Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Top 10 Things to Keep Track of

(that can easily be lost)

1. Keys I try to store at the same location each time I return home. Forget the pocketbook, a lost cause.
2. Glasses Are usually found on the top of my head. I am still in denial that they are now a necessity.
3. Important Papers Everybody needs a lock box.
4. Receipts & Warranties Take it back if you don’t need it. Products routinely will last until the day after the warranty runs out but perhaps the manufacturer will show mercy.
5. Pen or pencil Often never around when you truly need one. Bury one in your pocket or find a secret hiding spot that only you know about and can remember..
6. Your Mind Hopefully this is only a temporary condition but every one at one time or another experiences a momentary lapse. Forgive yourself.
7. Parking space Some times those silly floral displays on the antenna do make sense or a big red flag.
8. Time Maybe this just happens to me but as the day progresses and I catch a glimpse at the clock I say, “where has this day gone?”
9. Cell phone Don’t deny this one. We have all called ourselves to find out just where we are.
10. Kids They seem to travel in their own circles now but you can always reach out and contact them via cell phone. They may not answer BUT you can always leave a message.


  1. I like to add a different take on this. I think we should all keep track of our elected officials, and pay close attention to political actions. These things effect us all very much, but most people are reluctant to give it a lot of time.

    I've created a blog for political discussions if anyone is interested, I invite folks to comment on my posts:

  2. I look forward to reading your take. In past discussions we seem to have similar viewpoints. Delcotimes is always looking for bloggers have you contacted the editor? Welcome aboard the blog sphere. You picked an important and violatile topic :)

  3. Lou, I have ben trying to make a direct link with your blogsite but cannot seem to access it? Could be because I reside in Canada?...:-) Perhaps you could advise me with a more specific link @ on my comment section. In the meantime here is a link to my latest piece..