Friday, July 21, 2017

Busy Work for Boys

I'm  Busy

Cutting the Lawn
Reading a Book
Reading the Newspaper
Eating Breakfast
Liter Box Detail
Drinking Beer
Playing Music
Watching the Weather
Avoiding Conversation

and the list goes on...............
this is why "most" times
I do it meself

Battle of the Sexes


We Are On To You!

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Upcoming Weekend and Pre-Weekend Events July 20 - 23

Jul. 20 Moon Day 

Jul. 20 The Oval is Open, The Oval is Open with D.J. lil Dave 5 - 10 p.m.

Photo: AYee
Calendar of events

Jul. 22 Charles Albert Tindley Institute (CATI) will observe the fourth annual memorial ceremony in honor of our former Pastor Rev. Dr. Charles Albert Tindley. Events begin at 10:00 a.m. at Historical Eden Cemetery, 1434 Springfield Road, Collingdale, PA. 19023 The program will include hymns written by Rev. Tindley, a brief history of Rev. Tindley's life, a floral tribute, and prayer. All are welcome.  

Jul. 22 Secrets and Spies at Valley Forge National Historical Park meet at Washington's Headquarters Train Station 12:30 p.m.

Jul. 22 World War II Explore the Eastern Front at Fort Mifflin 10 a.m. 

Jul. 22 Free Ice Cream Social at the 1696 Thomas Massey House also entertaining the crowd will be the Marple-Newtown Community Band. Tours of the Massey House will also be available. 6 - 9 p.m.


Jul. 22 PECO Multi Cultural Series Islamic Heritage Festival at Penn's Landing 2 - 8 p.m.

Jul. 22 Night in Venice boat parade in Ocean City, N.J. 6 p.m.

Jul. 23 Sierra Club 3 Mile Hike at Ridley Creek State Park  1:15 p.m.
Take Gradyville Rd west through RCSP.   At the second stop sign turn left (south) into the Park on Sandy Flash Dr South.  Go up a hill, pass the Mansion (Park HQ) Driveway on the right, turn  left onto the road to Area 8.  Go to the top of a hill, turn left, and park.  Contact

Jul. 23 Samuel Lemon author of "The Case That Shocked The Country", about a young man, Alexander McClay Williams, the youngest person to die in the electric chair in Pennsylvania, for a crime he did not commit. Mr. Lemon will speak and sign books at the Media Fellowship House 2 p.m. Register online to attend.

Jul. 23 Shark Week begins on Discovery Channel.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Feeling the Pain

Last week I was saddened to read the news that Marie Ronayne died suddenly on July 2nd.

She was the charge behind one the 5th grade classes of Nether Providence Elementary School in Y2K.

No one dared to question Mrs. Ronayne.

She was an ideas girl. always thinking strategy.

It was not unusual to see her sitting in support on the sidelines.

She was always pulling for her kids.

She was also a rules girl and you played fair.

She was not one of the popular teachers to wear the Miss Pockets surprise outfit at the May Fair. It was suspected she may have something up her sleeve.

If you had the privilege of taking that coming of age 5th Grade Field Trip to Williamsburg, you can thank Mrs. Ronayne. From what I understand she was behind its inception. If that is not true I know she ran it flawlessly during the time my children went.

I remember finding out who our 5th Grade Teacher was going to be and frankly we were quite scared. Other students would remark,you got pain, Ronayne the pain.

 She was tough and she was LOUD. I came to learn that 5th graders don't hear so well. You might have to turn up the volume.

I also remember the last day of school one of her kids came charging out of the school and fell to his knees in prayer. I survived the pain, he proclaimed. She smiled and told them to come back and visit. The first day of Middle School 7 out of  17 did come back and I was there to witness.

 Quite a tribute and a reinforcement of no pain, no gain.

For any of her former students, here is a link to her obit.
Reading it you will learn Mrs. Roynane received academic and mischief awards.
The latter will answer the question in why you never got away with anything in her class.

Thank you Mrs. Ronayne, you were a class act to watch.

Some of the characters she coached on to Middle School.

