Thursday, March 25, 2010

Top 10 Indie Artists To Be On The Lookout For

In no patricular order, they are all equally talented

1. Landon Pigg born in Nashville, Kentucky but has toured just recently in this area. He appeared at the Tin Angel along with his talented keyboardist in Philadelphia on March 17th. He writes songs about losing love and finding hope. Falling in Love in a Coffee Shop, find it and play it I am sure you have heard it before. It is featured in a De Beers commercial and also in an A T & T commercial. It’s a beautiful song, makes you want to fall in love all over again or at the very least dream about it while you are drinking your coffee. Take a Chance, another positive inspiring song. He has many more.

2. James Maddock I have never seen James live as of yet but look forward to seeing him on April 29th at The Tin Angel in Philadelphia. I was handed his new CD Sunrise on Avenue C, as I left for a road trip to visit a friend. It was a bonus CD from Paste Magazine. Like the entire list but Chances, Stars Align and When You Go Quiet were all songs I could specifically relate to.

3. Ian McGlynn is from North New Jersey. I had the unique opportunity to be part of the audience while Ian along with band mates Chris Newkirk, John Molsloskie, and Dave Macarone recorded “This is the Sound” at the Blue Light Digital Sound in Mount Holly, NJ, a few months later we attended the CD release party in New York City. Memorial Day Parade and Night Driving great songs. Ian allowed me to use Memorial Day Parade as the backdrop to a collection of photos I took while in New York visiting the site of the World Trade Center disaster. Listening In is on the soundtrack of “My Mother’s New Boyfriend", starring Meg Ryan and Antonio Bandera’s. He will be performing live at the Tin Angel on April 7th.

4. Darling Cait great song by Cait Like a Ninja,an upbeat song that has you feeling sexy and captivating as a ninja. She performs mostly in NY and has worked with Ian McGlynn. Cait’s song Precious Moments appears on Beautiful Escape: The Songs of The Posies Revisited [Box set]

5. Laura Shay is a Philadelphia native. I originally first saw Laura perform at the Burlap and Bean in Newtown Square along with core band members Dominic Cole and Andy McGowan. Kyle Swartzwelder also joined her on stage for two songs. They had a definite chemistry together. I was knocked out not only by this woman’s voice but also the content of the lyrics that she has created. I’ve also had the pleasure of seeing Laura, Dominic, and Andy again at the Tin Angel along with Lanine Walker playing violin, Mike McCarthy playing trumpet and Karen Shay on percussion and glockenspiel. First to Fall is being used in a movie called "Elevator Girl" next airing April 8th at 9PM on the Hallmark Channel Laura’s next show is April 2nd, along with Kyle Swartzwelder at Studio LuLoo Live in Oaklyn, NJ

6. Kyle Swartzwelder I have seen Kyle at work and at play. He is the in-house sound engineer at the Burlap and Bean in Newtown Square and hosts the open mic evenings there, and also runs a small recording studio in Wilmington. DE Kyle has also performed at the Tin Angel. Kyle’s first release 13:13 was nominated Best Album of the Year by 93.7 WSTW in 2008; he was named Best Male Artist by WSTW that same year. Kyle’s next show will be April 2nd at Studio LuLoo Live in Oaklyn, NJ and also again on April 23rd at the Burlap and Bean in Newtown Square, PA

7. David Jonathan "David Janes" is a Philadelphia native who recently performed at the Tin Angel along with Emily Shick. The first time I ever heard their music. It was great. He describes his music as folk- like that may remind you of Jeff Buckley, Ryan Adams and Wilco. I thought of James Taylor. He along with Emily are that good. They are a couple and had a terrific stage presence together. I often wonder what that is like and if a bad day for them would bring less passion to a set but who knows, it might bring more. The bands next performance will be at Triumph Brewery in Old City April 21st. Deathcard should be available for release at that show.

8. Rob Melso is a native of West Chester, PA who is now living in Brooklyn, NY. Rob recently has started a hip hop band and their first performance will be in New York City tonight, March 26th. I saw Rob perform in Phoenixville a few years back. Looking forward to seeing him come to our area. One of Rob’s songs Kiss You Now, appears in the film "99 Percent Sure" a film written and directed by Pat Taggart also a Philadelphia native which premiered in December 2009.

9. RCRD LBL: (all the songs are FREE on this site by permission of the artist) type in any artist in the search box and see what comes up.

10. Paste Magazine Important site of all the latest new music/trends this is a subscription. Regular membership includes a free download of 20 songs of different indie artists every other month. VIP membership you can download the 20 song selection monthly.

These are just a few of my selections and recommendations. Also check out
The Chronicles of Michael Christopher the Daily Times Music Columnist to see what else is happening. I will be seeing cover band Minds Eye View tonight at Matty’s Bar in Upper Darby I feel like dancing!


  1. Thanks for your positive comments on David Jonathan. He's my son, so of course I agree with them 100%. Plus, he and Emily are getting married a week from today!

  2. Your welcome! Congratulations to Emily and David. I saw Emily and David at a club in Philadelphia. They are both talented people and have a great stage presense. I do music every Friday so send me some info. I can revisit indie artists and do a shout out to a happy event. I won't print the details, emails to this are private. Is there an appropriate song that they have written or a specific song to dedicate to them a link would be good too. I had plans for songs with a heart next week but I'm flexible. Send me something and anything you may find appropriate to say about them. I would be delighted and all moms agree. It is a special bond. My son's name is David too : ) Thanks for writing.