Monday, January 31, 2011

Top 10 Light Bulbs a Bright Idea

Did you know?

1. In January 2012, via the 2007 EISA (Energy Independence and Security Act) 100 watt light bulbs will be required to meet new energy standards. New standards will make us be more efficient and will cause less carbon pollution. In January 2013 75 –watt bulbs will be affected and 2014 60-40- watt bulbs. December 31, 2011 will be the last day manufacturers will be able to legally make 100-watt incandescent bulbs for sale.

2. Who invented the incandescent lamp? Historians Robert Friedel and Paul Israel list 22 inventors of incandescent lamps prior to Joseph Swan and Thomas Edison. They conclude that Edison's version in 1879 was able to outstrip the others because of a combination of three factors: an effective incandescent material, a higher vacuum than others were able to achieve (by use of the Sprengel pump) and a high resistance that made power distribution from a centralized source economically

3. The bulb Edison invented is going away.

4. If every American home replaced just one light with a light that's earned the ENERGY STAR, we would save enough energy to light 3 million homes for a year, save about $600 million in annual energy costs, and prevent 9 billion pounds of greenhouse gas emissions per year, equivalent to those from about 800,000 cars.

5. New types of bulbs CFL contain small amounts of mercury and precaution should be used if they break and proper disposal is important to protect the environment. Halogen does not contain mercury but is more expensive and it is reported that they do not last as long as LED. Here is a link to an interesting article on LED lights and the cold weather that are currently being replaced and used in traffic lights. It is not that they are a bad idea; just some adjustments need to be made.

6. CFL (Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs) use 75% less energy then the old standard incandescent.

7. Facts and myths about CFL can be found at this link from

8. A link to the safe disposal of Mercury Containing Light Bulbs for business and consumers.

9. Watt is now lumens? Lumens are a measure of how much light you get from a bulb. Watts measure the amount of energy a light bulb uses. How to calculate lumens per watt from The lumen out put should be shown on the box.

10.Have you started replacing your light bulbs as the old ones burn out? Here is a link to recommendations for disposal in our area for the “new” CFL light bulbs listed at you can add your own zip code to find a center near you.

Disclaimer:  I may not have all my facts straight.  Who does?  As we move forward in this “changing world”, it is getting more and more important to find out just who does.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Top 10 Think Spring Songs

1. Here Comes The Sun George Harrison

  1. Daydream Lovin Spoonful

  1. California Dreamin Mama and the Papas

  1. Good Vibrations The Beach Boys

  1. New Attitude Patti LaBelle

  1. The Fever Southside Johnny with Bruce Springstein

  1. Time of the Season Zombies

  1. Baby The Rain Must Fall Glenn Yardbrough

  1. Grazing in the Grass The Friends of Distinction

  1. When Your Yong and in Love The Marvelettes

Winter is almost over isn’t it? I hope everyone is

Feelin Alright Dave Mason.

Disclaimer as always on Youtube: I just shake my head at the language and negativity. Download a Spring Mix today improve the winter blues. I chose some oldies but classic goodies.

What song can put a little spring in your step?

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Top 10 State of the Union State of Mind 2011

1. United We Stand. I thought the seating chart was a brilliant”innovative” idea... There was no obvious divide in that room. It was nice to see for a change. Maybe it was just for show for the evening and putting on airs but it was one small step for man. The possibility is there. It was an excellent use of space. Time to work together and rebuild the Sputnik.

2. Throw it out. It’s no good. Let’s just get another. Is that healthy? If something is completely shot it may be the only solution but you must try and work with what you have. Surely there is some value in the parts that are working. Do you keep them and try to repair the malfunctioning part or toss everything into a landfill?

3. The world has changed. There is always something bigger and better, you are going to have to keep up with the times. Are all the old school ways and values to be recycled and put out to the curb? You can’t reinvent the wheel but you can improve its traction. The wheel must turn to move forward and it has reversal capability if you run into a non-negotiable runt. You may need a little push to be helped out.

4. Have we become a lazy society? We are all about easy. Do you want to toil in the kitchen for hours and make that perfect meal with just the right ingredients specially designed by you or would you rather pop it in the microwave and the meal be done in 4 ½ minutes, day is done and if you are conscientious you can recycle that package. Who has the time and desire to make that perfect meal? Food manufacturers do with “preservatives” and time to spare if they have the latest and greatest machinery. Does taste matter? Whose job is it anyway?

5. I found the new education solution to be interesting. ”Race to the Top” sounds like a great way to challenge and educate our children but I do fear the some child will be left behind in this quest. It takes a village and not every student is stellar but they all need to learn the skills and to be taught that they too can be successful. Core values and solutions must be presented and offered to all. Too often are children are made to be deemed a failure before they even begin. Every child needs to be taught and shown opportunity.

