Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Top 10 Pushing Buttons

How many buttons have you pushed today?

1. Power on the laptop

2. Coffee Pot On

3. Hit the car remote, no need to turn the key. If only the door would swing open automatically

3. Convenience store coffee French Vanilla "gotta Have a Wawa". Push.

4. Skipped Breakfast, what cake looks tasty in the vending machine? Press, feelin tandy today.

5. Walking past the ATM, get some cash for lunch.

6. Pushing the button, I am not waiting for the traffic light to change.  I will wait for the walk signal.

7. Sandwich selection, a touch screen counts, technically you are pushing some one's buttons at the other end to make your sandwich.

8. Second refill of ice tea, push the button, a tad more ice as well.

9. Dealing with email, push the send button.

10. Pushing the "power button" off on the laptop and the cell phone.  It's quiet time.  I have made it successfully through my day without anyone negatively pushing my buttons, I only hope I have returned the favor.

And to all a good night.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Top 10 Back To School Basic Supply List

Almost every one needs a computer now and this list will just become a collectors item.

1. Backpack  Are heavy backpacks related to spine problems? My kids have had some very heavy backpacks.  I remember receiving works sheets or workbooks to do my homework. My school bag had a buckle.  Does anyone remember those?

2. Pencils, 8-Pack, Pencil Sharpener Number 2 pencils were all that were allowed back in the day. What was so exclusive about #2?  Who had/has that contract?

3. Colored Pencils, Washable Markers, Highlighters (In Catholic school you were issued a box of jumbo crayons, in the basic colors every year.  It was a big deal, to express your creative side.

4. Eraser (nobody is perfect), scissors, glue stick. (I don't know what the science behind it is, but I worked in a controlled temperature environment computer room for many years and the erasers never held up. Erasers in computer rooms?  Just reboot and keep your fingers crossed.

5. Ruler (An absolute necessity in my book.  Everything needs to measure up and nothing draws a straighter line.  Ask any kid who attended catholic school with a nun patrolling up and down the aisle with one in her hand, you straightened up.  Those pointer sticks were dangerous weapons as well. Everyone knew who the true ruler was.)

6. Trapper (3-ring binder) These are relatively new on the market, last 20 years or so but they do help organize, however they are capable of eating the homework or a usual suspect when an assignment is missing.  It's somewhere in that trapper.

7. Loose Leaf  Paper The best and I mean the best paper airplanes.  Other purposes, something that will guaranteed get lost or ripped out of the binder and or trapper unless you invest further and buy those little circles that secure all loose paper that like to fly in the wind.

8. Different Color Coded Folder Per Subject. I loved setting these up, labeling and living the dream that I am organized.  Of course all dreams are short lived but memorable.

9. Spiral Notebooks. Composition Book, Assignment Book/Planner I am a writer so I still have plenty of these on hand and the indent on my middle finger from holding my pen too tight.  Remember the instructions on how to hold the pen and pencil correctly?  I was absent that day.

10.Index Cards Great for notes, cue cards for presentations and flash cards for spelling and multiplication.  I use them for recipe cards now.

Maybe my list is a little dated, I used to like to go shopping for these items.  It was a new beginning.  I especially remember as a child coming of age when you needed a compass and protractor.  Do they still use these in school? There is a very sharp point on a compass.  I, however was a stabbing victim of a lead pencil, possibly what my problem is today. No charges were pressed.  I was told to sit down and read the next line in the history book.

Double check your stock, never over buy, if you do donate to shelters. You can never go wrong having the basics on hand but 9 out of 10 times, a teacher will have their own "special list" and you will be shopping after the first day of school anyway. Enjoy!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Top 10 Hurricane Feeding the Drama

How prepared are you?

Darby Creek, Upper Darby, Pennsylvania photo courtesy Jill Bender

Written before, during and after the storm the weekend Irene came to town 8/27/11 - 8/28/11.

1. Pathmark was packed with people getting the basic essentials.  Potato Chips?  OK, I needed creamer for my coffee it wasn't necessary for me to be there.

2. Was there price gauging going on?  I didn't notice anything but the Green Tea was completely wiped out. It was on sale.

