Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Top 10 Things to do on the water

1. Boating
2. Fishing
3. Surfing
4. Rafting
5. Rowing
6. Swimming
7. Water Ski, Jet Ski
8. Boogie board, Skim board
9. Snorkeling, Scuba Dive
10. Tubing

These are all recreational sports that are done in the water, a way to relax and have fun. So it is all the more important to maintain these natural resources so we can enjoy them in a safe environment.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Top 10 Things You Take for Granted

I was out of town for the big storm, so I would imagine electricity should be added to this list. Imagine if that continued everyday in this heat and eyeglasses.

  1. Using a private bathroom.

  2. Soap, Water, Shampoo.

  3. Brushing Your Teeth.

  4. Food and eating.

  5. Driving a car.

  6. Put on a fresh set of clothes.

  7. Money in your pocket or at least a credit card.

  8. Relationship with family or co-workers.

  9. Something or someone other then yourself to take care of.

  10. Have a bed to sleep in.

The homeless have very few of these luxuries. So the next time you feel like complaining, count your blessings. I saw a lot of homeless people in New York and California and it seems to be growing again in Philadelphia. I will get to see what’s going on in Massachusetts soon. It’s bad in our country.

I first met this woman as we were buying original art work. The artist was not there so she said I'll take the money for him. I promise I will give it to him. I wasn't questioning her honesty but I am assuming for her it came with the territory. She travels with a shopping cart in the evenings. The next day I saw her art work. I purchased a beautiful blue beaded necklace from her. Looks like someone's grandmother to me.

California is a beautiful state with a nice climate. Maybe if you are homeless it's not such a bad place to hang out, weather permitting and all. It did not look like a choice to me.

One guy came up to us in San Francisco and said, “I’m clean, I’m not on drugs and I have been out looking for a job, I need $17 to stay in a hostel, I have $9”. “Can you help a guy out?” I gave him $2. I know there are a lot of scammers out there but there are also those that are just down on their luck. He said “Bless you, I just need a blessing.” We had eye contact and I told him it would come. I have this dispute with my husband all the time. He says I’m too soft. I spent $40 spreading what little wealth I have around and came home with a much better souvenir then a t-shirt, I would probably only wear once. Most of the homeless that I saw in California were social enough and they all said, ‘God Bless You”. I figure that’s how I made the safe trip home. Someone needs the shirt off my back? If you deserve it, you can have it. I feel everyone deserves a chance. I was hanging with some Aussies on my trip and they too were disturbed by what they saw. I can’t understand why such a rich country has such a bad problem with this. If you turn a blind eye to them, in my blog I have pictures of what it looks like. It just shouldn’t be like that. I am not trying to exploit them, just show what it looks like.

New York was a little different. There was a man in the middle of the sidewalk saying, “have mercy on the poor and hungry.” He wasn’t asking for himself. He had this Plexiglas container with a few bucks in it. Hopefully he dumps it during the day. I gave him $2. My husband said this guy would be gone when we came out of the theater and in some good restaurant using my money. It was okay with me if he was. I wish I could have afforded to give him more.

Then we came across Elmo and Cookie Monster with I love you purses. They were giving out hugs, so naturally I went for one and Elmo chimes in my ear, “$1”. Cookie popped in too so it was teamwork another $1. I cracked up and gave him his dollar, also. Ok that is a lie. I said to my husband, give him a dollar. At least they were working.

I am not picking on either of these states, my point was to say it is coast to coast.

I am by no means rich but I can’t afford to pass by anyone who is in need and asking for help.

The reward is in the giving and I felt I made a small contribution to a major problem. Every little bit helps.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Top 10 Tina Turner

It will be called “That Time of the Month Again”
(Featuring Ladies with Attitude)

1. Number 1 has to be Tina Turner. She is a powerhouse.
2. Proud Mary video featuring Elton John and Cher
3. What’s Love Got to Do with It. I guess we all know the answer to that one…everything. If you have ever seen the Queen in concert she teaches you the walk, turn, cock of the head and tone of this song.
4. Better Be Good To Me
5. I Don’t Want To Fight No More. “Are you looking right through me,” what great lyrics. Amazing this woman with so much talent was physically and mentally abused by her husband Ike Turner and you can’t touch her now. She’s amazing
6. What You Get Is What You See. A woman definitely comfortable in her skin.
7. Private Dancer. The song speaks for itself.
8. Simply the Best. Tina has performed with some of the greatest musical talents because she simply is the best.
9. When the Heartache is Over A song by a woman with the power to move on.
10. On Silent Wings featuring Sting, sing it girl. Ok maybe this one is all about me. These are two of my favorite recording artists. Love this song. It’s my new favorite song.

