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Top 10 Why Oswald Could Not Have Shot President Kennedy

Here are ten of the reasons that Lee Oswald could not have shot President Kennedy at all.

This list was compiled by Robert Groden, a well known leading critic of the Warren Commission since 1969.

10- No Motive. Oswald had admired JFK, and had nothing to gain from the assassination.

The stretch of the road where the President was shot was not very big.

9- No Opportunity. Oswald had been elsewhere at the time of the shooting.

The Grassy Knoll

8- No Means. Oswald had no weapon with which to shoot the President.

The view from the grassy knoll. The firetruck represents the location of the limo during the fatal shot.

7- Lie Detector Tests. At least three lie detector (Psychological Stress Evaluator and Voice Stress Analyzer) tests were applied to recordings of Oswald's statements of innocence. He passed every one.

Shots are believed to have come from behind this fence. The fence has since been replaced.

6- Fingerprint Evidence. None of Oswald's fingerprints were found on any of the three rifles found at the Depository.

5- Fingerprint Evidence part 2. None of Oswald's fingerprints were found in the "sniper's nest", but Malcolm Wallace's (and already convicted killer) were.

Click on the image to enlarge the "sniper's nest".

4- Oswald was seen in the second floor snack room just minutes before the shots were fired.

Oswald was questioned on the 2nd floor and allowed to walk out the door.

3- Victoria Adams and Sandra Stiles swore that Oswald did not pass them on the stairs moments after the shots. He would have had to pass them to get to the second floor.

2- The Fatal Shot Came From The Front. The alleged sniper's nest was in the rear.

A view from the X marked on the street, the location of the Presidential limousine.

1- Geraldine Reid was talking to Oswald on the second floor at the moment that the shots were fired.

Robert Groden

I met Mr. Groden recently on a visit to Dallas outside the Book Depository where Lee Harvey Oswald allegedly shot and killed President Kennedy. Groden was promoting several books he has written and also has a very graphic DVD available for purchase that includes many authentic photographs and portions of live video recorded on November 22, 1963. He was the Staff Photographic Consultant to the House Select Committee on Assassination’s for three years. He also was a consultant on the Oliver Stone film, JFK. Robert Groden was born on November 22, 1945.

Publications written by Robert Groden are available on his website as well as videos with very graphic depictions, plus verbal claims by those that were there.

My own personal conclusion is something very tragic happened that day that has effected our country and government ever since. Something that haunts me is how Mrs. Kennedy survived that day. She is seen crawling towards the trunk of the limo. It is said that she was retrieving portions of her husband’s brain.

The Sixth Floor Museum in Dallas, Texas is located on the site of the former Texas Book Depository. It is an amazing place to visit. You take an audio tour back in time, not only to that fateful day but it also provides a rich history of the times. No photography is permitted inside that would only distract from the intimate experience.

A Special Exhibit on the seventh floor displayed photos by Bob Jackson. His photographs are amazing, the most famous, captured Jack Ruby shooting Lee Harvey Oswald and this photograph won Jackson the Pulitzer Prize for News Photography in 1964. The day of the assassination Jackson was riding in the press car in the motorcade six cars behind the President. His camera had no film in it at the time of the shooting. He had unloaded the film and tossed it to a fellow reporter, Jim Featherston. Featherson had dropped the envelope and they were laughing about it when the first shot rang out. According to Mr. Jackson, two more shots occurred and he recalled seeing men hanging out the fifth floor window and looking up to the sixth floor of the Book Depository. He saw the rifle being pulled back into the building. That image only remains in his mind. He was one of four eyewitnesses to see the rifle.

Outside the museum is a different experience. Many of the same structures and scenery remain with one addition. An X marks the spot in the roadway, where it all happened.

Other links of interest: A 2003 interview with confessed assassin of JFK
Lee Harvey Oswald interview with William Stuckey August 17th, 1963
Oswald Interview after arrest
Lee Harvey Oswald Shot in slow motion
Interview with Marine (wife of Lee Harvey Oswald)
Rachel Oswald Porter (daughter of Lee Harvey Oswald)
JFK assassination Secret Service Stand down
Lee Harvey Oswald’s Funeral reporters were the pallbearers

This photograph was taken on October 29th, 1960 when Senator Kennedy came to Chester, Pa during his campaign for President. It is a family treasure. Click on this link to view his speech that day.