6. Parents should be responsible for their children. More often then not it doesn’t work out that way. Parents are struggling with their own issues and most likely they are so blinded by those dilemmas that they rarely notice kids are in the house and listening and learning. We do need to set better examples.

7. A “D” in infrastructure. So, build and build it better. Travel should be safe no matter what your mode of transportation but we live in an age where you have to watch your back no matter what road you travel or how fast it is, just make it safe and structurally sound. Pirates and the bad guys hide in all dark spaces, tinted windows, texting and idle chatter while you are driving, aggressive driving. Air travel and the pat down is invasive and inconvenient but I find that most travelers don’t seem to mind, they readily put their hands up to prove, it’s not me. How can you tell the bad guys? Won’t they be using these high speed new trains? Will there be a sign no bad guys allowed? We need to secure all areas or just be more aware. I found it interesting that a camera caught every move that the young man in Tucson made but it did nothing to prevent the act from happening. We are watching and being watched but have little control over a solution. I do find it annoying to have to pay extra for my baggage. I can travel light but sometimes you need necessities. Can fresh underwear be stashed in the computer case and stored under your seat or will you be exposed?

8. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all we had to do to survive was walk in the sunshine and take a drink from a fresh pond when we needed a break and maybe grab a berry along the way. That would mean that we are one with nature. A true and working brotherhood. This isn't the Garden of Eden we have progressed way too far, look how far we have traveled some to the right and some to the left. Have we formed a perfect line? A divide. A parting of the waters left the opportunity to walk across the troubles times for the refugees. The rest I would guess will pretty much drown. The sunshine and water car Cal Tech is working on sounds interesting.

9. I did like the special guests and the symbol of the honorable vacant chair. It should serve as a reminder that something or someone is missing in this room. We should not be divided on anything. We are the United States and compromise and dialog is all that will bring us together. Imagine the Green family sitting there still so shell shocked. I give them a lot of credit. It was such a senseless act. Why can’t we make more sense out of this mess? We may not all be rocket scientist but we are people who strive for the same things, peace and survival. We have brilliant minds and educate brilliant minds in our country. It is time to use our brains. You go, Center Rock from Berlin, PA! You are a little company and you do BIG things. You saved lives. That was a defining moment to me in the State of our Union.

10. In the end the President answered the question, the State of the Union is good. It ain’t great! He wasn’t trying to pull the wool over anyone’s eyes. We still have a lot of work to do and that includes those who now find themselves jobless. Work to improve what you have. You got lemons in the House? Make lemonade and share it. We could all use to tighten our belts from the government on down. I don’t live in a perfect house, a perfect country, a perfect world but we have all been put here together and we need to learn to get along to move forward. I think that is where education should begin, but that is just my opinion.

I may not have hit on every topic the President spoke on but these were the thoughts I came away with. I immediately turned off the television because I did not want to hear all the rhetoric. Talk is cheap and rarely does it get the job accomplished. It just points fingers.
What is your state of mind?

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Top 10 Cures for Headaches

According to an article in The Old Farmer’s Almanac 2011.
(9 Excerpts from Curious Cures for a Headache used in the 18th and 19th century written by Martha Deeringer and then my own)

1. Place sliced raw potatoes on your forehead.

2. Mix a beaver gland with olive oil and beeswax, shape it into a pill and swallow.

3. Gargle with mustard.

4. Have someone blow smoke in your ear.

5. Apply cobwebs across the bridge of your nose.

6. Rub an even number of earthworms into your forehead and temples.

7. Form fresh cow manure into a heat producing poultice and put it in your hand.

8. Boil cottonwood in lye and smoke it.

9. Use a trephine to drill a small hole in your skull to release demons and other ailments that have taken up residence there.

10. I suffer migraines from barometric pressure, extreme changes in temperature. Recently I had a two day stint with one of these unpleasant oversensitivity’s and nothing over the counter was helping. My daughter made dinner that night, spicy chicken with jalapeño pepper in the mix. Depending on the dose, your nose will open up and flow freely, the headache was gone within 30 minutes. Perhaps it was just that I didn’t have to make dinner that evening but it did work for me. I can feel your pain.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Top 10 Thank You Mentor Day January 25th

