Monday, April 19, 2010

Top 10 Reasons to Blog

(This is just my opinion)

1. I try to keep an open mind and open door to all opportunities.

2. I feel every one’s voice has a value and the right to be heard.

3. I have very little expertise on any given subject but have had experiences in life that have made me think, so I share and I might learn something.

4. I am no David Letterman but I can certainly always find the humor in just about any given topic. Yet I know everything isn’t always funny.

5. Hard not to put your personal feelings into anything you write but I have restrained on some of the more non-flattering comments I have been given, but I have yet to restrict anyone’s personal opinion. I feel it means something to them.

6. My lists include things that I contemplate from happenings or contacts that I make on any given day.

7. Easy to find 10 alternative paths to any given subject. It’s an open dialogue.

8. Not every one agrees but every one desires to be heard and that is why has opened up so many blogs of various interests to enable every one to speak their mind and have an opinion. Your voice is welcomed, contact the I did.

9. I was shocked to find that my voice was even heard let alone acknowledged and welcomed.

10. The mind can be a very creative thing and in being able to express yours and to be able to accept the feedback just makes you think even more.

There are far too many negative things in this world and I prefer to live on Positive Street there is much more hope there.


  1. You say you "have yet to restrict anyone's personal opinion" but you sure are keeping any less-than-positive blog comments from seeing the light of day. Kinda hypocritical, wouldn't you say?

    If you want to blog/write for public consumption, criticism, positive or negative, comes with the territory. Otherwise, stick to scrapbooking, OK?

  2. Any comment that has been sent to me or about me I have posted. It does come with the territory. So far nothing has been kept from being posted by me but it is my choice. Bear in mind though blogs are suppose to be a forum for dscussions not persoanl attacks. I think I get your picture thanks for the comment and reading.