Thursday, April 28, 2011

Top 10 Time to Call the Plumber

1. So I’m sitting there next to the bathroom and I hear water running so I go into “the room” and it stops???

2. I hear it again, so I call the resident plumber.

3. He takes the lid off the tank and says the screw is loose and he tightens it. I coulda done that I just moved the arm thingy up so the noise would stop.

4. The noise doesn’t stop something is leaking or malfunctioning some where.

5. He’s going to Home Depot, always a frightening thought. I better go with him.

6. So many choices. Hmm the system has changed. It’s a whole new setup. Uh-oh.

7. I told him to buy the whole package that includes everything. It was $2 more, I think. He says, “I don’t need that”.

8. The bucket is now involved and I don’t think he’s swabbing the floor. Then he says, "I gotta go get another part".

9. I get in trouble for laughing. An odd sound comes out of the bathroom. What is that I delicately ask? Teflon seal tape for plumbing. Oh boy! He says that outta do the trick. We now have a fountain in the bathroom. I wasn’t planning on remodeling.

10. It is awful quiet in there. I better check he didn’t fall in.

Its working and we have spare parts! I ain’t using it.

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  1. Plumbers; can't live with them, can't live without them. :)