  1. Friends Fitness Youth Mentoring Partnership Berwyn, PA
  2. Young Parents Support Network The Center Foundation Media, PA
  3. Supporting & Inspiring Sisters to Achieve Upper Darby, PA
  4. The Mentorship Project Family & Friends Care and Learning Ctr, Upper Darby, PA 215-877-2200 (no website)
  5. Leadership Network of Philadelphia Upper Darby, PA
  6. Mentor Advantage Inc. Glen Mills, PA 610-675-6011
  7. Mentor Advantage Inc. Media, PA 610-675-6011
  8. Foster Grandparent Program of Delaware County Eddystone, PA 610-490-1498
  9. Time for Teens, Inc Upper Darby, PA
  10. The Orphan Society of America Gladwyne, PA

Be a Mentor. Find out more about opportunities in your area at

Monday, January 24, 2011

Top 10 Science Achievements in Autism Research

(All information was obtained with permission from

  1. Technological advances in measuring language development. A group of researchers from the U.S. and Austria has been using an all-day recording device to make naturalistic recordings of children's vocalizations. They have been recording and analyzing syllable patterns and found that they can reliably distinguish groups of children with autism, children with language delay and typically developing children. Vocalization patterns of children with autism were characteristically different from those of typically developing children.

  1. Do you see what I see? The ability of very young children to engage others and communicate socially using non-verbal cues such as pointing, smiling, or making eye contact is critical to social and language development. Children learn to relate and communicate nonverbally long before they learn to communicate using words. Numerous studies show that children, who engage their parent or caregiver in sharing communications such as pointing to things of interest or directing another's attention to objects, learn language faster. These skills, referred to as joint attention skills, are significantly impaired in very young children with autism and therefore have been the targets of early intervention programs.

  1. Prematurity as a Risk Factor. As advances in medicine and discoveries in health sciences have lead to increased survival of infants born prior to 33 gestational weeks, there is a greater interest in understanding the later health and development of these children as they develop. This year, multiple studies reported findings of increased risk of autism in cohorts of infants born prior to 33 weeks or with very low birth weight (less than 3 lbs, 5 ounces). Researchers studied cohorts from across the globe and screened for multiple behavioral outcomes from age 4-14 years of age, including ADHD, autism, conduct disorders, phobias, cognitive delays and emotional problems. These findings expand and complement previous reports using cross sectional designs that have identified low birth weight and gestational age as risk factors for autism.

  1. New evidence for neuronal network imbalance in ASD. Our understanding of many aspects of ASD biology has come from studying single gene disorders that have a high incidence of autism, such as Fragile X, Tuberous Sclerosis and Rett Syndrome. Based on these types of studies, a current theory posits that autism is associated with over-excitation in the brain. The proper balance between excitation and inhibition in the brain is critical for normal function. Previous research has revealed that there is often too much of the excitatory neurotransmitter, glutamate, released between communicating neurons, causing over excitation in local networks.

  1. New imaging techniques shed light on autism. Despite several decades of research effort, autism remains a behaviorally-defined disorder without any biological markers. New imaging methods aim to bring us closer to the goal of a biologically-based screening test for ASD. A study from Declan Murphy, Ph.D. and colleagues used magnetic resonance (MR) structural brain imaging in combination with sophisticated machine learning methods designed to classify based on small differences in five different local measures of brain size, such as thickness of the cerebral cortex. In their study of adults with ASD and individuals with ADHD or normal development, this method was found to classify the individuals with ASD in their study with as much as 90 percent accuracy, which is impressive given that the scan only takes 15 minutes.

  1. Mitochondrial disorder more common than expected in ASD. Researchers found evidence of mitochondrial dysfunction in the enzyme chain in 8 of the 10 children with autism but none of the typically-developing children. Mitochondrial DNA mutations were also observed in the children with autism. Curious at first blush, the children with autism appeared to have more copies of mitochondrial DNA. This makes sense if each individual mitochondrion is functioning imperfectly and so more are needed to fill the energy demands of the cells. The advantage of identifying mitochondrial dysfunction is that there are ways to support better function. Through diet, exercise and in some cases, supplements, individuals with mitochondrial dysfunction can improve significantly (see the United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation for more information).

  1. New pathways for autism genetics. When the Autism Genome Project (AGP), an international autism genetics research consortium, published results from their analysis of a large sample of individuals with autism in June, the occasion attracted a lot of attention from popular media as well as the scientific community. The excitement was due to both the discovery of new genetic causes and biological mechanisms for autism and the promise that these discoveries hold for the development of new diagnostics and treatments.

  1. Researchers create neurons from skin cells of individuals with ASD. For a decade researchers have heralded the promise of stem cells as the basis of medical breakthroughs-to-come. With the discovery of new stem cell reprogramming techniques in 2006, creation of stem cells taken directly from living people finally became a reality, and scientists all over the world started the race to create stem cells from individuals with a variety of specific conditions. For autism, stem cells made their mark in October 2010 when scientists in California generated stem cells (called inducible pluripotent stem cells, or iPSCs) from skin samples of people with a condition associated with autism spectrum disorder, Rett syndrome. The stem cells offered some of the first clues to what autism may look like at a cellular level, and provide a remarkable new way to test autism treatments.

