Friday, November 19, 2010

Top 10 Songs That Reference JFK

President John Fitzgerald Kennedy

  1. Abraham, Martin and John Dion
  2. He Was a Friend of Mine Byrds
  3. Brain of J Pearl Jam
  4. The Day John Kennedy Died Lou Reed
  5. Dallas 1PM Saxon
  6. Life in a Northern Town Dream Academy
  7. November 22nd Destroy All Monsters
  8. We Didn’t Start the Fire Billy Joel
  9. Sympathy for the Devil Rolling Stones
  10. Brand New 64 Dodge Greg Brown

And of course Happy Birthday Mr. President Marilyn Monroe

Monday November 22nd will be 48 years since the assassination of a President in our lifetime. Even if you were a child at the time, it made an impact.

From 1947, when John F. Kennedy was first elected to Congress, to 2011, when Patrick J. Kennedy will leave Congress, there has been a 64-year run of a Kennedy family member holding an elective office in Washington.[4] This represents more than a quarter of the nation's existence


  1. This is an excellent archive of music! I wasn't aware some of these songs were in reference to JFK! Very interesting.

  2. how about Tomorrow, Wendy -- performed by Concrete Blonde the second verse is

    Underneath the chilly gray November sky
    We can make believe that Kennedy is still alive
    and We're shooting for the moon
    and smiling Jackies drivin' by