling it all together. I must have looked ridiculous though : )