  1. A closer look at early autism symptoms that emerge in infancy. For the first time, researchers have been able to directly observe how the earliest signs of autism emerge in a prospective study of infants who were later diagnosed with autism. Before this type of study, our understanding of the early symptoms of autism relied either on parents' recollection or home videotapes. Many parents have expressed concerns about their infant well before a formal diagnosis could be made. But, it has been difficult to systematically study what symptoms show up during the infant period. This study provides us with a closer look at the first observable symptoms of early onset autism. The results suggest that it should be possible to detect autism symptoms before one year of age, at least for children with early onset autism. Screening tools should focus on the social communication skills that infants display between 6-12 months, such as looking, vocalizing, and smiling at others. Dr. Ozonoff noted that it might be necessary to screen infants several times because the loss of skills can be very gradual. By paying attention to these early social communication skills during a well-baby check-up, pediatricians may someday be able to refer infants at risk for autism for interventions that can help promote the development of these skills. Autism Speaks is currently funding several clinical trials aimed at developing interventions that can be used with infants and toddlers with autism.

  1. Gastrointestinal concerns addressed with new clinical guidelines. Gastrointestinal (GI) problems are a commonly expressed concern of parents of children with ASD, but there remains a significant need for clinical guidance and research in this area. In January 2010, a consensus statement and recommendations for the evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of GI disorders in children with ASD were published in Pediatrics. These recommendations are an important step in advancing physician awareness of the unique challenges in the medical management of children with autism and will be another step towards the development of evidence-based guidelines that will standardize care for all children with ASD. The reports highlighted the crucial need for information to guide care, and emphasized the importance of fostering more research in this area to support the development of these guidelines.

A link to resources in your area.

I myself have been fortunate in this struggle has never entered my door but I know of at least 4 families who deal with it every day as I am sure we all know some one.

Share this information with them. It is good to know that research is making progress.

Autism Insurance Reform Nationwide

check to see if it can benefit you.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Top 10 Young Songs

  1. All The Young Dudes Mott the Hoople with David Bowie
  1. Young American David Bowie
  1. Forever Young Bob Dylan
  1. Oh Very Young Cat Stevens
  1. Young Turks Rod Stewart
  1. Only the Good Die Young Billy Joel
  1. When You Were Young The Killers
  1. Young Forever Jay Z/Mr. Hudson
  1. Advice For The Young at Heart Tears for Fears
  1. Yesterday When I was Young Charles Aznavour
and a few more recommendations sent to me.
11. Forever Young Rod Stewart
12. I'm So Young The Students
13. When I Was Young The Animals
14. Young Love Sonny James
15. Young and In Love Ruby & The Romantics (purely an oversight, I used to love this song)
16. Younger Girl The Critters
17. Hello Young Lovers Rogers and Hammerstein (from one of my favorite musicals "The King and I").
Disclaimer: I never support the bad language if any used in the comments, I do support the artists and their attempts to educate through song.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Top 10 Independent Voices a Cultural Event

1. The Centre Theater is in the Montgomery County Cultural Center at 208 DeKalb Street in Norristown. It is easily reached via routes 202, I-76, I-476 and Ridge Pike. There is plenty of free parking and the theater is one block from Septa’s Norristown Transit Center on the Manayunk/Norristown line.

2. January 20 Nick of Time by Joe Paprzycki South Camden Theatre and Michael Bee Puppet Theatre 8pm

3. January 21, Nick of Time by Joe Paprzycki South Camden Theatre 8pm

4. January 22, Dead Man's Mambo by OMBELICO Mask Ensemble 8pm

5. January 23 Two plays by The New Mystics Theatre Company 2pm

6. January 27, Apologies Are For The Living by Tiffany Joyner 8pm

7. January 28, Apologies Are For The Living by Tiffany Joyner 8pm

8. January 29, Premiere A Portrait of Black and White by Robert Miller featuring Donovan Hagins 8pm

9. January 30: Krissy in Concert, an Afternoon of American Song 2pm

10. Feb 3-6: WORLD PREMIERE Red Emma by Chris Braak Featuring Mary Kay Tuomanen -Iron Age Theatre 8pm (Thurs-Sat) 2PM (Sunday)

The performances take place at The Centre Theater at 208 DeKalb Street, Norristown, PA in the 4th floor theatre. Tickets can be purchased by calling 610-279-1013 or online at

All performances are $15.
You can click on the buy tickets link for more information on each performance before purchasing.

