Friday, March 18, 2011

Top 10 Songs About Separation Anxiety

  1. She’s Gone Daryl Hall and John Oates
  2. Missing You John Waite
  3. Landslide Stevie Nicks
  4. I’m Gonna Miss You The Artistics
  5. Go Now The Moody Blues
  6. Reflections of My Life The Marmalade
  7. When I’m Away From You Kim Carnes
  8. I Will Always Think About You New Colony Six
  9. Miss You Tonite Kim Carnes
  10. Every Time You Go Away Paul Young
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  1. Lots of great choices here, although it is a very subjective call.

    There a ton of great songs in the general category of "separation anxiety". I would include "lost love" and "unrequited love" type songs, which have always been some of my favorite songs. They are the ones that directly touch the emotional stab wounds in my heart.

    Here are some songs that touch my heart, that I can think of in short order:

    "Guinevere" from David Crosby, which always brings me down when I hear it, is one of my all time favorites because it goes back to my high school days. The first time I heard this roughly coincided with when I was in the midst of my first catastrophic heart break, losing my high school sweetheart. The hurt is long gone, but the memory of that hurt still lingers.

    "Scarborough Fair", by Simon and Garfunkel.

    "Cruel To The Sensitive Kind", by Tina Dico.

    "Inconsolable", by Jonatha Brooke.

    "When Somebody Loved Me", written by Randy Newman and performed by Sarah McLachlan in the movie Toy Story 2.

    "Always", by Jonatha Brooke. This is one of those songs where the lyrics are obscure and the meaning is not clear. I put my own meaning to the words because of what I perceive as a very tender and melancholy melody, so I put this in a love lost catagory.

    "Wish You Were Here", by Pink Floyd.

    "I Can't Make You Love Me", by Bonnie Rait.

    "Sorrow", by The National.

    "Blue", by Joni Mitchell.

    "River", by Joni Mitchell.

    While not in the same emotional category in terms of tender melodies because it's a disco dance song, "The Love I Lost", by Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes, is a great song.