Tina’s last world tour ended in April 2009, prior to that her last world tour was 2000. I was fortunate to see this amazing woman in Philadelphia both times and when she has her next “last” tour. I’ll be there. She is an inspirational amazing woman.

Tina Turner will turn 71 years old on November 26th. She is ageless.
All women should look forward to aging gracefully with Tina as their role model.

Definitely a woman’s woman but men should appreciate her too. She is the real deal and has won many awards including 9 Grammy Awards

Top 10 USS Midway

1. The USS Midway is docked in the San Diego Bay in downtown San Diego. It was an active aircraft carrier during the Vietnam War and Operation Desert Storm.

2. You can take a self-guided audio tour of over 60 exhibits and touch and see 25 restored history making airplanes.

3. This historical floating mass is huge. It is 972 feet long. I felt like I was inside a giant warehouse. The deck is mammoth 238 feet after modernization and full of historical airplanes and helicopters including the one that retrieved many astronauts on their return back to earth.

4. Included in MSN’s Top 50 Museums in America.

5. All active duty military/reservists free with ID. There is a discount for all retired military.

6. The first and last air to air kills in Vietnam.

7. Operation Frequent Wind. Rescue of Vietnam Refugees.

8. South Vietnamese Air Force Major Ly makes a remarkable landing saving his family at the end of the Vietnam War. Read about this miracle landing of The Bird Dog.

9. USS Midway was named after the WWII Battle of the Midway.

10. “Unconditional Surrender” is the name of the statue next to the USS Midway. J. Seward Johnson created the artwork.

Earlier that day I had a glimpse into the current life of the military as I was walking on the beach in Coronado. I observed a preacher walking with a couple of navy men. It looked as though they were carrying something with a very solemn intend. It bought the reality of war into mind.

Luckily my observations were incorrect. A few minutes later the rest of the group arrived and it was a small wedding with a beautiful backdrop of the beach at Coronado. I did not want to intrude on this intimate moment but I couldn't help but take a non-intrusive picture of this happy moment. I wish them the best of luck and health in this unstable time. I am sure they are full aware of the risks that our military take for the folks back home everyday. I wish them well.

God Bless the Military.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Top 10 Tina Turner

It will be called “That Time of the Month Again”
(Featuring Ladies with Attitude)

1. Number 1 has to be Tina Turner. She is a powerhouse.
2. Proud Mary
3. What’s Love Got to Do with It.
4. Better Be Good To Me
5. I Don’t Want To Fight No More.
6. What You Get Is What You See.
7. Private Dancer.
8. Simply the Best.
9. When the Heartache is Over
10. On Silent Wings

Tina’s last world tour ended in April 2009, prior to that her last world tour was 2000.

Tina Turner will turn 71 years old on November 26th. She is ageless.
All women should look forward to aging gracefully with Tina as their role model.

Definitely a woman’s woman but men should appreciate her too. She is the real deal and has won many awards including 9 Grammy Awards.Tina Turner

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Top 10 Ways To Relax

1. Massage let someone else ease your pain.
2. Meditation
3. Soak up the rays used sunblock
4. Reading
5. Listen to music
6. Yoga
7. Mindless TV
8. Take a walk
9. Jogging
10. Hot steamy bath

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Top 10 It's Not All About Me

1. Hasn’t been all about me in years, I’m too old for that stuff, plus I’m married and have two children, young adults.
2. I have been given this opportunity by the editor of the and I could be gone tomorrow.
3. This is not a paid position and I was given it because I guess I was persistent and I am free. I sent three emails expressing an interest in the community journalist opportunity the editor was offering to “all” readers.
4. I submitted two writing samples, one on Apollo Ohno and Allen Iverson who were current and in the news at that time. They were probably terrible. I write from the heart.
5. I then just randomly sent in the Top 10 Best of the Olympics. I captured Phil Heron’s attention because he likes lists. It was the 1st time he replied to me and said, “how about doing a daily list for us?”
6. I have no idea why I am continually featured on the homepage but I do think it is pretty cool. I try my best and I like putting something out there that may not be relative to you but it might mean something to someone else.
7. I am not a professional writer, ok so you all knew that and I do apologize for all the punctuation mistakes and misspellings. I do use spell check. I have no editor.
8. I have to come up with a different topic every day, at times I have a few in the queue and I’ll admit a few are weak. It’s sometimes tough to come up with ideas that aren’t already out there on the net.
9. I do spend countless hours on research on some of the topics and it may not show.
10. You are going to see things through my eyes, it’s my writing style. I rarely have the time to go back and see all the comments. I do work hard and many hours at this. I’d love to engage in a conversation when it is warranted. I’m no brainiac, ah you can tell but I respect people and their opinions and will try to be more consistent in reading the more constructive criticisms I have received. It’s not an easy task putting yourself out there and being a target but I do enjoy sharing information. It’s not all about me it’s about sharing information and many lists have come from my own personal experience.