Support the Arts!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Top 10 Things to Keep Track of

(that can easily be lost)

1. Keys I try to store at the same location each time I return home. Forget the pocketbook, a lost cause.
2. Glasses Are usually found on the top of my head. I am still in denial that they are now a necessity.
3. Important Papers Everybody needs a lock box.
4. Receipts & Warranties Take it back if you don’t need it. Products routinely will last until the day after the warranty runs out but perhaps the manufacturer will show mercy.
5. Pen or pencil Often never around when you truly need one. Bury one in your pocket or find a secret hiding spot that only you know about and can remember..
6. Your Mind Hopefully this is only a temporary condition but every one at one time or another experiences a momentary lapse. Forgive yourself.
7. Parking space Some times those silly floral displays on the antenna do make sense or a big red flag.
8. Time Maybe this just happens to me but as the day progresses and I catch a glimpse at the clock I say, “where has this day gone?”
9. Cell phone Don’t deny this one. We have all called ourselves to find out just where we are.
10. Kids They seem to travel in their own circles now but you can always reach out and contact them via cell phone. They may not answer BUT you can always leave a message.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Top 10 New Zodiac Signs

1. Not exactly new but the announcement recently that there are actually 13 zodiac signs has caused a bit of a stir.

2. Now that Ophiuchus has been added (November 29-December 17) it means a shift in who we really are. I can’t pronounce it but if you sound it out and say it real fast, it is an interesting name. The symbol is a man holding a snake.

3. I liked being a Gemini because it explained a lot about me, dual personality indecisive. I am a true Gemini. No I’m not, yes I am. Yes I am, perhaps it really is a sign of Taurus the bull.

4. Did you ever wonder when reading your horoscope, hey what happened to me? This was not a 5 star day!

5. On the two star days, if I caught it early, I always set out to improve my day at the very least by one star.

6. Now it is a true dilemma, which horoscope do I follow? I guess I can pick now just who I want to be.

7. Do all those volumes of books published about astrology hold bad information?

8. Soul mates also will change. Have you married the wrong person under the guise that you are really not who you thought you were and neither are they?

9. Must we all re-invent ourselves to now be truly who we are suppose to be?

10. I won’t be changing over night, it took me too long to discover just who I am but I will certainly continue to star gaze.

Have you changed?

The 13 Zodiac signs
Capricorn: Jan. 20-Feb. 16.
Aquarius: Feb. 16-March 11.
Pisces: March 11-April 18.
Aries: April 18-May 13.
Taurus: May 13-June 21.
Gemini: June 21-July 20.
Cancer: July 20-Aug. 10.
Leo: Aug. 10-Sept. 16.
Virgo: Sept. 16-Oct. 30.
Libra: Oct. 30-Nov. 23.
Scorpio: Nov. 23-29.
Ophiuchus: Nov. 29-Dec. 17.
Sagittarius: Dec. 17-Jan. 20.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Top 10 What Makes An Award Winning Chili?

I wanted to be on the podium because "my spirit is strong".

1. Ground Beef
2. Ground Turkey (this one did surprisingly well last year)
3. Fresh Tomatoes or Canned Tomatoes
4. Red Kidney Beans
5. Black Beans
6. Hot peppers (my biggest dilemma, how do you prevent jalapeño hot hands).
7. Hot pepper flakes
8. Green peppers
9. Chili powder, garlic, onions
10. Spices what are those special ingredients?

Last year we were invited to a chili cook-off party. It was very official, judges and prizes. We came in last place and won a can of Hormel Chili to improve our style. What were we missing? The competition came up again this year and I refused to go home a loser. I did a little research and found the best recipe hidden among one of my good friends, an Eagles tailgater and I found that not only “some like it hot” but the majority of those that judge certainly do. I got the nod from the “head judge” and came in third place behind seasoned competitors, a husband and wife team that challenged each other. Mr. America won with Green Chili.

If you are hearty and can handle it I have included the recipe
(with permission) in the blog.

The line that sold me:
Here's the silly-chili recipe. The 1st thing you need to remember is chili needs to be SPICY. “If you ain't gonna make it spicy, you might as well make
sloppy Joes”.

Brown up 2lbs of 80% ground chuck. Drain off the grease if you like after it's browned.
Put the chuck in a nice size sauce pot. NO CROCK POTS, PLEASE!!!!!
Add a 28 oz. can of crushed tomatoes.
Drain and add a 15 oz. can of diced tomatoes.
Chop up and add 1 large onion.
Chop up and add 1 green bell pepper.
Add 2 large jalapeños, chopped and seeded. (you can do 3 if you like!!!)
Add a 15 oz. can of black beans, drained and rinsed.
Add a 15 oz. can of dark red kidney beans, drained and rinsed.

