Monday, November 15, 2010

Top 10 Websites Visited in the United States

(According to an 3 month study)

1. Google #1 in the USA and internationally. 34 % of all traffic to the site comes from the United States the average user 25-35 and over 45.

2. Facebook the average time spent on Facebook is 32 minutes and women seem to have a higher average of use under the age of 45.

3. Yahoo! the average user is female and the age under age 25 and over 45.

4. YouTube Broadcast Yourself has the highest audience among 18-24 year olds and over 65 and typically males.

5. is most viewed by females in the age range of 55-64.

6. the audience seems to be popular among the highly educated under 45 and over 65.

7. browsing is done predominately at home by females and the age range is 45-64.

8. visitors tend to be women. 18-24.

9. has a higher audience among highly educated, childless women under the age of 45.

10. users tend to be female and the age spread is 25-54.

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  1. Interesting stats! And very true!!