Wasn’t what I was expecting either folks, I just go with it day to day, most times I enjoy it the only time I was offended was when someone said, “I bet your parents are proud of your 6th grade essay”. The one time I sat down and did a review of the Allen Iverson HBO documentary. First of all why would anyone say something like that? My father passed away 5 years ago and you have full range to attack me. I know I am not perfect, but family and my parents? I wanted to say “parents, parents this isn’t about parents”. I wondered about their parents. I held my tongue as I have on many occasions; there was something to be taken away from that.

I appreciate those that do read my lists and I do add photos in the blog. I have taken them all. It’s not all about vacations. It’s where I have been and what I have seen. I have editing capability there. I do have many readers all over the world. You think I’m bragging about that, it fascinates me. I am a one hit wonder in many of those cases but I have been read in over 42 states, Alaska just came in yesterday and many countries. Canada seems to like me. The power of reaching and sharing information on the internet just marvels me. It’s not all about me. It’s a real big world out there. Comment on my blog, I review that daily and you too can be viewed by the world. That’s the way I see it anyway. I am no more special or less special then you. I just put it out there. Bring it, but I ask that you bring something positive; the world is watching not necessarily me but you.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Top 10 Toy Story 3

1. Another extraordinary example of the talent of Pixar. The film was produced by Pixar Animation Studios and distributed by Walt Disney Pictures.

2. The short film in the Day and Night in the beginning marveled me. How did they do that? The underlining message alone makes you think. You can find and view it at Pixar’s website.

3. Animation is not just for kids only anymore.

4. I am always one of the last to leave a theater because I read the credits. The volume of people involved in one of these productions is immense and deserve acknowledgement. Plus they do show a few short clips just touting their pride in the film.

5. Spoilers coming up. I never want to know what a movie is about before I see it, nor do I appreciate it during a film when someone says watch this part. Everyone sees things differently but I just want to point out a few messages I took away from the film.

6. The character Ken, voice played by Michael Keaton stood out to me. He finally finds his one in a million Barbie. Happily ever after? Well they do continue to co-habitat in what I have always known to be the “Barbie” Dream House. Ken has some bad personality traits and Barbie shows up in his life to reveal the softer side. Makes for a better man.

7. Then there was the triangle relationship between Woody and Buzz Light-year who are the very best of friends and Jessie the cowgirl, the hard headed woman that has a mind of her own, who can not resist Buzz as a Latin lover balances out his space cadet demeanor. Attractive hidden qualities are found in us all.

8. The green message is “donate don’t discard,” offer a new life. Everything has a value. Following the process of trash and its disposal is interesting. First of all the volume of trash that is created everyday is a bit overwhelming. What happens to it all?

9. The solidarity of the characters as they meet their emanate fate was riveting. You watched it in their eyes. They were going down together as a family connected.

10. The Potatoheads also have an outstanding place in this story. The one durable couple with vision and wisdom.

Animation is just not for kids anymore. Take your child, your grandchild and your significant other. There is a message for everyone. If you’re at the age where you are experiencing the “empty nest syndrome” and watching your child grow up and move on, you are going to cry. It’s just as emotional for the child to move forward. It’s a big world out there and hopefully they will find a family of great friends of their own.

Toy Story 3 opened in theaters on June 18th. See it on the big screen. It’s available in 3D, personally I don’t see the need but if that is your thing. Enjoy! I haven’t given away that much of the story.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Top 10 Pebble Beach

Congratulations to Graeme McDowell, a handsome young man from Northern Ireland. He has won the 110th US Open. Cheers!

A few photos taken in the blog if you’d like to see what I was privileged to see exactly ten days before the 2010 U S Open took place as the preparations began.

1. I am not a golfer, shame on me I know there are a lot of bogey’s and duffers out there; and then there are the pros.

2. I don’t judge Tiger Woods, he is a talented man. Addictions are tough things to overcome. We have all had times when we were par for the course and times when we have missed the mark. I wish him well.

3. Pebble Beach California is located in Monterey County. Golf is synonymous with its name. The course hugs the rugged Pacific Coast with breathtaking views.

4. The first tee sits directly across from the Lodge beyond that the Pacific Ocean.

5. The area seems to drip in money. The houses are phenomenal, with the location, location, location. They run in the millions. Some famed residents at one time, Al Beraradin, inventor of the Quarter Pounder, Clint Eastwood also the mayor of Caramel-by the Sea from 1986-1988. Not sure who he is? “Go ahead make my day”. George Lopez, actor-comedian was one of the top ranking celebrities at the 2004 A T & T Pebble Beach Pro-Am. According to wikipedia he has a 13 handicap. Mark Wahlberg won the 2010US Golf Digest Open Celebrity Challenge that was aired before the pro game on Sunday.

