Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Top 10 Weekend Highlights

1. Basketball was a bummer both Men’s Temple and Nova are out but the Lady Owls are still alive. Go Girls! Congratulations!

2. Free Rita’s Water Ice. Brookhaven was packed but the Media line was doable about a 7 minute wait. Shorter if the ladies in front of us weren’t so into the samples.

3. Theatre “Rear Column”, at Iron Age Theatre is over if you missed it, you missed a good show. More opportunities coming up! Check ‘em out. ironagetheatre.org

4. Beautiful Weather. Free vitamin “D” for everyone.

5. Went Topless. I drive a convertible 60 degrees is my rule. A temperature of 74 degrees, now that’s a perfect day!

6. Yard Work. Weather was permitting – Opportunity to work off the beer belly.

7. Heat off $$. Windows open with fresh air signs of spring and hope.

8. Wardrobe change. A little premature for the bikini and Speedo but certainly time to prepare.

9. Freecycle.org – Start your spring cleaning now. First used this service yesterday, I just missed the auto vac offer this weekend but lots of great stuff on there. I now possess a purple lamp and a brand new puzzle.

10. Deck furniture in place. Evening barbeque meals on the veranda. Woo-hoo, I am not the cook!

Hope everyone got a chance to go outside and enjoy the gorgeous weather.

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