Friday, April 30, 2010

Top 10 Musical Artists with local connections.

1. Al Alberts (Al Albertini) of The Four Aces was born in Chester, Pennsylvania.
2. Boyz II Men. Founded during 1986 at the Philadelphia High School for Creative and Performing Arts, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
3. Chubby Checker was raised in the projects of South Philadelphia.
4. John Coltrane moved to Philadelphia PA in June 1943.
5. Jim Croce attended Upper Darby High School, Malvern Prep and Villanova University.
6. Bill Haley of Bill Haley and the Comets moved to Boothwyn near Chester at age 7.
7. The Dovells group was formed at Overbrook High School in 1957.
8. Patti LaBelle born in Philadelphia will receive an honorary degree from Temple University on May 13th, 2010.
9. Todd Rundgren attended Upper Darby High School.
10. Ethel Waters was born in Chester, Pennsylvania on October 31, 1896.

I’ll do this one again for there are so many. If you are interested check my blog for more information on each of these performers. Please comment with any personal experiences. The Vaccaro’s and the Albertini’s lived up the street from me when I was growing up. I only knew they were related to “The Four Aces” and my parents were fans but I certainly remember the music, especially, when I am on my way to Cape May.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Top 10 Things to Collect

1. Stamps
2. Coins
3. Trading Cards, Sports Memorabilia
4. Pictures, Memories
5. Fancy Glass Bottles
6. Old letters and Post Cards
7. Newspapers, Magazines, Comic Books
8. Records, LP, And CD’s
9. Shot Glasses
10. Old Ticket Stubbs

You can also collect thoughts only takes up space in the mind.
Are there any unique collections out there?

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Top 10 Allergy Relief

If you haven’t sneezed once since spring has arrived consider yourself very lucky. Some info I found on allergies that may help.

1. Buy local honey. Strengthens your immune system. Theory but not proven fact. The bees are tapping into the same pollen you are allergic to and can give you a little taste and tolerance. Of course this could backfire so always ask you doctor.

2. Air filters use them and change the filter according to manufacturer recommendations.

3. Dust and vacuum. Dryer sheets have a dual purpose. They do a great job on TV and computer screens after they have been used in the dryer. The sheets, that is, don’t put your TV or computer in the dryer. If you do you will have a bigger problem then sneezing.

4. Clean off your car. Pollen builds up on it and you are driving it around with you all day. Plus you are tracking it into the house.

5. Keep your windows closed. Too soon for air-conditioning for me but some say that also helps.

6. Allerpet. D is for dogs and C is for cats. I am allergic to pet dander and this stuff works for me. Ask your vet.

7. Wash your hands.

8. Take medication over the counter and talk to your doctor if it does not help. Read the instructions and warnings. You do need to be pro-active to get a jump on it.

9. Get tested find out the cause.

10. Wash your hair before you go to bed to prevent pollen getting on to you sheets and pillow.

I am not a medical professional so always refer to those that have the expertise. We are sneezing in my house and there is almost always an alternative.

Top 10 Charitable Events and Non-Profits to Support in May

1. Delaware County Suicide Awareness Walk/Run May 1st (this weekend), Ridley Creek State Park. Register now at for $25 now or $30 on site! Registration the day of begins at 8:30AM and the race begins at 9:30AM.

2. Two Countries, One Cause …Benefit Concert. May 1st (this weekend) 7-10 pm Temple University McGonigle Hall 100% of the concert’s proceeds will be equally distributed to benefit Haiti and The Philippines. Order tickets online.

3. M S Walk. Walk M S, May 2nd (this weekend) Philadelphia Art Museum benefits Multiple sclerosis. Registration starts at 9AM at the event. Register, make a donation or join a team online.

4. Broad Street Run May 2nd (this weekend) too late to register but you can still donate and support a runner. Overall the race benefits the American Cancer Society. I am supporting a friend who is running to raise awareness and support for those who have Hypertrophic Cardiomiopathy including his three children. Good luck Ken.

5. Susan G. Komen 20th Anniversary Race for the Cure, May 9th (Mother’s Day) at the Philadelphia Art Museum, Eakins Circle. Open ceremonies at 7AM. Walk or race to support and help raise awareness of breast cancer. Do it for your mom, your wife, your sister, yourself and all future generations. You can register, join a team or donate at this link.

6. American Cancer Society Relay for Life May 14-15th, 6PM – 10AM Rose Tree Media, Penncrest High School

7. Bonkers Metric Delaware Valley Bicycle Club, Sunday May 16th, 8-9AM Ridley Creek Sate Park DVBC actively works on projects lobbying political support for issues important to cyclists.