6. To enter the Pebble Beach area by car you are charged a $10 fee which includes a pamphlet that describes many of the sights you will see, including the famed 17-mile drive. It is free to residents.

7. The famous “Lone Cypress” sits alone on a cliff and is a must see if you have the pleasure of touring that part of the USA. I’d love to see it at sunset.

8. As I have said before I am not a golfer but in a visit, this was my 2nd, there is ambiance for all to enjoy.

9. For the golfer, here is a link to the stats. It ranks as Number #1 among Americas Top 100 Golf Courses in Golf Digest.

10. Even if I were a golfer, I would have a hard time focusing. I would be more inclined to bask in the beauty that surrounds the course.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Top 10 Paul McCartney (Happy Birthday Sir Paul McCartney)

  1. All My Loving written by Paul McCartney was the opening song on The Beatles debut in America on The Ed Sullivan Show on February 9th, 1964. Were you among the 73 million that watched that night?
  1. Maybe I’m Amazed written by Paul McCartney hands down, no doubt about it my favorite Paul McCartney song dedicated to his wife Linda who helped him through the breakup of the Beatles. Linda Eastman McCartney died of breast cancer in 1998. Maybe I’m amazed how such tragedies produce such powerful emotions in us all.
  1. Here Today a song written by Paul McCartney after the death of John Lennon a deep emotion he felt for his relationship with his mate that fame and fortune tore apart.
  1. Yesterday according to Guinness Book of World Records this song has the most cover version of any song ever written.
  1. Hey Jude written for John Lennon’s son to comfort him during his parents divorce. I used it when I dumped my 7th grade boyfriend after he kissed my best friend whoops looks like he dumped me.
  1. And I Love Her love the guitar in the beginning, wait all through the song. A great glimpse of one of the most influential British invasions to ever hit the USA He is a hot bloke and my favorite.
  1. Got To Get You Into My Life footage of Paul and Linda McCartney in concert.
  1. Good Day Sunshine whenever I hear this song I know it’s going to be a good day, will tolerate nothing less.
  1. Can’t Buy Me Love composed by McCartney a great classic Beatles song.
  1. I Saw Her Standing There. Shoot wish he saw me standing here. Try sitting still to this one, who isn’t shaking their head pretending they do not have that Beatle hair cut singing wooooo. Yeow! Go on get up and dance.
Click and check out the links some awesome stuff!
Many great songs were written by the individual Beatles but no one has ever surpassed them as a group.
I have a deceased relative Auntie Jean, she grew up in Liverpool and her sister used to babysit Paul when he was a young lad. He will be 68 years old today.

Paul McCartney is coming to the Wachovia Center in Philadelphia on August 14th tickets range from $120 - $2,000 they go on sale Monday morning June 21st at 10am.. I’d love to see him but can’t afford those prices. The real dream would have been to see The Beatles “come together” but that is simply not possible. So the internet, the iPod and specials on television will have to do. We are a very lucky society to have modern technology to appreciate the things in life we can only dream about.
A special treat.
It’s Friday maybe you’ll want to play this at home.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Top 10 What to Do with Digital Pictures

  1. First of all isn’t it great you can take a million pictures. Ok that is an exaggeration but I recently took over 2,000 pictures on a small digital Canon, no viewfinder that’s a drawback but I love Canon. My daughter dropped her camera twice, it messed up the screen, it was under warranty and they replaced it. Get the extended warranty if your kids have a camera or if you give one as a gift. My SLR is also a Canon. I wrap that one around my neck.

  1. I have a linen closet full of photo albums and boxes of loose pictures. I have taken a lot during the years. I’ve had to scan several of those for photo projects. It’s a hassle.

  1. Saves on paper put them on a CD (review on your pc) or create a DVD watch it on television.

  1. Print them yourself. I rarely do. Scrapbooking works for some and I used to dabble but now I prefer DVD’s.

  1. Share them online free with your friends. Flickr, Snapfish. You can buy prints from them as well.

  1. Upload them to your pc and save them. Files are too big and take up a lot of space. Get an external hard drive. I have Western Digital, My Book. You can also backup you important files, just in case technology rears its ugly head and your pc crashes. My IPOD library is on there as well.

  1. Create slideshows. I use Roxio, My DVD. There are other programs out there but I stick with this one because I just love a challenge. Feel free to make suggestions.

  1. Copy them on to a cd and send copies to your friends. Or take the memory card to CVS, Walgreens or Wal-Mart and let them print them for you. Specials all the time.

  1. The personal size digital cameras allow you to record a movie; my bigger SLR digital camera does not have this feature. I think the newer ones do. I bought too soon.