The following spices are to be used for heat and flavor.
cayenne pepper--give it a generous portion. 3 tblspns.
chili powder—same cumin-same

Make sure you taste test for heat!!!! If you need more heat, add it!!!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Top 10 My Favorite Lucinda Williams Songs

(Found on Youtube)

  1. Overtime with Willie Nelson
  2. Joy with Bruce Springstein she’s a little bit country, folk, rock and one gutsy lyrist. Personally I think she is a classic!


  • Grammys 2001 Best Female Rock Vocal Performance "Get Right with God"
  • Grammys 1998 Best Contemporary Folk Album "Car Wheels On A Gravel Road"
  • Grammys 1993 Best Country Song "Passionate Kisses" (songwriter - performed by Mary Chapin Carpenter.


  • Grammys 2009 Best Americana Album "Little Honey"
  • Grammys 2007 Best Solo Rock Performance "Come On"
  • Grammys 2007 Best Rock Song "Come On"
  • Grammys 2003 Best Female Rock Vocal Performance "Righteously"
  • Grammys 2003 Best Contemporary Folk Album "World Without Tears"
  • Grammys 2003 Best Female Country Vocal Performance "Lately" (from Going Driftless - An Artists' Tribute to Greg Brown)
  • Grammys 2001 Best Female Pop Vocal Performance "Essence"
  • Grammys 2001 Best Female Country Vocal Performance "Cold, Cold Heart"
  • Grammys 2001 Best Contemporary Folk Album "Essence"
  • Grammys 1998 Best Female Rock Vocalist

Disclaimer about the language used in the comments on Youtube. Some people can just ruin everything.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Top 10 Winter Weather

According to The Old Farmer’s 2011 Almanac by Robert B. Thomas

1. Northeast Region US. (Albany – Caribou) the winter will be milder than normal across the north but colder in the south. January 10-15 snowy periods and mild. January 16-19 Snowstorm, then sunny very cold. January 20-25 snowy periods. January 26-31 snow showers mild in the east, cold in the west.

2. Atlantic Corridor US (Richmond – Boston) the winter will be colder and drier than normal. January 12-17 Rain and snow seasonable. January 18-21 a snowstorm, then sunny and very cold. January 22-24 snow, then sunny and cold. January 25-31 snow, then sunny and cold.

3. Southeast US (Savannah-Raleigh) the winter will be colder than normal precipitation and near to above normal snow. January 14-17 periods of rain and snow, cold. January 18-25 a snowstorm in the north, rain to snow in the south; turning very cold. January 26-31 sunny and cold.

4. Florida US (Miami-Jacksonville) the winter will be slightly colder than normal, on average. January 13-17 rain then sunny and cool. January 18-21 thunderstorms, then sunny and cold. January 25-31 sunny and very cool.

5. Lower Lakes US (Indianapolis-Syracuse) the winter will be cooler than normal. January 9-14 snow showers. January 15-22 a snowstorm, then lake snows and bitter cold. January 23-31 a snowstorm, then lake snows and very cold.

6. Deep South US (Little Rock-Nashville, New Orleans-Mobile) the winter will be colder, with precipitation below normal in the north and above normal in the south. January 11-22 periods of rain and snow in the north, rain in the south and cold. January 23-24, sunny and cold. January 25-31, rain and snow, then sunny and cold.

7. Texas-Oklahoma US (San Antonio – Oklahoma City) the winter temperatures will be slightly milder than normal, on average. January 10-14 snow in the north, rain in the south; cold. January 15-17 sunny and cold. January 18-23 snow, then sunny and cold. January 24-27 snow showers north, sunny south; cold. January 28-31 sunny and mild.

8. Desert Southwest US (Las Vegas-El Paso) the winter temperatures will be 1 degree above normal, on average. January 10-14 snowy periods in the east and sunny in the west and cold. January 15-22 sunny, cold then, milder. January 23-30 rain and showers then sunny and seasonable. January 31 rain.

9. Pacific Northwest US (Eureka-Seattle) the winter temperatures will be slightly above normal, on average, with slightly below normal precipitation but above normal snowfall in most places. January 8-14 misty and cool. January 15-23 occasional rain and mild. January 24-26 partly sunny and cool. January 27-31 rainy and mild.

10. Pacific Southwest US (San Diego-San Francisco) the winter temperatures will be near normal, with above normal rainfall. January 11-19 showers then sunny and cool. January 20-25, stormy. January 26-29, thunderstorms in the north and sunny and cool in the south. January 30-31, rainy.

