Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Top 10 Best Toys Back in the Day, the 60's

  1. Thumbelina Doll I had the 20in model with a wooden round knob that you turned to make her move like in the video link.

  1. Miniature Army Men One of my brothers was obsessed with these. He would have wars on our living room floor all the time. No one else was allowed to touch them. Little sisters can be irritating if they walked by with heavy footsteps.

  1. Patty Play Pal This girl has obviously had a haircut, a popular thing for girls to do was to give their dolls a haircut. I was awestruck when I first laid eyes on her Christmas morning. She was the same size as me at 5 years old. Patty is in my attic now maybe I’ll share a photo but she does need a haircut.

  1. Barbie Dolls If you saw my collection at the time, you would say I was spoiled. I had over 20 Barbie dolls. The bubble head was my first. I had plenty of outfits as well and tiny little shoes were all over the place. My grandmother made many custom outfits for my dolls including a wedding dress. It was beautiful, sparkling with sequins.

  1. Aurora AFX Racing Cars Boy toy. My brothers had one of these, I am not sure if this was the model. I was only allowed to help in the set up, putting the track and side rails together, woman’s work I suppose.

  1. Robot Commando This guy never lived in my house but another little boy that I know had one. Looks like a cool toy.

  1. Chatty Cathy I had one of these dolls and I blame her for my reputation on emails and during sports games on television. I like to talk.

  1. Rock ‘em Sock ‘em Robots Never had one of these either but I wanted one. I was lucky enough to play it at a friend’s house though.

  1. G I Joe Had one. Barbie got tired of Ken and who can resist a man in uniform.

  1. Slinky I had to have one but was never able to master it walking all the way down the steps. I had the same trouble with yo-yo’s. I was never the talented kid in the commercial.




What were some of your favorites?


More toys to come over the next 12 days of Christmas.


If you click on the links you can get a glimpse of what these toys looked like

Back in the day.


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  1. aahh the nostalgia!! My kids still have some of these "oldies but goodies"!! Thanks for the memories!