Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Top 10 Start an Ancestry Search

  10. Your first clue should come from an elder living relative before all memories and traces are gone.

As I said, in the title, this is a start and eventually you will be asked to pay a fee on some of the sites. Gather what you can for free first.  Not every one finds their roots and where they came from all that interesting, but I find it fascinating, it is the source of we the people. My husband’s grandmother was an amazing historian.  She has the family documented all the way back to their European roots. An ancestor came over on the Mayflower, another was captured as a child and raised by an Indian tribe and yet another was a famous television star. Me? I am sure I can some how be traced through the seven degrees of Kevin Bacon. I am still looking.

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  1. Nice post Mary Ann. I'm going to check out some of these sites.

    "Seven Degrees of Kevin Bacon". Very funny. . . . . It is actually "Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon", but I assume you knew that. :)