3. I did purchase one meat item.  I found a recipe for Shepard's Pie with leftover meatloaf.  This is a pipe dream though, meatloaf is never leftover in my house, I am that good. It will also keep me occupied.  I have a child who really is an adult now, but not in my eyes, living n North Carolina. I am concerned.

4. Did you do your neighborly duty and remove all projectiles from the outside of your property?  It doesn't matter much unless everyone co-operates.  Which was the not case in my neighborhood, but I believe my conscious was clear.

5.  One thing this storm has bought to light for me is there are a lot of unnecessary things in my shed.

6.  I am anxiously awaiting how much water my convertible will take on.  It takes on water in a heavy downpour. It was completely dry and I thank a website that I found several months ago that gave explicit instructions on what to do to clear clogs in drainage holes inside the tract under your doors.  If anyone needs that information email  I will do my best to find it for you.  It has been a success story for me and this hard rain was a test.

7. We have a small stream behind our house.  I have only seen water fill the field once in the 19 years we have lived here.  We have however witnessed trees taking a timber from the saturated ground and heavy winds on different occasions. Luckily this was not a problem for us. Others were not so lucky.

MacDade and Springfield Road, Upper Darby, Pennsylvania, photo courtesy of Jill Bender

8.  Currently the only communication I have with North Carolina is Facebook.  I do not want to take up the battery life in the event power is lost on a cell phone.  Texting takes less battery use, it was my major mode of communication with my daughter after her cable wires went down.

9. I have been watching the weather channel for updates.  What does Tummy Tuck have to do with an impeding disaster.  That damage has already been done. My bad, someone changed the channel.

10.  UGH!  I just missed a phone call from North Carolina.  No message. Update:10AM Saturday morning, my kid is safe, she lost power earlier this morning but it is back, so all is right in my world.  I hope the same for every one else.  Stay safe!

I kept tabs throughout the day as it was going on with us.

Since I don't Tweet this is my Twitter.

Just remembered to stick a container under the attic exhaust fan. No rain yet in suburbs of Philadelphia, PA 11:48pm. Received a video text from NC.  It looks wicked. Windy and rainy.

MacDade and Springfield Road, Upper Darby, Pennsylvania photo courtesy of Jill Bender

12:26pm light rain has begun.
12:42pm first domestic dispute.  I will not put a moth clinging to my front door outside. It's raining. Unfortunately, the moth did not make it inside either.
1:02pm local fire department knocked on our door asking to remove vehicles from the streets and move to a local designated parking lots, your local school. This was in feear of tree limbs falling and allowing emergency vehicles easy access to the roads.  In hind sight, I think this really was a great idea. Saturday afternoon: It is still only raining lightly, no wind.
1:56pm daughter still safe and sound in North Carolina. I have been watching the weather channel for the last 24 hour. I do have a vested interest with my daughter in NC, but in my opinion, even if it seems like extreme measure, I think we have been informed and warned.
2:10pm Just heard an update from the beach I vacationed at 2 weeks ago 95% of Long Beach Island, NJ has been evacuated. I have been there during a tropical storm. Even a small rain storm can flood the island easily. I am glad Mrs. Fitz is safe at her son Bill's house.
5:40pm rain heavier at times trees are swaying but not erratic. Things are still good in NC. Text communicating with her dad.
7:52pm a new addiction chess against the computer passing the time waiting for updates and or check-ins from North Carolina.  I'm not worried for her safety. She's a very able girl. The rain continues to fall and it actually seems quiet right now.  I can't hear the rain like I did earlier.  You can't really see the trees swaying either because it is now dark out.  Winds are suppose to pick up overnight between 2-3am when every one who can sleep, will be asleep. All day on Facebook people have been chattering in anticipation.  It is like a nor'easter snow storm where everything is shut down.
9:40PM Tornado warning in our area.  We we told via TV to seek shelter in the basement.  My husband, son and myself are in the basement. This is weird we just had an earthquake a few days ago. 10PM Lights are flickering but we still have power .
Facebook. She has been away from home in college at West Chester University for about 48 hours now.
Sunday 6:51AM the storm appears to be over heavy rain and light rain fluctuated through the night.
Sunday 4:16PM the sun came out.

