Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Top 10 Good for the Garden

1. Coffee grounds for Azaleas, Rosebushes and Evergreens, acid loving plants. It adds nutrients to the soil.
2. Black Banana Peels for Roses. After you make the banana bread chop up the peel and cover with 4 inches of dirt around your rose bushes. It gives off high levels of potassium as it decomposes roses love it. One peel per plant.
3. Basil. Not only is fresh basil tremendous in your pasta sauce it also repels mosquitoes. Place a few planters on your patio.
4. Marigolds also are supposed to repel mosquitoes and other pests in the garden because of the pungent odor. All I can attest to is slugs just love ‘em. One year I lined my garden with marigolds and they were beautiful for the first week then they were annihilated by slugs.
5. Brings me down to beer for slugs. Ok I have tried it and I have met many gardeners that swear by it but it turned out to be nothing but a garden party in my yard. They even loved the cheap beer after I got in trouble using the good stuff. Best solution I have found for slugs, do not have pavers or wood or anything they can hide under during the day in your garden, they seem to hate the heat of the sun. Do not use marigolds unless they are your first line of defense and you can afford to sacrifice them. One year I paid a neighbor child $5 to get a toad from the creek to eat up the slugs, not sure if it actually worked but I know it was creepy when I was weeding, not knowing where he was. Hope the slugs felt the same way.
6. Onions and Garlic for Aphids plus Murphy’s Oil. I have 3 beautiful rose bushes but they have issues. I prune them down yearly. All 3 begin to bloom in May and I still have a rose to enjoy well into October but something is getting them. I have tired all the recommendations above but my problem is recurring. Can’t bear to dig them up and discard them, they have sentimental value to me.
7. Ladybugs. Every year I come across an article that says ladybugs are the best natural pest control in the garden and I would like to buy them and try it but I have my reservations, taking something from its original habitat and transplanting it so to speak. Here’s a good website, http://www.everything-ladybug.com/ladybug-pest-control.html if you are contemplating ladybugs. Anyone ever try it?
8. Best time to water the garden. Early morning before the heat of day sets in every few days unless it rains you can take a day or two off. Rain and sunshine are valued co-workers to the gardener.
9. Herb garden. Can be done year round in a sunny kitchen or dining room window. Harder to find the seeds in the off season. If you use fresh herbs you know the difference.
10. Gardening can be a lot of work, as with everything, you reap what you sow. I like gardening because it’s a connection to nature that is often lost in the busy day to day.

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  1. The gardening comments are delightful, especially to anyone who has been defeated by Chester County slugs. Thanks. Leesie in Lakewood.