Monday, May 16, 2011

Top 10 Where Have All The Jobs Gone

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1. The automated voice and voice mail replaces any live people out there today.

2. Email has replaced the every rising cost of a stamp and the mail man has less rain and sleet and snow to fight.and it’s instant. You don’t even have to wait for your bills anymore. It can be arrange for them to automatically show up in your inbox.
3. Supermarket checkouts and all those long lines, I can do this myself unless I need help, okay I always need help. Automated lady does watch you like a hawk. Please return the item to the bagging area. Which one? Can she be more specific?

4. Sales Representatives with suggestive ideas of a movie to rent still exist but are becoming a thing of the past. You may read reviews online and make a choice and have it show up in the mail. That is until the mail no longer exists.

5. Gas station attendant. I’m dating myself here and it is a vague memory but do you remember getting your windshield cleaned with a fill up. Now you have to guard your pin number and look around and make sure no one is recording anything.

6. Bank Tellers are still in existence but how many of us actually go into a bank anymore. Now you just punch in some numbers and hopefully some money comes out. Have you ever gone to an ATM that was temporarily out of service?

7. No need to stroll around the mall, you can shop online. It’s quick and convenient and saves on gas too.

8. Books will soon be a collector’s item. I love books and I have the best intentions when I purchase them usually at a yard sale because to own a brand new one is expensive, so I try to minimize the expense. How am I going to get a deal on a used Kindle download? Will we be lugging the IPAD to read the kiddies down to bed at night?

9. Will libraries become museums? All reference materials can be found online? Will we need schools? Just look it up online if you need to know anything or “everything you need to know that you should have learned in kindergarten”.

10. Who needs people anymore? If you want to chat and relate, just bring up the screen, someone is always there. You can’t get a real sense of who you are talking to, what their emotions are that typically show on a face, but hey it’s something and this is the new way we live.

How convenient are all these reductions in force and what are we truly saving? Time? So many people cry, “I don’t have the time”. Isn’t time all we truly have? Value it and the people we give you their time.

Please don't ask me to fill out a survey about my experience in your store.  The last one I filled out for Blockbuster resulted in the closing of the store two months later and I said positive things. Actually I had to do the survey over the phone with a live person because it wouldn't go through online. People sometimes have an advantage over a machime.  Now I am paranoid to say anything, least someone will lose their job.

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