In conclusion:  I am happy to report we suffered no power outage, flooding or any other damage.  At times, I felt frightened by the newscast but in the long run I think it helped people make smarter decisions and we were all prepared.  I don't have a problem with any decisions or announcements that were made to keep people safe.  I say job well done. Modern technology kept me in touch with the people I cared most about that were not under my roof at the time. I also found Facebook to be a place where people could go and express their concerns and I feel it helped quell some anxiety.  Did I just say that?  Facebook has a purpose? It worked for me. Actually, my assessment was premature, my daughter's car in North Carolina was smacked by a fsllen tree limb, thankfully it was parked in the driveway and she was not driving it.  For this as a family, we feel greatful and blessed. I was on the emergency hotline waiting for less then 10 minutes before I received a live associated. I found State Farm to be very impressive and I hope the turnaround time in getting the car fixed is quick but also realize there are more crucial things in life.

 Did I feed into the drama. Well um yeah I did. 

Silly things I did: 

1.  Cleared my garden of debris (cucumbers of a different yellow color) and used them as weights in the trash can, as to prevent the wind from taking it away.

2. I was carrying around a back pack filled with our important documents along with 2 flashlights up and down the stairs during the tornado warnings but luckily the wind did not cry Mary and we were spared.

Most sane thing I did: 

I did not take anything or anyone for granted.

I ended each text message with love you. I always do that anyway and it's nice to get it back.

It was an eventful week, earthquake, hurricane, tornado's, on to the next drama...back to school. There are some things in life you have no control over. Focus more on the ones you do. It has been a long weekend for many of us.  Hopefully we now realize what our valuables truly are.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Top 10 Honoring Ashford and Simpson

Honoring the career of Ashford and Simpson. Nick Ashford passed away on Monday August 22, 2011.  This song writing team wrote all these songs and so many more.................

Solid Hot! Hot! Hot!

Ain't No Mountain High Enough

Reach Out and Touch Somebody's Hand Live Aid at JFK with Teddy Prendergast

You're All I Need To Get By

Nowhere to Hide Smokey Robinson, Dean Martin, Kim Carnes and Ashford and Simpson (partial song)

Tears Dry On Their Own performed by Amy Winehouse written by Ashford and Simpson

I'm Every Woman sung by Chaka Khan written by Ashford and Simpson

Somethings You Never Get Used To sung by The Supremes written by Ashford and Simpson

Good Lovin Ain't  Easy To Come By sung The Supremes and The Four Tops written by Ashford and Simpson

Remember Me  sung by Diana Ross written by Ashford and Simpson

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Top 10 Blessed Mother Teresa Tribute

The photographs in the blog were taken when Mother Teresa visited Blessed Katherine Drexel Church (now St. Katherine Drexel Church) in Chester, June 1995. This year will be mark the 101st Anniversary of her birth.

Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu (Mother Teresa), nun: born Skopje, Macedonia August 26, 1910. She stepped down on March 13, 1997, from the head of Missionaries of Charity. She died on September 5th 1997. She was granted a state funeral by the Indian Government in gratitude for her services to the poor of all religions in India.

Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu (Mother Teresa), nun: born Skopje, Macedonia August 26, 1910.

She was the third child in her family and raised by a single parent after her father passed away when she was eight years old. Her mother then raised her as a Roman Catholic. At the age of 12 she knew she wanted to dedicate her life to a religious vocation. She left home to join the convent at age 18 and never saw her mother or sister again.
Mother Teresa dedicated her life to a service of charity, helping the poor, the sick, the dying and those that were starving for love.
Teresa wrote in her diary that her first year was fraught with difficulties. She had no income and had to resort to begging for food and supplies. Teresa experienced doubt and loneliness.
Teresa received Vatican permission on October 7, 1950 to start the diocesan congregation that would become the Missionaries of Charity. Its mission was to care for, in her own words, "the hungry, the naked, the homeless, the crippled, the blind, the lepers, all those people who feel unwanted, unloved, uncared for throughout society, people that have become a burden to the society and are shunned by everyone."
In 1979 she received the Nobel Peace Prize. You can go on the Nobel Prize website and hear her speech, she recites the St. Francis of Assisi, Make Me a Channel of Your Peace. Former U.N. Secretary-General Javier Pérez de Cuéllar said: "She is the United Nations. She is peace in the world."
Mother Theresa was barely 5 feet tall with a most powerful spirit and will. In 1982, at the height of the Siege of Beirut, Mother Teresa rescued 37 children trapped in a front line hospital by brokering a temporary cease-fire between the Israeli army and Palestinian guerrillas. Accompanied by Red Cross workers, she traveled through the war zone to the devastated hospital to evacuate the young patients. You rarely hear stories about people with that much gumption.
By 1996, she was operating 517 missions in more than 100 countries. Over the years, Mother Teresa's Missionaries of Charity grew from twelve to thousands serving the "poorest of the poor" in 450 centers around the world. The first Missionaries of Charity home in the United States was established in the South Bronx, New York; by 1984 the order operated 19 establishments throughout the country