  1. I personally use Photoshop Essentials. You can use the layer feature and eraser, give yourself a movie star body. Your friends will marvel at how great you looked on vacation : ). Fix up the ones you didn’t quite get right and I also use Roxio My DVD you can add music in the background. It is a little complicated and I have run into issues. I am self-taught. Their support is bad, you never hear back from them but there is a user in the user forum and he’s a little mean and comes real close to calling you stupid but he does help, he’s very knowledgeable.

Get out there and capture all those special moments and I mean all. You can delete the bad ones later. As Jenny says, “you’ll get a better one later”. Not me, I take 5 or 6 to up my odds. I’ve deleted a few. I’m well known for always having a camera. I love candid shots.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Top 10 Welcome to the Hotel California

Not to be confused with the popular Eagles song.

Hotel Del Coronado

1. Arrived in San Diego on Saturday morning, the last time I had a concept of the date and the time (3 hours difference).

2. Meet a couple on the shuttle from Tennessee coming from the airport and they said you must see the Hotel Del Coronado. Go for lunch. I had never heard of it. Dropped our bags in the room, grabbed a cab and off we went (pictures in the blog if you dare to dream). The cab fare was $23 for a 10 minute drive. Our driver was a gentleman from Pittsburgh, PA. Took the bus back for $2.25. It was a much better ride, longer but a better feel for the city and its inhabitants.

3. The land, directly across the bay from San Diego. Coronado and North Island were originally purchased by Babcock, a retired railroad executive from Evansville, Indiana, Story who owned a piano company in Chicago Illinois and Gruendike who was president of the First National Bank of San Diego for $110,000.

4. James Reid from New Brunswick, Canada was the architect.

5. The Hotel Del Coronado first opened its doors in February 1888 the construction was done primarily by Chinese immigrants from San Francisco and Oakland, California.

6. The following presidents have stayed at the hotel: Benjamin Harrison, William McKinley, William Howard Taft, Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Dwight D. Eisenhower, John F. Kennedy, Lyndon B. Johnson, Richard M. Nixon, Gerald R. Ford, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama.

7. The author of "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz", L. Frank Baum did much of his writing there.

8. The hotel has been featured in the films, Some Like It Hot (which starred Marilyn Monroe, Jack Lemmon, and Tony Curtis), The Stunt Man (starring Peter O'Toole), the 1973 film Wicked, Wicked (was completely filmed on location there), and the 1990 version of My Blue Heaven (which starred Steve Martin).

9. The hotel was the setting for the video to Dashboard Confessional’s single "Stolen". I have this song on my IPOD and now it has a much more significant meaning. I can feel it.

10. The Hotel Del Coronado became a National Historic Landmark in 1977 and made the USA Today “Top 10 Resorts in the World”.

If you have ever had the opportunity to see this magnificent building, what did you think? Were you in awe just as I was? A famous ghost story about Kate Morgan also exists but I chose to think happy thoughts and enjoy the peacefulness and the majesty.

This was my introduction to Southern California.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Top 10 Shopping in the Air (Sky Mall)

All these items are for real and available through “The Sky Mall” magazine.

1. Aculife. Detect and heal hundreds of conditions. “Aculife Therapist Deluxe” $199.95. Throw out those medications. Here it is one pill does it all. Now that would certainly simplify things.

2. Head Spa Massager A helmet with a 15 point massage vibration including back and head. A steal for $49.95. A safe and legal way to get a buzz and relax.

3. A full head of hair in 30 seconds. Wait isn’t that a wig or toupee? Nope you shake fibers into the bald spots. Toppik comes in 8 shades to match any color for a mere $21.95.

4. The only digital camera swimmask. I like this for still or video recording $99.95 for an additional $54.95 you can get a headlamp. I recommend no light you do not want to draw attention to yourself. I believe though it would be good for spotting and recording the mermaids, people just wouldn’t believe what you have seen.

5. Birdhouse shape ultra sonic barking dog deterrent. When a dog barks it send out a harmless ultra sonic tone that is inaudible to humans $69.95. Startles and conditions dogs to stop barking. Now if there were only a signal to the owners that never seem to hear their own dogs trying to signal them to let them in the house?

6. MV Pen powered by Pegasus. I really wanted this but as I read further it doesn’t suit all my needs. It looks similar to an IPAD but I’m not sure it can translate your writing into a word file. Great for artists and doodlers though only $99.

7. Portable Photograph to Digital Picture Converter. I have a zillion pictures that I would love to downsize. It will take up to 4” x 6” pictures and scan up to 300 dpi resolution. Only drawback you must do one at a time. No more open scanner, click, resize and preview then scan. One step, I like it but am still looking for the magic wand that does all my pictures in one tap. Someday I’m sure just have to be patient.