A complete listing of all regions and local forecasts can be found at

How often these predictions are accurate is debatable. Local newscasts have their hit or miss moments as well. After all, we are dealing with Mother Nature here and everyone knows women are NEVER predictable!

Have a sunny day and chase those clouds away!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Top 10 Secret Society

1. Anyone who knows me personally knows I am not good at keeping a secret. I like to share, especially if it is good information.

2. I believe we live in a give and take world. I get no kickbacks from sharing this information.

3. I first learned about it from our accountant who lives in a different area, so we are not in competition. I have acquired some good and useful things and I have passed along a few good ones as well.

4. You can post items to give away, an offer.

5. You can post items you are looking for, wanted.

6. My experience has always been 100% positive. You do have to be quick to respond. Stuff goes fast.

7. You get to travel to new places and meet new people. However, it is not always a face to face exchange.

8. I liken it to a scavenger hunt. You find the location through directions from the giver and scoop up your new prized possession. All communications are done through email. It is usually a porch or driveway pickup. I do prefer to at least thank the people, if they are at home.

9. It does go against the grain “nothing is for free” but this truly is. It is hard to believe but it is true. It is a perfect way to clear out the clutter and make someone’s day!

10. This little society is growing, granted it doesn’t do much to stimulate the economy but it does keep a lot of usable goods out of the landfills. You can at one time or another find just about anything on there. Yes, I have even seen a kitchen sink. Right now it seems like a lot of re-gifting is going on and passing on older items that have been replaced during the holiday.

Services available, and
With freecycle it is what it says “free”, neighborgoods you can borrow or rent.
You will have to establish a free Yahoo account for freecycle to join the group.
If anyone already belongs to this group, please share your experiences. Mine have all been positive!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Top 10 the blog list "Year in Review"

I can only reference the blog stats because I do not know what the numbers are but here are some interesting figures. Well they were to me, and I thank the editor, Phil Heron for the experience.

1. has been viewed in over 74 countries around the world. There are 195 countries in the world so in just 9 months, I have been almost halfway around the world. WOW! All I can say is the power of the internet and the ability for people to connect.

2. As of December 15th, the blog has been view across the entire United States. Wyoming was the last state on board and thanks to one of the three wise men who grew up in Wyoming but now lives in Pennsylvania, I now have them all. He and his four year old son went to visit his mom back home, just before the holidays. The third Wise man, Alexander was born on December 31st. Congratulations to Randy and Cheryl Wise.

3. Top 10 states reading are 1. Pennsylvania, (it’s great to have the home crowd), 2. New York, 3. New Jersey, 4. California, 5. Texas, 6. Virginia, 7. Maryland 8. District of Columbia (not considered a state but still recorded) 9.Florida 10. Delaware.

4. Top 10 countries 1.USA 2.Canada 3. United Kingdom, 4. Philippines 5.Australia 6. India 7. Netherlands, Malaysia, Pakistan, Germany and Indonesia, 8.Brazil 9. New Zealand 10. France and Denmark. The numbers do fluctuate but the first 5 have been standard almost from the very beginning. Russia just missed 10 followed closely behind are Israel, Italy, Ireland, Mexico and Spain. I have only ever visited outside the United States to Canada about a half dozen times and Europe is the only other continent I have ever set foot on. I went to Ireland for my honeymoon over 20 years ago. Both are truly beautiful countries with many different landscapes just like the United States. My roots lie in Ireland and I got to see a spot where my great-great grandfather carved his initials in a bridge. That history amazed me as well as meeting family members who still live there. I care about how the United States are viewed by other countries and I marvel at our similarities and interests in people. Just about every country we have gone to war with has visited my blog. There are many countries and cultures I would like to know more about.

5. Afghanistan is a notable one, the city was not available but someone viewed “Foods You Would Like To See At A Hotel Breakfast Bar”. I am only assuming this was a soldier from the US, they did a Yahoo search “Top Breakfast Foods”. I am only guessing that was an American missing some good ole home cooking or perhaps an Afghan citizen curious about the tastes in the world.

6. Top Topics “Music” 1. Graduation Songs. 2. Indie Artists To Be On the Lookout For 3. Beautiful Songs 4.Halloween Scary and Spooky Songs 5.Temptation Songs 6.Good Luck Traditions and Symbols 7. The Top 10 Reasons Why Oswald Could Not Have Shot JFK At All. (written by researcher Robert Groden) 8. Molumby’s Millions (theatrical performance at the Iron Age Theater in Norristown, PA) 9. Misconceptions About Blind People (so eloquently written by David Wannop) 10. Wreaths Across America and Senior Week Tips.