On March 13, 1997, she stepped down from the head of Missionaries of Charity. She died on September 5th 1997. She was granted a state funeral by the Indian Government in gratitude for her services to the poor of all religions in India.
After Mother Teresa's death in 1997, the Holy See began the process of beatification, the third step toward possible canonization. Pope John Paul II waved the 5 year waiting period Mother Teresa was beatified on October 19th, 2003. She is one miracle away from sainthood.

Her MajorAwards

1962 Magsaysay Award
1963 The Padma Shri
1972 Jawaharlal Nehru Award for International Understanding
1972 Koruna Dut, angel of charity, from the President of India
1973 Templeton Prize
1974 Mater et Magistra
1975 Albert Schweitzer International Prize
1977 Honorary PhD in Theology ( Doctor Honoris Causa in Theology ), University of Cambridge, England
1979 Nobel Peace Prize
1980 Bharat Ratna

1982 Honorary PhD (Doctor Honoris Causa) from the Catholic University Brussels, Belgium.
1985 Presidential Medal of Freedom
1996 Tolstoy International Award
1996 Honorary U.S. citizenship (only the 4th person to receive this honor)
1997 Congressional Gold Medal
2003 The beatification of Mother Teresa was conducted Oct. 19, 2003 by Pope John Paul II. Many believe Blessed Mother Teresa will be named a saint of the Catholic Church ...Her cause is still waiting on one more miracle to be declared a saint.

During her visit to Chester, I had a prime spot. I was standing outside the gymnasium at Blessed Katherine Drexel when her mini bus arrived. There was a commotion and a path was carved out to let her through. She was a little bit of a woman, hunched over and her head was down. You could hardly see her above the crowd. I should have grabbed my camera and taken the photograph of a lifetime. She was right there. Instead, I was paralyzed by her appearance. I reached out and touched her arm and her eyes rose up and met mine. I had a chill or some other sensation run through my entire body. We never spoke I think I might have muttered, bless you. It is a moment in time I will never forget. I could feel I was in the presence of greatness or some force much bigger than me. It was astounding. The photographs were taken about 30 minutes later when she was leaving the church. If you were there you know the feeling. If you didn't have the opportunity to take a photograph, I share mine with you.

Source: Link to major awards received by Mother Teresa

In a 1999 Gallop report she was listed as the #1 Most Widely Admired People of the 20th Century.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Top 10 Viking Fishing Village Dock Tour


1. Long Beach Island holds many pleasures and treasures, each year I luck out and discover a new one. This year it was the "Dock Tour" at Viking Village. It is located in 19th Street in Barnegat, the north side of the island.  Take the causeway over and head left on Long Beach Blvd. and hang another left at 19th in Barnegat. If you miss it you will head to the tip of the island where the lighthouse is located, not a bad destination either. You can bear to your left and head back on Bayview Avenue, it will then be on your right. These of course, are girl directions, you can also consult a gps or official directions can be found at this link. You just can't miss Viking Village, all the boats will be your first clue.

2. The history of the Viking Village began when Scandinavian herring fisherman came over in 1920 to fish for lobsters. They settled in this area and it became known as Independent Fish Company. The individual lobster shacks are still there and add to the original landscape.  They are now antique and sea related gift shops.  You can discover unique finds browsing through the shops.

