Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Top 10 What are you drinking?

1. Vitamin Water is not owned by 50 cents however he did own 10% of the stock at one time (2004). Energy Brands dba Glaceau has been a privately owned subsidiary of Coca-Cola Company since 2007. J. Darius Birkoff first initiated the idea in 1996. He remains part of the management team of the company. Coca Cola has more the 3,300 products in just about every category. VitaminWater has been in the news lately.

2. Nantucket Nectars the juice guys, Tom First and Tom Scott, after graduating from Brown University began a floating convenience store servicing boats in Nantucket, Massachusetts now Nantucket Nectars are available in most stores 100% Juices, Juice Cocktails, Nantucket Squeezed Nectars, and Nantucket Nectars Organic.

3. Snapple comes in many varieties, tea, juiced drinks, 100% juice, diet and water. I like the peach tea.

4. Fuze Lance Collins a health enthusiast founded Fuze beverage in 2001. It is a low calorie drink with health benefits.

5. Bottled Water there are just too many to list but this website has a pretty comprehensive list.

6. Soft Drink or as it is more commonly known also has many, many different varieties I do not have a preference I will only offer a description in wikipedia.
7. Gatorade known and package now as the G Series. In the summer of 1965 researchers came up with a way to replace carbohydrates and electrolytes lost after exertion.

8. NOS is an energy drink. Their website appeals to racing fan. I’m guessing the drink can get your motor running, human horsepower.

9. Red Bull came into existence in 1987. They have a fun website that claims Red Bull increases performance and improves emotional status among other things.

10. Powerade is a product of Coca-Cola.

Not promoting any particular brand I have enjoyed each of these beverages. What is your favorite? Perhaps I have missed it.

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