7. One of the more memorable stats for me was the day after I submitted, Curious About George. I had a hit from Italy and the keyword search was “George Clooney”. George Clooney owns a home in Italy and for a brief moment, the odds are pretty slim, but I thought George Clooney may just be curious about me. It was an exciting moment nonetheless.

8. Superstitions were a curious result for me. Although it is just a small sampling and not a gallop pole or any scientific research, according to my data the United States is the most curious about superstitions followed by Canada, India, United Kingdom, Croatia, Iran and Pakistan. Interesting results I thought.

9. I have had over 5,000 pageviews in the blog alone, the has their own stats but I have heard my attempts at daily lists have been successful.

10. Writing a blog to me has been an interesting journey not only in the topics I have approached and looked into but also who is reading them. Since the blog can be viewed internationally, I find it important to display to the world that I myself as an American have many of the same thoughts and concerns of citizens all over the globe and I find it to be a very small world in this respect.

Delco Top 10 began publication on March 1st as part of an experiment created by the Delco Times editor in a search for volunteers to add their voice to the online website. An original topic has been provided Monday through Friday ever since, as of today 300 lists. I have learned a lot about people, places and things since this undertaking. It has been a pleasure for me to offer my thoughts.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Top 10 Charitable and Health Events January 2011 in PA

Hair for Hati Charity Fashion Show January 14th Aperture Studio Runway, Melval Street, Philadelphia, PA.

2011 Winter Pickle Run January 15th Ridley Creek State Park, Media, PA

The Lemon Ball to benefit Alex’s Lemonade Stand January 15th Loews Hotel, Market Street, Philadelphia, PA.

Hair of the Dog January 15th on the Philadelphia Belle, Pier 3, Penns Landing, Philadelphia, PA.

MLK Caring Community Carnival January 16th, The Haverford School, Haverford, PA

MLK Day of Service 2011 January 17th Overbrook Environmental Education Center. RSVP by January 12th, Philadelphia, PA.

Mindfulness Mediatation for Women Living with Metastic Breast Cancer, January 19th, Loews Hotel, Market Street, Philadelphia, PA.

Polar Bear Plunge for Special Olympics PA, January 29th Nehaminy State Park, Bensalem, PA .

Rachel Run for Williams Syndrome, January 22, Audubon Center, Audubon, PA.

“UnParalleled” 10th Annual Christine Phillips Fashion Show and Fundraiser January 29th, The National Constitution Center, Philadelphia, PA.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Top 10 New Voices in the Music Scene In Philadelphia

  1. Brian Flanagan on My Space
  2. Early Ape
  3. Victoria Spaeth on MySpace
  4. Amanda Penecale on My Space
  5. Dante Bucci on My Space
  6. Suzie Brown on My Space
  7. Carsie Blanton
  8. The Sisters Three
  9. Anna Jarosz on MySpace
  10. Liz Longley

As recommended by David Wannop, Philadelphia Talent Booking Agent.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Top 10 the "c" curse words

It is no longer a crime in PA to curse in public, citations will cease to be distributed for disorderly conduct for swearing but I still have issue with a few words.

1. Chocolate
2. Cheese
3. Coffee Creamer
4. Cookies (especially chocolate chip)
5. Ice Cream
6. Pop Corn
7. Crumb Cake
8. Whipped Cream
9. Candy
10. Caffeine

I enjoy each and every item in the above list but my problem with them is curbing the constant craving and the damage over doing can do. I curse my lack of self control.
The one common thread is they all come with calories.

The Christmas holiday took its toll.
Crap! Now I have to exercise and work them off.

I also curse computers, they do not cause excessive weight gain BUT they can cause the incessant desire to pull your hair out and that is not pretty either.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Top 10 Predictions for 2011

January gloves and hats will be a popular fashion. Credit card statements will be opened with confusion and the Urkel effect will take over. Did I do that?

February a box of chocolate will be waiting for you at the store. No rule says you can’t buy your own.

March green beer will be flowing. Everyone will be Irish for a day.

April daffodils will be popping up all over. An outbreak of spring fever will occur.

May gardeners will be planting their new crop.

June there will be one extremely hot day.

July fireworks will appear in the sky.

August the ocean will be extremely cold at least one day during vacation. Allow the surf to exfoliate your face.

September every one will wonder, “Where did the summer go?” Education begins all over again.

October the fall foliage will appear over night in its splendor. We will be enchanted by Mother Nature.

November many people will gather around the table, over eat and be thankful. Open your heart and remember those who are no longer with you and donate to the hungry in their honor.

December the highways will be crowded with travelers, gas prices may rise.

Disclaimer: I possess no special psychic powers. I call it a woman’s intuition.