3. The biggest fish ever caught was 750 lbs.

4. The tour discusses gill netting, long lining and scalloping.

5. By law there are a certain number of days and locations where you can fish for scallops. Scallops that are without any additives are called "dry packed", while scallops that are treated with sodium tripolyphosphate (STPP) are called "wet packed". STPP causes the scallops to absorb moisture prior to the freezing process, thereby getting a better price per unit of weight. The freezing process takes about two days. Dry packed are better.

6. Viking Village was known as Tile Fishing Capital of the World in the 70's. Capt. John Larson Jr. and Capt. Lou Puskas took over the helm and purchased Viking Village in 1975.  It is one of the most successful and conscientious fisheries on the Atlantic Coast.

7. The net boats are smaller vessels used to catch blues, weakfish, monk fish, dogfish and shad.

8. Another claim to fame, the Lindsey L docked at Viking Village, was used in the film "A Perfect Storm" it portrayed  the boat, Hannah Boden captained by the female rival/love interest Linda Greenlaw. In the movie, she was the last to speak to the crew of the Andrea Gale. Warner Bros. leased the boat for nine weeks and Capt. Kirk Larson, Jr. and Capt. Larry Walsh were at the helm behind the scenes. This scallop boat is one of the best producers. The Lindsay L is the red boat pictured on the left.

9. The Dock Tours are scheduled every Friday up until September 2nd, so there aren't too many chances this summer and hopefully this treat will continue next season. Click on the link to get a preview of what you will learn on a tour from Karter Larson, who began fishing on the big ones when he was 8 years old.

10. Bringing home the flavor, the tour ended with award winning, classically trained, Chef Peter Fischbach who now does consulting work.  We were treated to the catch of the day, which can vary.  We had "something special" in a pasta sauce, scallops to die for, prepared very simply but from Peter's tips, I now know what I have been doing wrong.  They were delicious and the ma hi-ma hi sandwich was also delectable to the palate.  Click on the link below and watch Peter work his magic as he shares many beneficial tips about the oil to use, the very best pan and the special quality of salt and sugar.  Hear it from a professional and by all means try this at home.  They were delicious.

For more information click on the Viking Village website.

A special thank you and acknowldgement to Karter Larson and Peter Fischbach for allowing me to video and share their expertise.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Top 10 Essential Water Uses

*** Earthquake tremor felt in Delaware County at approximately 1:50pm

World Water Week runs August 21st thru August 27th.

World Water Week is hosted and organized by the Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI) and takes place each year in Stockholm. The World Water Week has been the annual focal point for the globe's water issues since 1991.

Merced River, Yosemite National Park, California, USA

How much have you used today?  How essential is water to you?  What could you live without? How would you survive?

1. Wash Your Face

 The snow capped Alps are the source of many of Europe’s major rivers, such as the Rhone, Rhine, Po, and numerous tributaries of the Danube.

2. Brush Your Teeth

Lucerne, Switzerland

3. Shower/bathtub

Florence, Italy source Arno River

4. Flush the Toilet

European rest stop near Germany, source Rhine River.

5. Irrigation

Outside Amsterdam, source, The Amstel River.

6. Wash Dishes

London, UK source the Thames River

7. Wash Clothes

Seine River, Paris, France

8. Water the grass/garden

The Fountain of the Four Rivers, Rome, Italy source Tiber River.

9. Wash Your Hands

Innsbruck, Austria, source, Inn River

10. Food preparation pasta or soup, canned vegetables, tuna packed and preserved in water. Cleaning fresh vegetables before you cook them.

Road Stop in Switzerland

According to:  1 in every 8 people lack access to clean water.  More people in the world own a cell phone then have access to a toilet.  Water is life.  Yet it is a daily privilege millions take for granted.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Top 10 August 22nd Be An Angel Day

Being an angel is a tough business.

Here are a few caught being angels.  Not that this list is gospel, I found it at wikipedia.

The photographs are my own sightings. Angels are out there you just have to look for them and sometimes they find you.

Malachim (translation: messengers), general word for angel.

Buckingham Palace, London, UK

Michael (translation: who is like God), performs God's kindness.

