Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Be Careful What You Fish For

Rainy day in the Sunshine State.
Juno Beach, Jupiter, Florida

The beach was hot! Tides were wild!

The waves were crashing against the
fishing pier.

Pelicans are not skittish. They observe
just like you and me.

Fishing must be good. The pier was packed.

Relaxing minute panic.
A pelican was on the line.

Pelicans fish too.

Reeling up the pelican. They are heavy.

Local fisherman who stepped up to help.

Pelican hooked by fishing line.

Surfer gets involved and swims over to help.

Volunteer who supplied the tool (pliers) who
later performed a rescue of a seagull.

Assistance and co-operation. Teamwork as
one surfer held the pelican the other cut the line
and removed the hook.

Click above to view video release of the pelican

Safely back together.

New friends with a life line.

Just another day in the life of a surfer.

In sunny Jupiter, Florida


  1. Hey Daily Times--will you give me a blog to post MY vacation pictures, too? Jeez.

  2. You are absolutely welcomed to submit your vacation pictures. I'd love to see them. This was more a marvel at the way man and beast can get along. Or are you a woman? Sorry you didn't get my point. This isn't my family. It's our family mankind.

  3. FABULOUS pictures! Always a marvel to see Mother Nature at her finest! ;-)