Friday, January 28, 2011

Top 10 Think Spring Songs

1. Here Comes The Sun George Harrison

  1. Daydream Lovin Spoonful

  1. California Dreamin Mama and the Papas

  1. Good Vibrations The Beach Boys

  1. New Attitude Patti LaBelle

  1. The Fever Southside Johnny with Bruce Springstein

  1. Time of the Season Zombies

  1. Baby The Rain Must Fall Glenn Yardbrough

  1. Grazing in the Grass The Friends of Distinction

  1. When Your Yong and in Love The Marvelettes

Winter is almost over isn’t it? I hope everyone is

Feelin Alright Dave Mason.

Disclaimer as always on Youtube: I just shake my head at the language and negativity. Download a Spring Mix today improve the winter blues. I chose some oldies but classic goodies.

What song can put a little spring in your step?


  1. Kind of an unrelated comment about your picture of the seals on the dock in S.F. I remember seeing a report recently saying that they have left S.F., as mysteriously as they appeared many years ago. Is that true?

  2. By the way, is that sunset picture from Margate?