8. J. Lewis Crozer Library Donation wish list. Support and use your local libraries. There is a wealth of knowledge there and it is free.

9. Bernardine Center in Chester year round help and stock needed for the homeless and the hungry. Contact them to see how you can help.

10. Brandywine Craft Brewers Festival. Saturday May 15, 1PM – 5PM at Iron Hill Brewery in Media proceeds to benefit the Media Youth Center. Tickets

Top 10 Shoe Fashions

1. Army Boots. Once thought to be a slur “your mother wears army boots”. Now it is a sign of pride, as are all of our military. Mothers are also in the trenches every day. It’s a good thing.

2. Ruby Red Slippers. “There’s no place like home.” May we all find the magic in learning that very important lesson.

3. Flip-flops. Now shouldn’t all politicians be given a pair the day they walk into office with such good intentions only to be swayed?

4. High heels. Nothing wrong with walking tall and strutting your stuff. Remember though, not to look down on people.

5. Athletic sneakers. Our athletes have much larger shoes to fill. They are examples to our youth today. Hard to forgive them when they act human in the public eye. We have set some high standards for them, maybe that’s why they truly make and should earn the big bucks.

6. Repairs. I only know of one repair shop, Cappy’s behind the Lawrence Park Shopping Center. Please add more if you know of them. Too often we throw out a perfectly good pair of shoes when all they need is a little fix. The same goes for friendships.

7. Other people’s shoes. Don’t try to judge someone for their decisions. Make sure the shoe fits. You have yet to try them on and walk in them. As the saying goes, “walk a mile in another man’s shoes.”

8. Perfectly matching outfit. I am impressed with those who can put it all together from head to toe. I’m more of a mix and have a hard time believing anything is perfect. I’m guessing it is all attitude.

9. Comfortable shoes. Most importantly pick the shoes that suit you the best in all your journeys, those shoes will get you there.

10. Placement. It enables you can find them. Shoes travel all over. Acknowledge their presence and their inhabitants. Appreciate your own shoes as something that travels with you, even in your missteps, for they will safely guide you home again.

Have an appreciation for all walks in life and the vehicle that gets people there.
You and your shoes.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Top 10 Earth Songs

1. We are the World originally written by Michael Jackson and Lionel Ritchie to bring awareness to African famine. The song brought together some of the most famous musical artists. Who? this is what I found. A new recording was recently done to bring awareness to the plight of the people of Haiti after an earthquake struck on January 12th 2010.
2. This Pretty Planet by John Foster and Tom Chapin is a green themed children’s song.
3. This Land is Your Land by Woody Guthrie written in 1944. Since this land was made for you and we should take better care of it.
4. If a Tree Falls by Bruce Cockburn tackles the issue of the rainforest destruction. If a tree falls in the forest does anybody hear it?
5. Earth Song by Michael Jackson if you get the opportunity check out the MJ movie “This Is It”. The background video played during this song is near the end but it is worth watching the entire film.
6. Clear Blue skies by Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young a musical plea to do something about air and water pollution.
7. The 3 R’s (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) by Jack Johnson adapted from “Three is a Magical Number” written by Bob Dorough. It was used in the film “Curious George”.
8. In the Year 2525 written in 1964 by Rick Evans …in the year 2525 if man is still alive, if woman can survive…they may find.
9. Mercy, Mercy Me written solely by Gaye became one of his most poignant anthems of sorrow at the world, dealing with the environment
10. Natures Way by Spirit from the album Twelve Dreams of Dr. Sardonicus released in 1970. .

The musical world has always stepped up and made us aware of our emotions and the environment we live in.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Top 10 Earth Day Tips

1. Reduce, reuse, recycle…think green.
2. Enjoy the fresh air while it lasts, it’s free and not completely taxed yet.
3. Conserve water “shower with a friend”.
4. Pick up your trash. Don’t litter.
5. Respect the earth and all its inhabitants.
6. Make a Difference Day is October 23rd , plan ahead go to USA Weekend for 2010 ideas, the Delaware County Daily Times partners with USA Weekend and brings their magazine to readers weekly.
7. Clean Water Action Volunteers canvas our neighborhoods at least two times a year looking for donations. Maybe you don’t have to let them in but at least open the door or go to their website to see all the good they do.
8. Use lawn chemicals wisely. EPA’s advice.
9. Plant a tree and maintain it. My garden has begun.
10. I am a firm believer in, “it takes a village” and co-operation but it will never discount the “power of one”, one step at a time.

Step Up and Speak Up

Greg “Greenday” former Daily Times writer and editor will be laid to rest on Earth Day. There must be a correlation, he was one of the good guys.

Please share how you make a difference on this planet Earth of “ours”.