8. Telekinetic Obstacle Course. This is a game, a “mind game” can’t have too many of those to trip you up! It’s actually rather fascinating takes a lot of focus I would imagine. I’m too scattered. Your mind waves control the speed of the fan that sends the foam ball around an obstacle course of hoops, teeter-totters, baskets and chutes. Now if I had an extra $99.95 I’d like to give this a try. Everyone knows the mind is a scary thing but can this actually work?

9. Video Recording Sunglasses (built-in) USB to later to download to your PC. Now to me this is a scary one, actually recording exactly where the eyes behind sunglasses have traveled.

10. Canine Genealogy Kit. This is a lab test that you rub inside your dogs cheeks. First off that is a tell tale sign. Your pup will tell you exactly where he’s coming from if you do this to him I would imagine and you may need stitches. The information that can be gathered, so they say is, your dogs physical characteristics, behavior tendencies, personality traits and potential health issues. Now a little swab with the results at least one month before you are married, wouldn’t that save the rising divorce rates? It certainly would give you a little to think about you plunge in.

I’m not promoting any of these items. I am only fascinated that they exist.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Top 10 Flight to the West Coast

  1. No real benefits with bag checking on line. It will save you two bucks but you can’t check it at the curb or it will cost you two bucks. It will cost you $23 per bag if you do it ahead of time (web bag check-in) $25 at the airport.
  2. TSA was painless but I did see a rather innocent looking woman taken to a private area and get the wand. Guess you never know. Boarding ½ hour early looking good.
  3. Rubbing noise from the plane like a barking dog. I’m not a mechanic but that can’t be good. It stopped once we were in the air.
  4. Departure was 7:40am for a 7:30am flight again not too bad. So far I am impressed with U S Air.
  5. A lot of planes were in line and jockeying for position. Our pilot says we are #1. Something to smile about.
  6. Wait a minute a U S Air Express just passed us. He’s #1 now. How did that happen? It’s all in the name.
  7. On the tarmac for 9 minutes for a 7:49am liftoff. We were now #1. It was a little bumpy but still a success story.
  8. Ah the Delaware River, goodbye home, little tip of the wing a beautiful view of the soccer stadium in Chester and the Commodore Barry Bridge.
  9. In the air, people chatter, passengers with the window seats close the shutter. Why sit at the window? Mine was open. The woman in front of me had two she was in the emergency aisle so I opened it after she closed her eyes. I later found out she was a stewardess.
  10. Five and a half hour flight to San Diego. We were served coffee, tea, water or soda nothing else for free. BYO snacks. Successful landing on the shortest runway in the US but arrived safely in sunny California.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Top 10 Songs About California

  1. California Dreamin, The Mamas and Papas
  2. Going to California, Led Zepplin
  3. Hotel California. The Eagles
  4. California Girls, Beach Boys
  5. I Remember California, REM
  6. Gone to California, Pink
  7. California Justice, Five for Fighting
  8. California Sun, Rivieras
  9. California Stars, Billy Bragg &Wilco
  10. It Never Rains In Southern California, Albert Hammond and M. Hazelwood

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Top 10 Gotta Have A Wawa

A convenience store, you can do it all there in NJ, PA, DE, MD and VA

Most stores are open 24 hours.

  1. Gas (good competitive prices too)
  2. Best French Vanilla Coffee I ever had.
  3. Milk
  4. Hoagies (build your own)
  5. Fresh fruit
  6. Veggies and dip to go.
  7. Every kind of ice tea you can imagine.
  8. Danish
  9. Breakfast sandwiches
  10. ATM machines

If you are going on a road trip you gotta stop and have a Wawa and take it with you.

Headquarters in Wawa, PA..

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Top 10 Senior Week Tips

It is tradition for high school students to travel mostly to the New Jersey beaches after graduation, a time to celebrate.

  1. I won’t be na├»ve as a parent myself. Kids drink and there is no such thing as drinking responsibly on senior week.

  1. Underage drinking holds some still penalties, heavy fines and possibly jail time.

  1. Alcohol poisoning can cause brain damage and often death. Did you read about the tragedy of Ted Koppel’s 40 year old son? He should have known better. Be smarter. Alcohol impairs your judgment.

  1. “Never” get behind the wheel of a car. You can ruin your life and possibly someone else’s. This goes for anger and emotional upset as well.

  1. Illegal drugs have the same ramifications.

  1. Sunscreen, use it to cover up. That bad burn can cause serious damage to the skin, later down the road skin cancer is not pretty.. Aloe products do sooth the pain but why go there in the first place. Sun poisoning is not fun.

  1. Hooking up. Ninety percent of the time you will never ever see that person again. Why waste your time? Protect yourself.

  1. Boys love boobs, always will, I'm guessing it's because it's something they don't have?? Instead dazzle them with your smile and your brains. Use your head. At the end of the day, the educated are much more appreciated.