  1. WOW. Excellent pictures and commentary! That fateful day has definitely taken the innocence away from the American people. Very sad. I, too, have visited this museum and recommend it to be one of the "must-see" places to go! I really enjoyed your perspective and am looking forward to checking out the links you've provided! Thanks!!

  2. Has Groden actually named Geraldean Reid as the female employee who said she was with Oswald at the time of the shooting?

    1. Yes, it is in his recent book. She would not allow her story to be released until her death. She was giving LHO change for a dollar (for the Coke machine) when they heard the reports she learned later were the gunshots. They both looked at each other when they heard the shots. Seconds later, LHO encountered Officer Baker after he had purchased said Coke. Caryolyn Arnold, of note, reported the Commission changed her statement, as she states LHO was with her in the breakroom at 12:25 at the water fountain. This one witness sinks the whole argument of the 'lone nut theorists'. I just wish Robert would come around to the reality that the Z-film was doctored to remove the limo stop; it's hard to admit the basis of a life's work isn't entirely legit, but it would make him all the more impressive. 50+ witnesses, the lunging of the Greer/Kellerman/Connallies, anomalies in the film all point to this, as well as testimony from Homer McMahon that the film was delivered to him by a Secret Service agent from the "Hawkeye" lab in Rochester, NY. There no other reason for the film to go to this CIA location except for doctoring, not to mention that's the only reason two teams were used in D.C. for film processing/blowups.

    2. Yes. Geraldine Reid was giving LHO change for a dollar when they both heard the shots, causing them to give each other a look. LHO was encountered seconds later by Officer Baker, after he had purchased a Coke with said change. She testified before the Commission at the time, but naturally this portion was suppressed. She allowed her story to be released by Groden only after her death.

      Caryolyn Arnold said the Commission changed her testimony, as she states LHO was at the water fountain with her in the break room at 12:25. It further corroborates Reid's testimony. Reid's eyewitness account, of all that exist, is really the only one needed; it decimates the foundation of any argument by the 'lone nut theorists'. Whatever the topic as it pertains to LHO and the assassination, there is usually evidence contradicting his involvement, if not a lack of evidence pointing in either direction. Mrs. Reid's story is another classic example of the Commission shoe-horning Oswald into the role of presidential assassin.

      I just wish Mr. Groden would admit to the evidence of Z-film alteration, performed to remove visual evidence of the limo stopping. Numerous other photoanalysts point to the on-film evidence that exists in the form of anomalies (e.g. heights of background figures out of proportion to their actual height, bloody discharge affixed to front of JFK's head where no exit wound existed, disagreement in landmark location b/t Moorman photo and Z-film, the Cancellare photo, Stemmons sign distortion, a man in a later frame has his legs go from closed to separate in 1/18th of a second, Moorman/Hill both stating they had stepped into the street which is not shown in the Z-film, sharp shadows with blurry forms in the Z-film), not to mention 50+ witnesses that attest that the limo STOPPED on Elm. There is film evidence apart from Z-film which show the limo brake lights on and the Z-film shows dramatic lunging by Greer/Kellerman/John and Nelly Connally which is not explained by the continual motion of the limo. It certainly is difficult to admit that the basis of a large part of one's life work is not entirely legitimate, but it would elevate his reputation even further in my opinion.

    3. Did Geraldine Reid leave any signed affidavit or video taped testimony of her assertion that she was making change for Oswald when both of them heard the shots?

      Also, didn't Oswald claim he was on the steps with Bill Shelley when the shots were fired? Why would he make that claim if he could have referred to Geraldine Reid? (The Warren Commission testimony of William "Bill" Shelley has Shelley listing the people who were with him on the steps, and he does not mention Oswald. See On the other hand, if Oswald was on the 6th floor shooting at Kennedy, how would he know Shelley was on the steps?