Earth Day events in this area.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Top 10 Eateries to check out in Delco

1. Breakfast Koffe Korner in Media.
2. Breakfast Memories Grill in Aston.
3. Lunch John’s Doggie Shop in Chester/Boothwyn.
4. Lunch Liberty Tavern in Woodlyn.
5. Dinner Iron Hill Brewery in Media.
6. Dinner Portobella Café in Eddystone.
7. Dinner Sycamore in Lansdowne.
8. Dessert Rita’s Water Ice (Aston, Brookhaven, Broomall, Collingdale, Eddystone, Folsom, Havertown, Media, Upper Darby).
9. Dessert Dairy Queen (Aston, Drexel Hill, Media, Springfield).
10. Dessert Burlap and Bean Coffee Shop in Newtown Square (musical entertainment provided on special evenings).

This is just a small selection of great places to eat in the area. What are you recommendations? I am always hungry for information.

You can also check out these blogs for more information of what is going on in some of your own local hometowns. Lansdowne Chichester Chester Media All of Delco

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Top 10 Addictions

1. Caffeine
2. Alcohol
3. Sex
4. Drugs
5. Internet/E-mail
6. Nicotine
7. Gambling
8. Hoarding
9. Food
10. Online Gaming

I have sympathy for all addictions as we battle our own inner demons and struggle to find balance in a peaceful mind.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Top 10 Reasons to Blog

(This is just my opinion)

1. I try to keep an open mind and open door to all opportunities.

2. I feel every one’s voice has a value and the right to be heard.

3. I have very little expertise on any given subject but have had experiences in life that have made me think, so I share and I might learn something.

4. I am no David Letterman but I can certainly always find the humor in just about any given topic. Yet I know everything isn’t always funny.

5. Hard not to put your personal feelings into anything you write but I have restrained on some of the more non-flattering comments I have been given, but I have yet to restrict anyone’s personal opinion. I feel it means something to them.

6. My lists include things that I contemplate from happenings or contacts that I make on any given day.

7. Easy to find 10 alternative paths to any given subject. It’s an open dialogue.

8. Not every one agrees but every one desires to be heard and that is why has opened up so many blogs of various interests to enable every one to speak their mind and have an opinion. Your voice is welcomed, contact the I did.

9. I was shocked to find that my voice was even heard let alone acknowledged and welcomed.

10. The mind can be a very creative thing and in being able to express yours and to be able to accept the feedback just makes you think even more.

There are far too many negative things in this world and I prefer to live on Positive Street there is much more hope there.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Top 10 Mondegreen’s Collected

“Words that result from the mishearing or misinterpretation of a statement or lyric song”

1. Bad Moon Rising, Credence Clearwater Revival incorrect “there’s a bathroom on the right” correct “there’s a bad moon on the rise”.
2. Get Back, The Beatles incorrect “Jojo was a man who thought he was a woman” correct “Jojo was a man who thought he was a loner”.
3. Ride My See-Saw, Moody Blues incorrect “Fly Picses Soar” is really “Ride, ride my see-saw”.
4. Werewolves of London, Warren Zevon incorrect “where was the thunder?” correct “werewolves of London”.
5. I Want a New Drug, Huey Lewis. incorrect “I want a new truck”. correct. “I want a new drug”.
6. What’s Love Got To Do With It, Tina Turner incorrect “What’s love but a second hand in motion” correct “what’s love but a second hand emotion”.
7. Go, Pearl Jam incorrect “moving on so swiftly when sex is on”, correct” moving oh so swiftly with such disarm”.
8. Midnight at the Oasis, Maria Muldar incorrect “midnight after you’re wasted”, correct “midnight at the oasis”.
9. Purple Haze, Jimi Hendrix, incorrect “excuse me while I kiss this guy” correct excuse me while I kiss the sky.
10. Life in the Fast Lane, Eagles They had one thing in common, they were good in bed I thought it said they were good and bad…. The coming attraction, the drop of a name the drop of the game Blowin' and burnin', blinded by thirst growing and grinding bounded by first Pretty women out walking with gorillas down my street walking with curlers Is she really going out with him, Joe Jackson, If so, there goes your proof do jo they prove There's a man there who's marked down as dead. Whos more done in his head Listen you, take your hands off her head hats off to you, take your hands off her friend. This friend of mine is all mixed up, yet I prefer his translations better then the original songs.

To quote an old song by “Natalie Merchant”, “I may know the words but not say it”.

Merchant was recently in the news for her new CD “Leave Your Sleep”; she collaborated with over 100 musicians setting nursery rhymes and poetry to music. It was released on April 13th. She began this work when she left the spotlight 7 years ago when her daughter was born. Motivated to expose her daughter to the vast and magical spectrum of music, her selections include reggae, jazz, bluegrass, Balkan, Chinese and Celtic folk as well as chamber music.