Hoover Dam

Gabriel (translation: the strength of God), performs acts of justice and power

The Baptistery, Florence, Italy

Raphael (translation: God Heals), God's healing force.

New York City

Uriel (translation: God is my light), leads us to destiny

St. Mark's Basilica, Venice, Italy

Seraphim (translation: the burning ones), sing and praise God

Malach HaMavet (translation: the angel of death)

Staircase leading up to the Sistine Chapel, Rome, Italy

Satan (translation: the adversary), brings people's sins before them in the heavenly court

Versailles Palace, France

Chayot HaKodesh (translation: living beings)

St. Peter's Basilica, Rome Italy

Ophanim (translation: arbits) Guardians of the Throne of God

Our Lady of Knock Shrine, Ireland

Surely, we all have had that experience, where something has happened to us and we truly were saved.  Many credit their guarding angel with these heroic acts.  I personally have always loved that song, "You Are My Special Angel".

If you can't be an angel, just try and be kind. It's only one day.  Try and earn those wings or at the least a little extra credit.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Top 10 Dylan Still Dynamite

Yes!  I went to the Mann on Wednesday night and saw Bob Dylan. A little background to the date has never seen Dylan live before but I have at the Spectrum, many years ago.  I was sitting in obstructive view sets behind the stage. It would have been late 70's early 80's. Bob came around and played 3 songs to our section.  He called us the tush section. I was already impressed with his lyrics, he then became a legend to me. Wednesday night was no exception.

Did I hear my favorite Dylan songs? There are so many, but yes, I heard some of them from the classic himself. What a dream come true. He has so many stories to tell. To hear just a few was a distinct privilege.

The set list

1. Leopard-SkinPill-Box Hat released in 1966. The song has been widely speculated to be inspired by Edie Sedgwick, an actress/model known for her association with Andy Warhol. Sedgwick is also often suspected as being an inspiration for other Dylan songs of the time, particularly some from Blonde on Blonde.

2. Don't Think Twice written by Bob Dylan in 1962, and released on the 1963 album The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan.

3. Things Have Changed was ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS especially if you can relate.  I used to care but things have changed.

4. Tangled Up in Blue the rest of the night was just gravy to me after this, he did this song a little different to what I was used to listening too, but the words were all I needed to hear. The tale of a love that has, for the time being, ended, although not by choice.  I think they call that, "It's Complicated". Released as a single in 1975, it reached #31 on the Billboard Hot 100. Rolling Stone ranked it #68 on their list of the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time.  "We just saw it from a different point of view".

5, Beyond Here Lies Nothing is the opening track of Bob Dylan's 2009 studio album, Together Through Life. The title is a quote from the Ancient Roman poet Ovid.

6. Mississippi is from Love and Theft which was released on September 11th, 2001.  In 2009, Rolling Stone named "Mississippi" the 17th best song of the decade, calling it "A drifter's love song that seems to sum up Dylan's entire career, and a rambling classic that ranks up there with 'Tangled Up in Blue'."

Desolation Row

The Levee's Gonna Break

Blind Willie McTell

Highway 61 Revisited

7. Simple Twist of Fate it was this song that just stopped time. Everybody and I mean everybody did nothing but stop and listen and drift with Bob Dylan.  If you never had a simple twist of fate Bob Dylan offered it up one more time for the memory to absorb. Just classic Dylan. Simple Twist of Fate" is a song by Bob Dylan, released on his 15th studio album Blood on the Tracks in 1975.
It was first covered by Joan Baez on Diamonds & Rust (1975).

Thunder on the Mountain

8. Ballad of a Thin Man was written and recorded by Bob Dylan, released on the album Highway 61 Revisited in 1965.  "Ballad of a Thin Man" comments on a conventional "Mr. Jones", who walks into a room of intentionally bizarre circus freaks and doesn't "know what's happening". "Do You Mr. Jones?" Live 1966: The "Royal Albert Hall" Concert is a two-disc live album by Bob Dylan, released in 1998. Recorded at Manchester's Free Trade Hall. It is from Dylan's famous world tour in 1966, having been extensively bootlegged for decades, and is an important document in the development of popular music during the 1960s.

