Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Top 10 the blog list "Year in Review"

I can only reference the blog stats because I do not know what the delcotimes.com numbers are but here are some interesting figures. Well they were to me, and I thank the editor, Phil Heron for the experience.

1. Delcotopten.blogspot.com has been viewed in over 74 countries around the world. There are 195 countries in the world so in just 9 months, I have been almost halfway around the world. WOW! All I can say is the power of the internet and the ability for people to connect.

2. As of December 15th, the blog has been view across the entire United States. Wyoming was the last state on board and thanks to one of the three wise men who grew up in Wyoming but now lives in Pennsylvania, I now have them all. He and his four year old son went to visit his mom back home, just before the holidays. The third Wise man, Alexander was born on December 31st. Congratulations to Randy and Cheryl Wise.

3. Top 10 states reading are 1. Pennsylvania, (it’s great to have the home crowd), 2. New York, 3. New Jersey, 4. California, 5. Texas, 6. Virginia, 7. Maryland 8. District of Columbia (not considered a state but still recorded) 9.Florida 10. Delaware.

4. Top 10 countries 1.USA 2.Canada 3. United Kingdom, 4. Philippines 5.Australia 6. India 7. Netherlands, Malaysia, Pakistan, Germany and Indonesia, 8.Brazil 9. New Zealand 10. France and Denmark. The numbers do fluctuate but the first 5 have been standard almost from the very beginning. Russia just missed 10 followed closely behind are Israel, Italy, Ireland, Mexico and Spain. I have only ever visited outside the United States to Canada about a half dozen times and Europe is the only other continent I have ever set foot on. I went to Ireland for my honeymoon over 20 years ago. Both are truly beautiful countries with many different landscapes just like the United States. My roots lie in Ireland and I got to see a spot where my great-great grandfather carved his initials in a bridge. That history amazed me as well as meeting family members who still live there. I care about how the United States are viewed by other countries and I marvel at our similarities and interests in people. Just about every country we have gone to war with has visited my blog. There are many countries and cultures I would like to know more about.

5. Afghanistan is a notable one, the city was not available but someone viewed “Foods You Would Like To See At A Hotel Breakfast Bar”. I am only assuming this was a soldier from the US, they did a Yahoo search “Top Breakfast Foods”. I am only guessing that was an American missing some good ole home cooking or perhaps an Afghan citizen curious about the tastes in the world.

6. Top Topics “Music” 1. Graduation Songs. 2. Indie Artists To Be On the Lookout For 3. Beautiful Songs 4.Halloween Scary and Spooky Songs 5.Temptation Songs 6.Good Luck Traditions and Symbols 7. The Top 10 Reasons Why Oswald Could Not Have Shot JFK At All. (written by researcher Robert Groden) 8. Molumby’s Millions (theatrical performance at the Iron Age Theater in Norristown, PA) 9. Misconceptions About Blind People (so eloquently written by David Wannop) 10. Wreaths Across America and Senior Week Tips.

7. One of the more memorable stats for me was the day after I submitted, Curious About George. I had a hit from Italy and the keyword search was “George Clooney”. George Clooney owns a home in Italy and for a brief moment, the odds are pretty slim, but I thought George Clooney may just be curious about me. It was an exciting moment nonetheless.

8. Superstitions were a curious result for me. Although it is just a small sampling and not a gallop pole or any scientific research, according to my data the United States is the most curious about superstitions followed by Canada, India, United Kingdom, Croatia, Iran and Pakistan. Interesting results I thought.

9. I have had over 5,000 pageviews in the blog alone, the delcotimes.com has their own stats but I have heard my attempts at daily lists have been successful.

10. Writing a blog to me has been an interesting journey not only in the topics I have approached and looked into but also who is reading them. Since the blog can be viewed internationally, I find it important to display to the world that I myself as an American have many of the same thoughts and concerns of citizens all over the globe and I find it to be a very small world in this respect.

Delco Top 10 began publication on March 1st as part of an experiment created by the Delco Times editor in a search for volunteers to add their voice to the delcotimes.com online website. An original topic has been provided Monday through Friday ever since, as of today 300 lists. I have learned a lot about people, places and things since this undertaking. It has been a pleasure for me to offer my thoughts.

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