Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Top 10 It's Not All About Me

1. Hasn’t been all about me in years, I’m too old for that stuff, plus I’m married and have two children, young adults.
2. I have been given this opportunity by the editor of the and I could be gone tomorrow.
3. This is not a paid position and I was given it because I guess I was persistent and I am free. I sent three emails expressing an interest in the community journalist opportunity the editor was offering to “all” readers.
4. I submitted two writing samples, one on Apollo Ohno and Allen Iverson who were current and in the news at that time. They were probably terrible. I write from the heart.
5. I then just randomly sent in the Top 10 Best of the Olympics. I captured Phil Heron’s attention because he likes lists. It was the 1st time he replied to me and said, “how about doing a daily list for us?”
6. I have no idea why I am continually featured on the homepage but I do think it is pretty cool. I try my best and I like putting something out there that may not be relative to you but it might mean something to someone else.
7. I am not a professional writer, ok so you all knew that and I do apologize for all the punctuation mistakes and misspellings. I do use spell check. I have no editor.
8. I have to come up with a different topic every day, at times I have a few in the queue and I’ll admit a few are weak. It’s sometimes tough to come up with ideas that aren’t already out there on the net.
9. I do spend countless hours on research on some of the topics and it may not show.
10. You are going to see things through my eyes, it’s my writing style. I rarely have the time to go back and see all the comments. I do work hard and many hours at this. I’d love to engage in a conversation when it is warranted. I’m no brainiac, ah you can tell but I respect people and their opinions and will try to be more consistent in reading the more constructive criticisms I have received. It’s not an easy task putting yourself out there and being a target but I do enjoy sharing information. It’s not all about me it’s about sharing information and many lists have come from my own personal experience.

Wasn’t what I was expecting either folks, I just go with it day to day, most times I enjoy it the only time I was offended was when someone said, “I bet your parents are proud of your 6th grade essay”. The one time I sat down and did a review of the Allen Iverson HBO documentary. First of all why would anyone say something like that? My father passed away 5 years ago and you have full range to attack me. I know I am not perfect, but family and my parents? I wanted to say “parents, parents this isn’t about parents”. I wondered about their parents. I held my tongue as I have on many occasions; there was something to be taken away from that.

I appreciate those that do read my lists and I do add photos in the blog. I have taken them all. It’s not all about vacations. It’s where I have been and what I have seen. I have editing capability there. I do have many readers all over the world. You think I’m bragging about that, it fascinates me. I am a one hit wonder in many of those cases but I have been read in over 42 states, Alaska just came in yesterday and many countries. Canada seems to like me. The power of reaching and sharing information on the internet just marvels me. It’s not all about me. It’s a real big world out there. Comment on my blog, I review that daily and you too can be viewed by the world. That’s the way I see it anyway. I am no more special or less special then you. I just put it out there. Bring it, but I ask that you bring something positive; the world is watching not necessarily me but you.


  1. Love reading your Top 10, Mary Ann! I'm thinking of you & your family on the 4th with a sentimental heart.There has to be a "Top 10" related to watching the fireworks in Chester Park through the years....concerts at the bandshell....folding aluminum chairs....blankets spread on the field....."lightening bugs".... neighbor reunions ... burned hot dogs... young tots on fathers' shoulders... NPTwp July 4th on Ridley Drive...Good times!

  2. A routine I miss as well. The fireworks were set off before dusk this year. I'm assuming because of the curfew. Sad how a few bad times can ruin some of the best times. Thanks for reading my top 10! Good times and good friends are what it is all about. Many traces of Ridley drive and great friends in there : ) What Chester makes, makes Chester an old slogan we can all remember but how quickley people forget all the good that has come out of Chester.