Interesting how your musical tastes change according to where you are at in your life but whether it’s the words or the music, it is always there.

Fess up what have you incorrectly sang. It might have been in the “Top Ten” all time billboard chart under the guise of the wrong word. La la la la la works every time.

Top 10 True Friends

  1. Will walk back into your life after 5 years or more and the void is instantly removed with a smile.

  1. Will call just to say hello to see how you are doing and you tell them everything

has gone wrong in your life for the past 20 years and they don’t hang up.

  1. Will tell you when you are wrong, but forgive you for it.

  1. Will complain about the spouse and kids to you and you know exactly when and where not to agree with them.

  1. Has your back. Your secrets are safe with them.

  1. Can’t hold back the truth, even if it hurts and it’s for your own good.

  1. Makes you laugh with the same sick, sarcastic sense of humor.

  1. Knows how proud you are of your kids and they are too.

  1. Won’t hold you to that promise, knows you’ll try harder next time.

  1. Will tell you like it is, just in case you did not know.

If you are truly blessed you know exactly who I am taking about. I should not have to name names, you know who you are in my life..

Best way to get a true friend……be one.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Be Careful What You Fish For

Rainy day in the Sunshine State.
Juno Beach, Jupiter, Florida

The beach was hot! Tides were wild!

The waves were crashing against the
fishing pier.

Pelicans are not skittish. They observe
just like you and me.

Fishing must be good. The pier was packed.

Relaxing minute panic.
A pelican was on the line.

Pelicans fish too.

Reeling up the pelican. They are heavy.

Local fisherman who stepped up to help.

Pelican hooked by fishing line.

Surfer gets involved and swims over to help.

Volunteer who supplied the tool (pliers) who
later performed a rescue of a seagull.

Assistance and co-operation. Teamwork as
one surfer held the pelican the other cut the line
and removed the hook.

Click above to view video release of the pelican

Safely back together.

New friends with a life line.

Just another day in the life of a surfer.

In sunny Jupiter, Florida

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Trial Of Allen Iverson

The story begins with Allen as a young boy and touches on the background of his early years. It states that at 8-9 years of age he cared for his 4 year old little sister, when his mother was not around. His mother Ann was 15 years old when she gave birth to him. There was no father figure. She never saw one of his basketball games until he was in high school. She didn’t know he was that good. He also was a skinny little football player. He was the quarterback and led Bethel High School to the state championship for football and basketball in his junior year. After winning the state championship he was asked how he felt and he said the basketball championship was next. He missed 65 days of school but still played sports. There were no consequences for his truancy. It was suggested in the film he was caring for his younger sister.

That same year, he was at the Circle Lanes bowling alley with friends when he had a run in with white Steve Forest, who recently had done time for cocaine possession it is noted in the film, and allegedly called Allen the “n” word and a confrontation ensued that quickly turned into an all out brawl. Iverson along with three other black youths were later charged and convicted of felony charges under a “maiming by mob” stature created to prosecute lynch mobs. Not one of the white youths involved were ever bought to justice. Allen was accused of hitting a white girl in the group over the head with a chair and was charged as an adult by a known for his toughness white judge, who it was rumored that Iverson had been dating his granddaughter. He was sentenced to 15 years in prison, with 10 years suspension and the hope of getting out in 10 months for good behavior. To me the sentencing was the most compelling part of the documentary. It was actual footage of the trial and to watch the lump in his throat as he heard those words was cuffed and taken away was riveting. It is believed that Iverson got a stiffer sentence because of his notoriety in sports and typically an incident like that would go relatively unnoticed had he not been there. The situation and imposed harsh sentence caused tension and a division among racial lines. Protests among community activists who formed a support group called S W I S representing the last names of the young men involved came forth to support Iverson.

It could be said that he did receive special treatment because of his noted athleticism. He spent his incarceration at the Newport News City Farm correctional facility a less confined institution in Newport News, VA while the others were sent to the city jail. He was granted clemency four months later by Douglas Wilder a black Virginia Governor The other three young men did not receive this favor immediately, it was two weeks later. The VA Court of Appeals later overturned Iverson’s conviction in 1995 due to insufficient evidence.

It was not clear to me in the film why but he was not permitted to go back to Bethel High School to graduate. A white woman from the same side of town where the youths that had the altercation with Allen, tutored him while he was in this transition and helped him earn his high school diploma. There is also footage of the family and friends gathering when he graciously accepted his diploma as valedictorian. He was the only student. There were jokes made of the humorous excuses he gave for not doing some of the work. He hasn’t changed. He sent a huge bouquet of flowers to this woman’s funeral.