  3. Yes, Mr. Groden did say that in his list he sent to me and I found itreferenced again in this article saying he (Mr. Groden)personally spoke with her. Here is the link
    I also found this link that says Ms. Reid spoke with him after the shooting The articles are conflicting on time it seems.

  4. what a crock these ten "reasons" are - every one of them. Robert Groden has set up a business to profit from one of our nation's greatest tragedies. You sir have no shame.

  5. In fairness to Mr. Groden, he has spent many years researching all of this information. I met Mr. Groden outside the Book Deposity where he was selling his work. He was not paid by me for the information he supplied nor was I under any obligation to promote his books or videos. I found the information interesting and thought perhaps other people would as well. I will certainly agree with you that it was one of the greatest tragedies our country went through and it was a shame. If one person were capable of creating so much damage it is one incredible story.

  6. This list of ten really IS a joke: Letterman's lists have more credibility. Who is this Mary Ann Fiebert? Just look at number 6: "6- Fingerprint Evidence. None of Oswald's fingerprints were found on any of the three rifles found at the Depository."

    What three rifles is she talking about?! Only one rifle was found, it had been purchased by LHO, and had LHO's prints on it. Mary Ann, if you're reading this, "LHO" stands for Lee Harvey Oswald. I wouldn't expect you to know this, as you apparently know almost nothing else about the case. You make Groden appear almost credible.

  7. Thank you for your comment but there is no need to personally attack me. I have visited the Texas Book Depository twice. The 2nd time I met Mr. Groden outside selling his book and dvd.I ourchased the dvd. It is interesting and the Sixth Floor Museum is quite a musuem. The list you are reading is that of Mr. Groden who was gracious enough to supply it to me. He has studied and investigated the topic for many years. I don't know that much about the assasination of President Kennedy, I was just a small child when it occurred. I find it just as perplexing as "most" Americans that one person could have done so much damage but as I have grown up I find it is indeed possible but I have no proof on either side, only opinions.

  8. The #1 source to put all of these tired claims out to pasture:

    "Reclaiming History" by Vincent Bugliosi. 1648 pages of the most in-depth research ever done on the subject by the country's most renowned prosecuting attorney. The introduction alone puts to final rest all the conspiratorial idiocy that passes for serious scholarship. If you're truly interested in the subject, do yourself a favor and read it (I did--all 1600+ pages), or at least the introduction. In fact, shouldn't you first be familiarizing yourself with the work of the respected before subscribing to that of the fringe?

    1. Buglios is a crackpot and uses poor logic construct after poor logic construct. Two words: Geraldine Reid. With her, Mr. Buglisoi and ANY 'lone nut theory' goes out the window.

      I would add one item to Groden's list, possibly replacing 'no motive', as that won't hold water with those accusing LHO of being a 'nut'. The windshield evidence, as detailed by 7 witnesses of a front-to-back hole (not a crack) in the windshield. The most damning of these, in my opinion, is that of the Ford Motor employee George Whitaker, Sr who left in his final effects a written statement of his living testimony, detailing the limo being at the Rouge Plant 'B' Building that day. The Secret Service originally claimed the "crack" had occurred in San Antonio, when that was disproved, they try to say that is somehow resulted from the 'rear head shot' to JFK, which the medical evidence and physician testimony flatly disprove as a basis for an argument.

      The gnashing of Warren Commission apologists' teeth has grown to an almost deafening level in recent years, further compounded by Hunt's deathbed confession, the McCone-Rowley memo and Malcolm Wallace's fingerprint evidence, on top of all that has gone before. The American public are not all sheep; that is why 80% of them don't buy the 'Oswald did it' cover story.

  9. I strongly suggest that you read the equally damning Inside the Assassination Review Board by Douglas Horne. His voluminous 5 tomes should lay to rest any Warren Commission apologist.

    Bugliosi and his fellow WC parrot Gerald Posner did not even approach the medical evidence of which aside from the naked larceny by the Federal government of JFK's remains ( which were best evidence ) from Parkland Hospital would have demonstrated that in the history of American criminal jurisdiction had there ever been a more fraudulent and botched autopsy then the one conducted by the US government at Bethesda on 11/22/63.

