Friday, January 14, 2011

Top 10 My Favorite Lucinda Williams Songs

(Found on Youtube)

  1. Overtime with Willie Nelson
  2. Joy with Bruce Springstein she’s a little bit country, folk, rock and one gutsy lyrist. Personally I think she is a classic!


  • Grammys 2001 Best Female Rock Vocal Performance "Get Right with God"
  • Grammys 1998 Best Contemporary Folk Album "Car Wheels On A Gravel Road"
  • Grammys 1993 Best Country Song "Passionate Kisses" (songwriter - performed by Mary Chapin Carpenter.


  • Grammys 2009 Best Americana Album "Little Honey"
  • Grammys 2007 Best Solo Rock Performance "Come On"
  • Grammys 2007 Best Rock Song "Come On"
  • Grammys 2003 Best Female Rock Vocal Performance "Righteously"
  • Grammys 2003 Best Contemporary Folk Album "World Without Tears"
  • Grammys 2003 Best Female Country Vocal Performance "Lately" (from Going Driftless - An Artists' Tribute to Greg Brown)
  • Grammys 2001 Best Female Pop Vocal Performance "Essence"
  • Grammys 2001 Best Female Country Vocal Performance "Cold, Cold Heart"
  • Grammys 2001 Best Contemporary Folk Album "Essence"
  • Grammys 1998 Best Female Rock Vocalist

Disclaimer about the language used in the comments on Youtube. Some people can just ruin everything.


  1. Great list, I share your Lucinda admiration. Hoping to get tickets for here upcoming concert tour. Heard a song,"Buttercup", from her new CD this morning on Elizabeth Cook's Apron Strings. Nice.

  2. I will have to check it out. Thanks. Unfortunately her closest concert to me is Erie, PA. I wish she was coming closer to Philadelpia. She is a very talented lady!

  3. She is not coming anywhere near Philly? I find that very surprising.

    I saw once when she opened up for Tom Petty many years ago in Camden at the outdoor place, whatever it's called now. :)

  4. According to her website, no but i will keep checking. However, if you get her to open for your band, I will be there :)