He was quoted in the documentary, Iverson said, “I’m not saying I did what they said, but…I deserved exactly where I was at”. He added, “I went through what I went through because God said go through it and I overcame it.”

Practice, he didn’t need the practice he was a natural born talent, he had attitude on the bench as a young boy, cursing his coach and complaining about calls, he never learned discipline within himself, never grew up with any, so never acquired the tools.

No one knows exactly what happened or what drives Allen Iverson. At the end of his career and at the end of the day “Allen Iverson has to look in the mirror” as quoted by one of the black volunteers that agreed to talk with the director of the film. Not many who were approached were willing to discuss this story. It is not a bias story just part of the history.

This particular excerpt is exclusively about the trial of Allen Iverson and what happened in one night to change the direction of his life not about why his talent was never fully appreciated but maybe it is exactly that. Easy to judge and form an opinion and choose a side but no one knows the full story of someone’s life unless you have walked in their shoes.

Like Allen Iverson or not you can’t help but feel for this 17 year old kid with the lump in his throat as he was read his life changing sentence. This wasn’t Hollywood this was real raw footage.

I believe Allen Iverson is all about passion and his tears are sincere. I truly hope now he can overcome all the baggage, rumors and bad press that follow him and can pass this passion on to his own family and see his legacy turned into a positive for the next generation. I am a fan of anyone who can take mistakes and adversity, turn it around regardless of how long it takes. He is only 34 years old and he has plenty of time. I wish him good luck and good health. It’s a shame such a talented young man could not leave basketball with the glory that should have been but he is now on to the next chapter in his life. I hope it is a good one. I’m sure A I wishes he was “The Answer” instead he is left with all the questions.

On Sunday evening I attended the preview screening of one of the 30 for 30 documentaries funded by ESPN, No Crossover: The Trial of Allen Iverson at The Prince Music Theater in Philadelphia. It was part of the Spring Preview of the Philadelphia Film Society, the tickets were free. The film was directed by award winning Steve James, noted for “Hoop Dreams”. James grew up in Hampton, VA, one generation ahead of Allen Iverson. Like a Sixes game, there were plenty of empty seats, no one cared enough to see this part of the story of Iverson.

The documentary No Crossover: The Trial of Allen Iverson premieres on ESPN Tuesday April 13th at 8PM. The original footage alone is worth the watch.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Top 10 Things to Look Forward to

1. Spring Training is over and The Phillies are back in town. Today April 12th “home opener”. What a great first game against Washington!!! Even President Obama got to see just how impressive Philadelphia is.

2. Barbecues with friends and family.

3. Weekend trips to a friend’s “newly purchased” beach house. Did I just invite myself? I will pack a paint brush.

4. Evenings on the deck or backyard gazing at the stars.

5. College kids returning home, hopefully to summer jobs.

6. Fireworks! Public displays and those who choose to privately display“be careful”.

7. A cold one after work. Who hasn’t earned “Miller time”? Iced tea works too!

8. Dipping in the pool. Join the community one or suck up to those lucky neighbors.

9. Sitting around a “fire pit” at night. Have a hose nearby.

10. Chester Waterfront Soccer is coming. Philadelphia Union played their first home game on Saturday and won 3-2 at the Linc. The new stadium is scheduled to be open in 2 ½ months. (see progress on stadium)

I wasn't able to get inside the hard hat area but looking forward to the upcoming games. I have always been a soccer fan.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Top 10 Songs Touched by David Foster

1. You’re the Inspiration written by David Foster along with Peter Cetera (original member of the band Chicago)
2. You’ll See co-written by David Foster and Madonna
3. St. Elmo’s Fire (Man in Motion) original version written by John Parr and David Foster
4. After the Love is Gone written by David Foster, Jay Graydon and Bill Champlin
5. Love, Look What You’ve Done to Me composed by Boz Scaggs and David Foster
6. I Have Nothing written by David Foster and Linda Thompson made famous in the movie The Bodyguard sung by Whitney Houston.
7. Unforgettable duet by Natalie Cole and her deceased father Nat King Cole produced by David Foster, sound engineer on the CD was Al Schmidt.
8. "Winter Games", the theme song for 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary, Alberta. "Winter Games" is the soundtrack for a fountain show at the Bellagio in Las Vegas as well as a fountain show at Sea World in Orlando, was composed by David Foster.
9. “Earth Song” written and composed by Michael Jackson was produced by Jackson, David Foster and Bill Bottrell
10. “Somewhere” Barbara Streisand’s version of Leonard Bernstein’s hit from West Side Story was produced by David Foster.