    Bugliosi, like his fellow magicians in the FBI, Secret Service and on the rubber stamp WC, did not venture into any areas that lead away from Oswald as the lone killer. This was of no interest in either the sock puppet WC or in the lapdog writings as was evident in both "Reclaiming History" or Posner's fictional tale "Case Closed".

    Most of us "Conspiracy Theorists" contrary to to popular lore are not insane, anti-American zealots. We believe that Apollo 11 landed on the moon, that 9/11 was not an "Inside job" or believe in Bigfoot.

    In my case, I am a retired police detective accustomed to investigating crimes and locating solutions.

    The JFK assassination was a murder involving the President of the United States.

    That aside, physics, evidence collection, secured crime scenes, witness statements, ballistics, and suspect motivation do not change.

    This investigation and the subsequent commissions were then and still are a farce which should insult the intelligence of any patriot.

    I do not know who either pulled the trigger(s) that Friday in November of 1963 or organized the murder, but I do know without a doubt who didn't and his name was Lee Harvey Oswald.

  10. J F K was hit 2 times with the same bullet. The 2nd time when it bounced of the piece of chrome. I was in the military when this happened. I always believed it was a set up for over 48 years. I have read many articles and am 99 percent sure Oswald killed JFK. The people who made up the contradictions did so to make money. To tell the truth I would have done the same thing.

  11. Top 10 Why This List Is a Bunch of Crap
    10 - Motive. Oswald was a dedicated Trotskyite who hated his life in America, hated capitalism, had repeatedly denounced the U.S., and once tried to renounce his citizenship. Maybe he didn't personally hate Kennedy, he just hated everything the President stood for.
    What did he stand to gain? Infamy, the one thing he always sought.
    He also had no motive to kill Tippett ... unless he was in flight from just shooting the President.
    9 - Opportunity. Oswald said he was having lunch with Junior Jarman when the shots were fired. Jarman testified he never saw Oswald during his lunch break. Charles Givens testified to seeing Oswald on the 6th floor.
    8 - Means. Oswald says he brought curtain rods to work that day, not a rifle. No curtain rods were found in the building. But the rifle to which he owned the receipt was.
    7 - Posthumous Lie Detecting. Many states still consider lie detector tests on live subjects inadmissable, and no one allows Layered Voice Analysis as proof of anything. And there's a reason for it: it's completely unreliable. You're better off flipping a TRUE/FALSE coin.
    6 & 5 - Fingerprints. Oswald's palm prints were found on the stock of the rifle, the paper bag containing the rifle, and two different boxes used for the sniper nest.
    4 - Oswald was seen somewhere. So leaving work in the middle of the day while a President is under attack is what any innocent Kennedy-admirer would do, right?
    3 - Adams & Stiles. Okay, so THIS Warren Commission testimony you believe? Adams did indeed testify that she & Stiles took the stairs from the 4th to the 1st floor, but she also testified that Lovelady & Shelley were inside when she got there. Lovelady & Shelley testified they did not go back in the TSBD until at least 5 minutes after the last shot. So Oswald had plenty of time to make it to the 2nd floor.
    2 - Fatal Shot. Still confused by basic ballistics, are you? Here's a quick primer: exit wounds are always bigger.
    1 - Reid. Why would you believe Groden's story about Reid's posthumous testimony (which can never be corroborated) over Reid's Warren Commission testimony (that was corroborated)?

