Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Top 10 Senior Week Tips

It is tradition for high school students to travel mostly to the New Jersey beaches after graduation, a time to celebrate.

  1. I won’t be naïve as a parent myself. Kids drink and there is no such thing as drinking responsibly on senior week.

  1. Underage drinking holds some still penalties, heavy fines and possibly jail time.

  1. Alcohol poisoning can cause brain damage and often death. Did you read about the tragedy of Ted Koppel’s 40 year old son? He should have known better. Be smarter. Alcohol impairs your judgment.

  1. “Never” get behind the wheel of a car. You can ruin your life and possibly someone else’s. This goes for anger and emotional upset as well.

  1. Illegal drugs have the same ramifications.

  1. Sunscreen, use it to cover up. That bad burn can cause serious damage to the skin, later down the road skin cancer is not pretty.. Aloe products do sooth the pain but why go there in the first place. Sun poisoning is not fun.

  1. Hooking up. Ninety percent of the time you will never ever see that person again. Why waste your time? Protect yourself.

  1. Boys love boobs, always will, I'm guessing it's because it's something they don't have?? Instead dazzle them with your smile and your brains. Use your head. At the end of the day, the educated are much more appreciated.

  1. There are plenty of “safe” things to do so shield yourself and stay out of trouble. Phone home and check in. Just that voice on the other end can keep you honest. They trust and love you.

  1. Enjoy the week make memories do not make mistakes. Avoid fights and the trouble spots. “Safety in numbers”, never travel alone.

I’m not sure how many senior graduates will be reading this list. It is merely a beginning to a dialog each and every parent should have with their teens and add a few warnings (they don’t like that word) make it suggestions of your own. You are welcome to add them here.

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  1. It was 18 to drink in Jersey in 1974.
    We drank cases and cases of beer. We did not drive, 2 guys got bad passed out sun burn. (Tea Bags help)
    Hook ups happened, key to hook ups is protection. Sex is not a bad thing, if done right.