I just learned about David Foster on a road trip to Florida recently, thanks to the Milones. I was truly amazed. The above information was gathered from various websites and we all know the internet is gospel, so I hope my info is accurate. Check him out if you are interested he has been involved with many more songs including movie soundtracks and television shows and top recording artists. Hit Man: David Foster and Friends (2008) is an excellent selection of his songs as well as A Touch of David Foster (1992).

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Top 10 Guilt to Admit

1. Are your emails way too long?
2. Do you forward chain emails? It’s like the old maid I don’t want to get stuck with it and I only return the favor to those who send them to me.
3. Do you rearrange the dishwasher after someone else loads it? Are you the only one who does it right?
4. Do you Clorox the kitchen floor because it is white?
5. Does lateness drive you crazy? Is impatience worse?
6. Have a hard time letting anything go unless you think it is right?
7. Do you have code names for everything and everybody? Helps to remember. You will rarely forget.
8. Could you be wrong? Have someone prove it.
9. Do you think way too much? A friendly reminder I get quite often.
10. Can’t wait till the cheesecake from Easter is gone? Are you the only one hitting it? It is very good. Aunt Pathmark made mine : )

Of course I am not guilty of any of these things or at least I’d never admit it!

Any other guilty pleasures out there?

Top 10 Charities to Support in April

1. Huddle up for Autism, April 11th 11am- 2pm April is Autism Awareness month join the Philadelphia Eagles and Chop. Location Lincoln Financial Field, Philadelphia, PA

2. National Brain Tumor Society Wayne Pa. April 11th 4-8pm Flannigan’s Boathouse, 118 Wayne Ave, Wayne, PA. The Linda Conrad McVeigh Happy Hour Fundraiser.

3. Young Variety’s Celebrity Bartenders Night April 15th @ 6pm Location: Public House, 1801 Arch Street, Philadelphia, PA

4. Philadelphia Oral Cancer Walk April 18th 9am – 2pm @University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine 240 South 40th Street (40th and Spruce) Philadelphia, PA

5. Swarthmore Charity Fair April 18th 2-5pm various charities are invited to participate Location: downtown Swarthmore, PA. The walk/run begins noon.

6. Support Center for Child Advocates April 18th 5-8PM Location: The Crystal Tea Room, the Wanamaker Building, 100 Penn Square East, Philadelphia, PA.

7. United Cerebral Palsy April 22nd 6:15 -10pm Location: Starts and ends in front of The Philadelphia Art Museum, Philadelphia, PA

8. American Cancer Society Relay for Life Villanova University April 17th – 18th Location: The Pavilion, Villanova University

9. PACES Pope John Paul II Annual Catholic Elementary School Walk April 25th @ 11AM Bishop Shanahan High School Stadium.

10. City Team Ministries 11 W 7th Street Chester, PA. You can donate food, clothing, money and time any day of the week.

No one knows what the future will bring; especially now it is very difficult for charities.
Pay it forward

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Top 10 How to Make a Decision

1. Just do it and reap the rewards
2. Just do it and be prepared for the consequences.
3. Ask an expert.
4. Can you live with it?
5. Get over it.
6. Make a list.
7. Sleep on it.
8. Stay up all night and toss and turn.
9. Research and analyze
10. Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it.

Thank goodness we live in a country where you can make a choice.
One thing Donovan McNabb has learned, “It’s not easy being green in the city of brotherly love”.

Of Husbands and the Lottery

1. You ask him to retrieve your black dress in the attic and he brings down your son’s graduation gown.
2. After a very serious discussion, you recommend on several occasions that he stick it, he reminds you that it is getting crowded up there.
3. He growls at you when you say, I am exhausted from doing six loads of the kids wash, and your children are at the age when they are capable of doing it themselves.
4. He has selective hearing as all men do, but you can get pretty loud.
5. He doesn’t always correct you in a flattering way when you are wrong.
6. He allows boy “friends”, but George Clooney is not allowed to stay overnight.
7. He makes you pay if you don’t finish a $5 beer when you go out to dinner.
8. He is not a good listener, hence you have to repeat yourself, and hence he doesn’t always listen.
9. He treats you like a child, says you are six years old. What’s wrong with six? 
10. I do not play the lottery and secretly hope he does not as well.

Marriage is certainly give and take and if you give it out you better be able to take it back. Complaint lines are open. What is so special about your relationship?

Top 10 Beautiful Songs

1. Beautiful, Christine Aguilera great bad hair day song. Don’t bring me down today!

2. You’re Beautiful, James Blunt sad song really, didn’t work out. I try not to listen to that one too much. Still a good song.