    1. Eric Carlson either knows nothing or is a liar (or perhaps a mix of the two).
      10. Motive-Carlson asserts that LHO's motive was that he "sought infamy." That is a crock. If he did, he would have admitted to the murder. But, as he himself said, "I emphatically DENY these charges." And he also said that "I'm just a pasty." Yeah, right Carlson, someone "seeking infamy" would deny the charges and say he's a pasty. Makes perfect sense. On the plant Bizarro.
      9. Opportunity--Carlson asserts that LHO said he was having lunch with Junior Jarman, but that Jarman testified that he didn't see LHO during the lunch break. WRONG. We don't know WHAT LHO said because there was no stenographer taking notes--in violation of every proper procedure when dealing with such crimes. All we have are some sloppy notes taken by Will Fritz, whose "work" was sloppy and improper from start to LHO's finish, when the Dallas Police let Ruby in to silence LHO forever.
      8. Means-Carlson refers to a receipt "proving" LHO bought the rifle. WRONG. There is NO chain of evidence showing any such thing. Rifles are tracked by serial numbers and there is NO trail of a serial number linking LHO to the gun. Further, three people saw and inspected the rifle found on the 6th floor. Each acknowledged that it was a Mauser, not a Carcano. One of these was a gun expert, Seymour Weitzman, and he pointed the other two police officers to the "Mauser" stamp that was on the rifle. Weitzman even signed an affidavit that the rifle was a Mauser. Now, admittedly, after the cover story began to take hold of everyone involved, and all the loose ends began to be systematically shut down, Weitzman was pressured into recanting his signed statement, saying he was in error. But Weitzman continued to live. One of the other police officers, Roger Craig, stuck to his original statement that the rifle was a Masuer. Craig was shot dead with a rifle, though, of course, it was ruled a suicide. There were a LOT of "suicides" involved in the JFK murder.

    2. Continued from above.....

      7. Posthumous Lie Detecting--I'll concede that this argument is worthless.
      6. and 5, Fingerprints--Carlson says LHO's palm prints were found on the rifle. WRONG. The initial tests showed NO palm prints or fingerprints on the rifle. The palm print on the rifle only emerged AFTER LHO was murdered and the FBI went in to take LHO fingerprints at the morgue. Further paraffin tests established that LHO did NOT fire a rifle.
      4. Carlson asserts that Oswald left work, so he must be guilty. WRONG. LHO was one of MANY employees that left work early because of the assassination. Furthermore, LHO was designated to be the PATSY, so his CIA handlers were instructing what to do every step of the way. LHO was told to meet with another agent in the movie theater. Witnesses at the movie theater where LHO went shortly after the assassination said they saw LHO sitting next them, waiting a bit, and then moving next to someone else. LHO was obviously doing this because he was waiting for a signal. But there was no agent waiting for LHO. It was a trap and the Dallas Police were tipped off to arrest LHO. LHO's CIA handlers had hoped that the Dallas Police would have shot LHO, but LHO was too cooperative. When the police began questioning him, he soon put the pieces together and realized that he was being framed. That's why he said he was "just a PATSY!" What person in the history of ANY murder at any time has used that expression, "patsy." NOBODY--except a real patsy.
      3. Adams & Stiles-Carson is WRONG again. There were witnesses in the stairwell that LHO would have needed to pass if he were running down the stairs from the 6th floor to get to the 2nd floor cafeteria within a minute after the shots were fired, mostly with precision and within seconds and half-seconds of each shot. Those witnesses said that LHO definitely did NOT go by then. However, I'm sure that Carlson will explain this away by asserting that LHO simply dematerialized himself on the 6th floor and then rematerialized himself on the 2nd floor.
      2. Fatal shot-Carlson asserts that exit wounds are always bigger. That's CORRECT, and that explains why the fatal bullet came from the FRONT. The exit wound was out the back of his head in the right cerebellum region. ALL doctors and observers noted this. JFK's brains were blown backward from the shot from the FRONT. This proves that LHO could NOT have shot JFK. (Okay, I forgot. Carlson may again assert that LHO simply dematerialized himself from the 6th floor of the TSBD and rematerialized himself on the grassy knoll, along with his gun. If this is what happened, please disregard what I just said.)
      1. Reid--I'll concur with Carlson on this point. The "Reid" story is shakey at best, and Groden may well be swallowing a bogus story put to him by a disinformation plant meant to discredit critics of the official government story.

      Bottom Line: There is either NO evidence that LHO killed JFK, or you believe Carson's implicit theory that LHO had the ability to dematerialize and rematerialize at will. However, if you believe the latter, you have to ask yourself why LHO didn't dematerialize and rematerialize himself just before Ruby was about to shoot him?

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