Monday, August 16, 2010

Top 10 How do you view movies?

1. The old-fashion way, you go to the theater and watch it on the big screen.
2. Purchase them from a retail store and own the movie.
3. Purchase for the evening from your cable company.
4. Wait till it is a free movie offer on cable.
5. Local libraries have rentals for $1 and you can keep them for 3 days.
6. Video Store, Blockbuster (no late fee is no longer in effect) .
7. Blockbuster Online.
8. Netflix’s through the mail.
9. Netflix’s instantly streamed online to your pc.
10. Hulu has mostly television shows, lifetime movies and a few older movies are available for free.

Lately, I have been visiting the local library they also have hardback and paperback books for sale cheap! Library cards are free to county residents; late fees do apply if you are late on your return. You can also order books online. If it is not available at your local library, it can be ordered for you and an available pick up time will be given.

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