Royal Albert Hall, London, UK

9. Like A Rolling Stone (encore) Voted #1 by Rolling Stone Magazine as the GREATEST of 500 Greatest Songs and I heard it from the man himself.  "How Does It Fell?" Pretty dang special, I had goosebumps! Ain't nobody like him.

10. All Along the Watchtower (encore) The song, which has been included on most of Dylan's greatest hits compilations, initially appeared on his 1967 album John Wesley Harding. Over the past 35 years, he has performed it in concert more than any of his other songs.  The Hendrix version, released six months after Dylan's original recording, became a Top 10 single in 1968 and was ranked 48th in Rolling Stone magazine's 500 Greatest Songs of All Time. Dave Mason also covered "All Along the Watchtower". Mason also played on Jimi Hendrix's widely known version, playing the 12 string acoustic guitar on the track. Dylan rocked the houuuuuse and I am a major Dave Mason fan. I found this link on Youtube. Yeow!

No I did not have the vantage point to get very good pictures, but this was one will last in my mind for years to come.  To the left, in the darkness maybe you can't see it, but I could. There is a dad and a small boy 4 or 5 years old and he is pointing out Bob Dylan on stage.  Will that young boy remember the experience?  Maybe not, but the dad was proud to introduce his boy to a legend and that is how connections begin and to remain "forever young".

Bob Dylan turned 70 years old and remains forever young in my mind with his unprecedented ability to place lyric and melody together and make want to listen to what he has to say. Every one knows Bob Dylan is a true artist and poet with his lyrics check out his artwork with a brush link.

Favorite Dylan song?  I could name at least a dozen but I would say "Blood on the Tracks" has the most songs I play over and over.

Top 10 People You Trust or Want To Trust

and hope they know what they are doing.

1. Law Enforcement

2. Politicians

3. Dentist, Doctor

4. The guy with the ball in sports.

5. Pilot

6. Your accountant

7. Your boss

8. Your partner in business and marriage (same deal almost).

9. Air traffic controller, train conductor

10. Clerics (priest, rabbi, minister etc.)

All questionable professions, they are only human.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Top 10 People Watching at the Beach

1.  An older gentleman (?) walking along the edge of the water kicking sand at a seagull.  He must have had a past experience. He should know better.

2. Mom's chatting at the ocean's edge, but where are the kids?

3. Boogie boards taking aim, at mom's chatting at water's edge. Ah, ther they are!

4. A little girl taking one shovel of sand at a time back to the blanket area, quite a long distance, yet she does it, gracefully.

5. A boy with a bucket overflowing with ocean, spilling a little here and a little there, awakening every sunbather in his path.

6. The overdone by the sun, sitting under an umbrella or something new I am starting to notice at the beach this year, canopy's and tents like those used at soccer tournaments.

7. The reader engrossed in their book, transported to another place in time. High tide will get em.

8. The family arrives at the beach, cooler, blanket, towels, chairs, umbrella, boogie boards, swimmies, kiddie pool.  The uhaul now comes in a smaller version with big wheels to travel over the beach.

9. The same patient little girl, I call her Sandy has now taken up with and is transporting jellyfish with her bare hands! Girls have come a long way baby.  We are not so squeamish anymore, just curious.

10. My favorite, he was about nine years old, we passed each other on my way to the beach. He was just heading back with his fishing rod. We made eye contact, so I asked, "catch anything"?  He confirmed what I have suspected all along, he replied,"there ain't nothing in there". I wanted to say, really in that vast Atlantic Ocean, but he gave me that, no more dumb questions blonde, look, I let it go.  So ladies don't let your man fool you when he says, he is going fishing at or in the ocean, there ain't nothing in there, just smile and give him his time and place.  It is a peaceful and serene way to pass your time at the beach at sunrise and sunset.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Top 10 Birds at the Beach

1. The American Herring Gull or Smithsonian Gull adults are white with gray back and wings, black wingtips with white spots, and pink legs. Spotted ocean and bay side.  This one in particular was seen checking beach bags.  Beach badge checker?? or just one hungry bird at the beach.

 Immature birds are gray-brown and are darker and more uniform with a dark tail.

2. The Laughing Gull, summer adults body is white apart from the dark grey back and wings and black head. The beak is long and red. The black hood is mostly lost in winter. Spotted ocean and bay side. This trio was checking out the surf at the beach.