  1. There are plenty of “safe” things to do so shield yourself and stay out of trouble. Phone home and check in. Just that voice on the other end can keep you honest. They trust and love you.

  1. Enjoy the week make memories do not make mistakes. Avoid fights and the trouble spots. “Safety in numbers”, never travel alone.

I’m not sure how many senior graduates will be reading this list. It is merely a beginning to a dialog each and every parent should have with their teens and add a few warnings (they don’t like that word) make it suggestions of your own. You are welcome to add them here.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Top 10 "One" word can say it all.

At times the last word

  1. Whatever. The ultimate agree to disagree but you have been heard, maybe.
  2. Uh-oh either you or someone is in trouble.
  3. Hmmmm a serious contemplation is going on.
  4. Ummm you know something is coming after that
  5. What? Huh? Someone was not paying attention but now you have peaked their interest.
  6. Really?You have just made an interesting statement and someone wants to know more.
  7. Right. Now that one can go either way. You have to listen to the tone.Doesn’t always mean they think you are correct.
  8. Yes good one can be so positive but can depend on the question. If you ask, “are you breaking up with me?” and the answer is yes. That’s a bad thing. However if someone asks the question “are the Flyers going to win the Stanley Cup and they indeed do, that’s all good.
  9. Huh? Ok I heard you but it didn’t register.
  10. Hello and goodbye are a team that usually follow each other in all interactions between two people.

Anyone like to add one word of your own? “Of course profanity is not allowed use your imagination instead.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Top 10 "Fences" barriers between people

(Inspired by seeing Denzel in the play Fences by August Wilson on Broadway)
Special treat for the ladies in the blog, there are some pictures of Denzel in NY.

He is a rock star!

1. First of all I found no fences in NYC, it is a city of just about every walk of life you can imagine and they all seem to get along, the differences are transparent.

2. We bought lunch (hoagies) with us and could not find a bench, table or wall by a pretty fountain to sit and eat; they were all occupied, so we settled for the steps at 48th and 6th Avenue right next to the huge Mc-Graw-Hill office building. NYC security came by and politely and apologetically asked us to move and directed us into the courtyard below. We shared a bench with office workers. It was a beautiful day.

3. Inside the theater, yes I was the typical tourist; I was amazed at the beauty and intimacy of the Cort Theater. I wanted to take a picture but not be rude about it. So I asked an usher and he looked at me and smiled and said, “you are not supposed to ask, do it quick and I will have to tell you, you are not suppose to do that”. The show had not begun so I was respectful.

4. The show by its title is about fences that we all have. Maybe you will recognize a few of your own.

5. Famous line from the play "Some people build fences to keep people out…and other people build fences to keep people in”.

6. Marriage is a fence that is supposed to keep you in; some find this to be a restriction.

7. Parenting again, we sometimes restrict our children and try not to allow them to make the same mistakes we have made for fear of the same obstacles we have met. Everyone has to learn for themselves.

8. Automatically fences go up and people are labeled be it for race or a physical or mental handicap.

9. Your past mistakes create the same barriers and judgments.

10. Anger can stop you from opening up those fences and welcoming the happy back in.

As I mentioned earlier, if you want a treat to brighten your day, Denzel came out after the performance and greeted the crowd and I got a few pictures, they are in the blog. Ironically a fenced off area was made to keep the fans out. After all Denzel Washington is a “rock star” and needed the protection from his adoring fans. He is a tremendous actor and he did shine along with all the other cast members. It was a delight to see them all live on stage. There are many more examples and symbolisms of fences, if you have the opportunity, go see the play and find your own.

Denzel greeting his fans. Love the smile.

Yes, ladies I was that close to Denzel, however I stayed on my side of the fence. You can have my autograph anytime.

Denzel is the man!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Top 10 Songs About "You"

1. You Still Touch Me Sting
2. You and I Yes
3. You & A Promise Howie Day
4. You Radiohead
5. You Owe Me Some Kind of Love Chris Isaak
6. You Can Never Say Laura Shay
7. You Could Be Happy Snow Patrol
8. You Know Better Tina Dicklow
9. You Can’t Always Get What You Want The Rolling Stones
10. You Know I’m No Good Amy Winehouse

These are all songs from my IPOD and they are all about “you”. I’m sure “you” have a few of your own. Feel free to share what “you” are listening to.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Top 10 The Man with a Marathon Heart

Ken Falcone never ran a marathon in his life.
(In his own words)

1. Training on the streets of Swedesboro does not prepare you for running through the streets of Philadelphia with 29,999 other runners.