3. You’re So Beautiful, Joe Cocker, who doesn’t want someone to sing that song about them : )

4. Beautiful Boy, John Lennon written for his son Sean. You can feel the love!

5. Beautiful, Carole King mind over matter. You’re beautiful as you feel!

6. Beautiful Day, U2 this song was used by John McCain on his campaign rally in Media, Pa. Was Sarah Palin there? You betcha!

7. A Beautiful Morning, The Rascals high of 78 today, I think that qualifies. Get out and enjoy!

8. Beautiful Soul, Jessie McCartney looks and size don’t matter, you gotta have soul!

9. Beautiful Liar, Beyonce & Shakira just some power girls singing it out!

10. Life Ain’t Always Beautiful, Gary Allen, we can all attest to that, struggles, changes….they happen.

Hook me up! What beautiful song am I missing?

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Top Ten Roads to Travel

1. Sky Line Drive-beautiful visions of natural stuff, do it in the fall. It is beautiful. There is a fee, it is a National Park but well worth the cost. No crazy speeders to be wary of. You are part of nature, the way it’s supposed to be. You can enjoy at your own pace.

2. Golden Gate Bridge – first bucket list I ever fulfilled, don’t know why just always wanted to drive across it. It was exhilarating!

3. Lombard Street - Crooked Street in San Francisco, reminds me of that maze game with the marbles. You drive from right to left on this steep incline and try not to toss your marbles. My husband gets car sick so my driving was out of the question. I enjoyed the ride.

4. Pacific Coast Highway-beautiful on every curve. The ocean down below close to the edge is spectacular. You have to stop for lunch at the Nepenthe Restaurant. The prices are good the food is great and the view…the view. They have a weather webcam set up on their website. Check it out; you’ll see what I mean.

5. Where the water crosses the road – found in my youth when we would randomly just drive around as teenagers (gas was cheaper too) Small little road think the name was Horwarth Street near Linville Orchards in Middletown. Only one car fits through at a time. You go across a small stream of water over a concrete slab. If the water level is high you can be driving through about 9 inches of water. You can make a little splash. I am easily amused. I found it exciting!

6. I-95 Double Decker Bridge – I used to suffer from severe panic attacks while crossing bridges. I would prepare by selecting a favorite song to play as I crossed with a pounding heart and sweaty palms. Now I do keep my eye on the road but I do peek over and enjoy the view without repercussions now. What a relief!

7. Brooklyn Bridge – years ago I loved it for the majestic cables on the side reminded me of string art and the sails of a ship. Recently I had the opportunity to walk across it. Very cool experience to walk from Manhattan to Brooklyn and back again. The viewpoint of the East River is very different standing on the bridge and you can get a hot dog and drink once you have made the trek. Hot dogs are not free but worth the price, you’re in New York!

Famous Puppeteer "Dave Fiebert" of Segal Puppets spotted in NYC.

8. Causeway into LBI (Long Beach Island) your first glimpse of the bay and you can smell the salt air, and a view of seagulls that greet you. Your cares start to roll off your shoulders. Vacation… have arrived.

9. Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel – this roadway has it all 17.6 miles of bridge, tunnel, bridge, tunnel, tunnel, bridge. I never know what’s coming up next but I do know stopping at the visitor center somewhere is the middle is a must. You get to stand in the middle of the Chesapeake Bay and that freighter that you just saw on one side has now passed to the other. How did that happen? No clue but a mind boggling experience. Thank you man-made.

10. PA Turnpike the Windmills of Somerset Pa are visible in their majestic splendor. Green Power at it’s finest in my opinion.

Educate me. Where have you been? Maybe I’ll borrow a GPS and travel.
Am I the only one who gets lost when they use a GPS?

Top Ten Reasons Why My Abs Exercise is not working.

1. I think I am breathing wrong.

2. Are you supposed to hold your breath?

3. The love of ice cream.

4. You can’t eat salads everyday.

5. Does it count when you hold you stomach in.

6. Happy after 10 crunches, I need a rest

7. Fifteen more? That hurts. I’ll feel better in the morning?

8. Oh you can lie on your back and lift my knees, I like that one.

9. Does dancing really work? Like the fabulous stars on television

10. I gave away my exercise ball. I fell off it and nearly dislocated my shoulder. Hope the new owner is safe.

I am a walker and enjoy getting outside and walking for exercise. Helps clear some of the extra baggage you carry around in your head. Joggers are fun to watch.

Top 10 Health Care Maintenance

Ok the body is like a car and you usually don’t taper with it until it is broke but there are a few things you should stay on top of like changing your oil.