Laughing Gulls take three years to reach adult plumage. Immature birds are always darker than most similar-sized gulls.

3. So this one is a UFO.  I could attempt to identify it, a snowy owl, a warbler or a plain ole sparrow with beach hair.  I will leave this mysterious creature's identify to the professionals.  If any bird watchers can identify this bird, I would appreciate it, as a novice just taking in the sights. I know it's not a snow owl at the beach.  I do however have an amazing shot I took of a snow owl blocking the road in Maryland, many years ago on the way to a campground by the coast.

4. Ducks come in many breeds, according to wikipedia, The Mallard inhabits a wide range of habitat and climates, from Arctic Tundra to subtropical regions. It is found in both fresh- and salt water wetlands, including parks, small ponds, rivers, lakes and estuaries, as well as shallow inlets and open sea within sight of the coastline. Water depths of less than 1 m (4 ft) are preferred, birds avoiding areas more than a few metres deep. They are attracted to bodies of water with aquatic vegetation.  So I am going with mallard on this one.  This family was seen enjoying the day at the bay in Beach Haven, New Jersey.

5. Canadian Geese are everywhere.   I always run into Canadians on every trip I have ever taken.  The Canadians love to travel and so do the Aussies.  This species is native to North America. It breeds in Canada and the northern United States in a variety of habitats. Its nest is usually located in an elevated area near water such as streams, lakes, ponds and sometimes on a beaver lodge. Its eggs are laid in a shallow depression lined with plant material and down. The Great Lakes region maintains a very large population of Canada Geese. They are often seen flying in formation, a v shape and they make a squawking noise to make their presence known. I always stop and look up.

6. The Black Skimmer have a light graceful flight, with steady beats of their long wings. They feed usually in large flocks, flying low over the water surface with the lower mandible skimming the water (in order of importance) for small fish, insects,crustaceans and mollusks caught by touch by day or especially at night. They spend much time loafing gregariously on sandbars in the rivers, coasts and lagoons they frequent.

I am not sure if this group below are skimmers, I am merely trying to illustrate that they typically travel and feed in groups.

7. Sandpipers have long bodies and legs, and narrow wings. Most species have a narrow bill, but otherwise the form and length are quite variable. The bills are sensitive, allowing the birds to feel the mud and sand as they probe for food.

8. Sanderlings, I am sure you have seen along the coastline. They run after the tide as it recedes and run back as the tide approaches.  I have also observed humans displaying the same behavior.  Shrug, birds do it!. Sanderlings hang in groups and they feed off crustaceans that live in burrows under the wet sand. When the tide comes in, they move into the upper layers of sand so as to be able to feed on the plankton and detritus that washes over them with each wave. They then burrow rapidly down again as the water retreats.  Observe the bird to the right, he is a little different. Of course, I could be dreaming but I believe he/she could be a rare bird that has be known to breed in Holgate on Long Beach Island.  The bird is the piping plover...maybe.

9. Brown Pelicans, have a habit of diving for fish from the air, as opposed to co-operative fishing from the surface. It eats mainly fish and amphibians as well as crustaceans. Groups of Brown Pelicans often travel in single file, flying low over the water's surface. If you have  further interest in pelicans, check out a previous blog I did last year," Be Careful What You Fish For".  I was fortunate to witness the rescue of a pelican by two surfers during a visit to Jupiter. Florida.  Scroll down to catch the video toward the end.  It was just fascinating to watch. I rarely get comments on my blog, this one was a classic I almost quit that day.  Now I just shake my head at people and rarely read the comments.  I always answer any sincere comment or constructive criticism. I get some interesting emails.

10. Generally, sparrows tend to be small, plump brown-grey birds with short tails and stubby, powerful beaks. The differences between sparrow species can be subtle. They are primarily seed-eaters, though they also consume small insects. A few species scavenge for food around cities and, like gulls or pigeons, will happily eat virtually anything in small quantities.

Since I can not afford a mansion at the beach in this lifetime.  I would like to be reincarnated as a bird at the beach. It just seems cozy and a pleasant place to live. No doubt I am coming back.


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