2. Between 20-30,000 other people lined up along the streets cheering you on, in buildings and all along the streets.

3. Felt great physically, however at the mile 4 marker my quads were burning with pain.

4. I kept pushing another 2 miles but then had to stop and walk a block.

5. I then proceeded to limp the last 4 miles.

6. I went out slightly too fast in the beginning and it cost me in the end.

7. Every mile there was water and Gatorade so I was completely hydrated.

8. The only saving grace is that I finished before the guy who was dressed up as a cup of Dunkin Donuts coffee.

9. Just past mile 7 there was probably a person every 1/4 mile who needed medical attention.

10. I guess I have to come to the realization that I cannot do the things now I could have done 10 years ago...............nah.

Ken ran in the Blue Cross Broad Street Run the largest ten miler in the United States on May 2nd and finished 12,293 out of 26,265 not too shabby if you ask me. Ken raised over $5,000 for awareness of Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy, a disease of the muscle of the heart, in honor of his children Quinn, Kendall and JT all who suffer from this condition. There is no cure to date.

The things we do for love and our children.
Ken has far surpassed his goals of 10 years ago.
He’s a great dad, husband and a man with a marathon heart.

Kendall and Ken

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Top 10 Is Taking It On The Road

Some stats over the last month

1. Different languages 16 have hit my blog. I only speak English and a tad Spanish. Thank goodness for the internet translator. We can all communicate.
2. Countries 31 have logged in US is #1 and Canada #2 United Kingdom #3 Australia #4 and The Philippines is #5. The rest of the countries are just as interesting.
3. Continents 5 Americas, Europe, Asia, Oceania, and Africa in order of most searches.
4. Top list/blog right now is Graduation Songs followed by the main Top 10 screen, Beautiful Songs which held the top spot up until last week and Things You Can’t Take Back in that order. Honoring the Military is my favorite one I have done so far, 3 days of research and visiting.
5. There have been 269 cities internationally that have found my blog.
6. Pennsylvania 37 cities Swarthmore, Wallingford, Philadelphia, Springfield and Bryn Mawr are the top PA cities.
7. Different states 41 (that includes the District of Columbia) have checked out the blog. I am missing
North Dakota
South Dakota
New Mexico
West Virginia
If anyone has friends or relatives in these states please let them know about the blog I’d love to have the full United States on board.

8. Pennsylvania is the top state and there was a daily competition between California and New York for a few weeks but California has now taken a steady lead.
9. Someone from Vietnam checked out my How to Be Successful list.

10. Chicago has been checking out Children’s Books. Could it be Oprah’s book club or could it be the Chicago Black Hawk’s getting a feel for the Pennsylvania Philadelphia Flyers fans with the Little Engine that Could? I think we can…I think we can.

I share this information, not to boast, in many cases I am a one hit wonder but there are beginning to be some return visitors. I can’t track anyone’s private information and never would. First of all I’m not that smart : ). I can only see the cities, states and countries a visitor is coming from and what interested them. Very little commenting is going on and I would love to get a dialog going.
I have the unique opportunity to visit the following states this summer New York, New Jersey, California, Massachusetts and Texas and I will be sharing some of those experiences in lists/blogs to come. Should be fun, I am not a fan of flying but I love to travel and see different sights and people. Hopefully and if technology cooperates I will also be adding pictures to the blog. I would love to get the chatter going all around the world. I have only had the pleasure of internationally visiting Ireland, a beautiful country. If you stop in to the blog leave a comment. Most commenter’s in a blog tend to fall on the negative side but I take those in stride and actually do pay attention to the at times good feedback and respect every one’s opinion. Let me know what you like or don’t like but please try not to shoot the messenger we can all learn to appreciate each other and get along. I’d gladly add any pictures that are content relative that any one would like to share. This would have to be requested through the blog only. I will then give you an email address to send the picture unless you have a link.

Right now I am looking for a great restaurant in the San Diego Gaslamp Quarter and I need it soon so California hook me up! And thanks for reading my blog. I also would like to thank the editor at for giving me this opportunity.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Top 10 Charities & Fundraisers in June

  1. M.A.D.D Walk-A-Thon June 5th Hershey, PA
  2. Easter Seals Walk With Me June 12th Philadelphia Art Museum
  3. John Simko Family benefit June 5th 2-6PM The Deck at Harbor Pointe, Essington, PA
  4. The Vanguard School Learning for Life Motorcycle Ride June 12th registration 10-11am
  5. Wallingford Presbyterian Strawberry Festival Monday June 7th 5-8pm.
  6. Relay for Life Springfield HS, Springfiled, PA June 4th-5th 3PM start
  7. Relay for Life Garnet Valley HS, June 4th-5th, 6PM -10AM
  8. Haverford Township Relay for Life at Haverford Reserves June 5-6 12pm-12pm
  9. Animal Coalition of Delaware County June is Adopt a Cat Month.
  10. Purple Heart Pick Up Service they accept clothing and household items that are resold to benefit the Military Order of the Purple Heart.