1. Mammogram the most painful to me? Nah it’s for a good cause but it is very deflating.
2. Pap smear – most embarrassing, showing the goods, but after you deliver a child or two, guess you are a little proud
3. Colonoscopy – granted the day before is not pleasant. But the morning or afternoon after best drugs ever. You wake up and wonder when they are going to get started. You could have been so violated and have no clue. Another good time, be a driver for a friend or family member. You get to go into the recovery area and wait until the drugs wear off. The melody of sounds coming from behind each closed curtain will crack you up. I laughed anyway, the nurses seem to be more in tune with it and take the sounds more in stride. Recommended every five years after you turn 50. Go for it, great fun.
4. Prostrate screening no personal experience here only have had to soothe the male ego when he comes home and says he’s been violated. It’s important and too many people I know have had bad results.
5. Blood pressure mine has always been good with the exception of when an undesirable report card came home but then I just have to recall that they are swell kids and I did give birth to them. So don’t play around with that get it checked.
6. Blood test that can tell a lot about the mechanics of the body, the one that I always check first is the white blood count, can tell if you might have a little trouble going on.
7. Dental cleanings I always feel like a million bucks or a Hollywood movie star afterwards my teeth do sparkle. Flossing on a routine basis is also recommend and a good idea. Tooth fairy doesn’t give any prizes to adults.
8. Eye exams I do have issues with this. I had 20/20 vision all my life, then my eyes got old. I’m still in denial but I do need my glasses if I want to see.
9. Dermatologists so very important with the way skin cancer is on the rise. Ever get a full body exam? Yikes I wanted to conceal some of those creases and folds.
10. Hearing I recommend this to my husband all the time. (shrug) He can’t hear me He then returns with you should get you head examined. Mental health check ups. Personally I think we are all a little crazy or is it personality but seek help if you need it. Insurance companies are not all that kind to this illness but it does deserve attention and treatment. It’s improving.

Yes I am a little worried about what this new health care reform is going to mean, although they say laughter is the best medicine, your health is nothing to laugh at.

Top Ten Reasons I Am Proud to Say I was Born in Chester

1. The famous slogan “What Chester Makes, Makes Chester”, the woman that created that saying lived up the street from me; unfortunately I did not find that out until I read her obituary. Mrs. Marin D. Garvey beat the competition and brainstormed that idea when Philadelphia Electric Company developed the contest and offer the chance to the public. The sign is now gone. Pity always made me proud.

2. Scott Paper the company that wipes and cleans up your spills, anyone know that one of their first manufacturing plants was in Chester and employed a lot of the residents?

3. I was a member of a “gang”. We didn’t kill anyone; we were just a public nuisance. Several of those young men went on to serve their country and both men and woman have successfully moved on to hold jobs and are good citizens. We counted once, over 100 kids hung on the corner at 22nd and Crozier, not all at once.

4. I was 4 years old when JFK’s motorcade passed my house on Edgemont Avenue. Never got to shake his hand. I wasn’t allowed off the porch.

5. I did not attend the public schools, I attended private school but got my first taste of prejudice from the nuns. On the holidays that we were not off they used to say, “don’t pay any attention to the bad kids, that are passing by” This is mean but maybe I misunderstood and they were referring to the priests. Some of the publics are my very best friends now : )

6. I can proudly say that I have had John’s doggie sauce. Sat right there on a stool when you could find a space and ordered an orange soda to go along with a dog with the works, mustard, onions, and the secret sauce. No idea what was in the sauce but I loved it and still on occasion go down there or on the Conchester Highway and pick up a container.

7. I bunked church over at Widener College before it was a University. An Indian student named Raja used to let us into the science building on cold winter Sunday mornings. I later confessed, overridden by catholic guilt and I will not name drop who was with me : )

8. In the early 1960’s I witnessed a group of black people protesting carrying signs and singing We Shall Overcome, at 5th and Welsh. I was very young. It did not frighten me; it made me more curious as to what it was all about. Took me many years to understand and as I look back, I may have seen the beginning of a very important moment in civil rights history, Martin Luther King very well may have been there.

9. Chester Rural Cemetery anyone know the great civil war history there? Soldiers from both the North and South are buried in, the area called Veterans Circle. I have been there for a 21-gun salute along with the late Senator Clarence Bell.

10. I was never ashamed of being from Chester; I have some very fond memories. It wasn’t till later in life that I realized the stigma associated from it. People used to snicker and look down their noses and say with a laugh, “You are from Chester?”, and I’d say, “Yup” and I’d say it with pride, still do.

There are tons of great things about Chester these are only a very few of my recollections.
A lot of bad stories have come out of the city I try to focus on the good.

Looking forward to following the blog on Chester, PA