Her troops


She was on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, she was connected.

NPE 5th Grade Time Capsule
includes yearbook questionaire
drawings of what her students aspired to be as adults

Recommended by Mrs. Ronayne
in my safe keeping.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Upcoming Events this Week Julu 18 - 20

🌭 Jul. 29 DELCO ALERT John's Doggie Shop of "growing up Chester" now located on the Conchester will be closing their doors due to eminent domain and the expansion of the Conchester Highway. Get out there and enjoy one last taste of success and one of the best things about growing up in Chester. If we behaved well, while shopping downtown, John's was always on the menu for lunch.  It is such a fond memory.  I remember the very first location, yes it was packed, sometimes four people deep behind the people sitting at the counter. Men used to get up for women and children and offer their seat, now that is dating myself. Thank you to the Eleutheiou family for 70 years of a family tradition in my house. One year, I gave a container of sauce to all my aunts and uncles for Christmas. It was a big hit! Whatever was in it, we all loved that stuff, the Boss with the Sauce.

Jul. 18 Zentangle Club at the Middletown Free Library 10:30 a.m.

If you have questions call 610-566-7828 or email Laura at 

Jul. 18 Watch and discuss a TedTalk 3 p.m. at Middletown Free Library

Jul. 19 Mixed Media Still Life Workshop for Adults at the Middletown Free Library 10:30 a.m. Call or register online to attend.

Jul. 19 - 21 Shrek the Musical Jr. Children's Musical at the Upper Darby Performing Arts Center.

Jul. 19 2017 - 2018 Read the Revolution Speaker Series featuring Alan Taylor American Revolutions: A Continental History 1750-1804 at the Museum of the American Revolution 6:30 p.m. Individual Programs $15, Members $5. SOLD OUT.

Jul. 19 Brandywine River Museum lecture series On the Home Front: N. C. Wyeth and World War I at 11 a.m. Cost $15 individual and $10 for members.

Jul. 20 Gentle Yoga at Middletown Free Library 10:15 a.m. call or register online to attend class.
Jul. 20 Opening Day of The Oval in Philadelphia 5 p.m. to 11 p.m.

Jul. 20 - 22 Cape May County 4-H Fair at the 4-H Fairgrounds 355 Court House-South Dennis Road 

Monday, July 17, 2017

Scary People on the Plane

I recently traveled by airplane from PHL to DFW.

Planes and Pleasure seem to have become a thing of the past but this time I was pleasantly surprised.

Packing is always a dilemma, and shoes are just so dang important to an outfit. What to carry on and what to stow, my options were a challenge. For weight purposes, I decided to wear my hiking boots on the plane. They weighed in at two pounds.  I could replace them with tons more shirts, shorts, slacks and lightweight shoes. I would however, have to take them off for TSA, walk barefooted through the x-ray machine and hold up the line grabbing them and lacing them back up again without getting in anyone's way. I had it all planned out. It would be inconvenient but my attitude was good. I can do this. I walked up to the TSA agent and she put a blue dot on my ticket and said you can keep your shoes on. I wanted to kiss her. I was overjoyed, I said, I have the most complicated shoes on, thank you. With that, she swung down around her podium and looked at my feet and smiled.  I have not gotten this lucky since the new rules went into effect.  I did not have to go through x-ray either., just the metal detector.  My wings were at a whole new comfort level. For a second, I thought I was having a flashback to simpler times. I felt like an American again, Land of the Free, Home of the Brave.

The Flight and My Fellow Fliers.

as follows

I was the Blue Dot and I felt special.

The passenger that got up to reach inside the bag, inside, the bag, inside the bag in the overhead compartment was like watching a magic show!

The guy with the rainbow sunglasses that hit his head coming back from the bathroom tucking back into his window seat, wasn't even that tall.

Coughing, always coughing people on the plane,  Is it allergies or contagious? Why do they ALWAYS sit near me? It begins with a sniff and then the incessant nose blowing with the tissues piling up on the lap. Ugh! I feel my throat getting scratchy. I should have packed Airborne.

Smelly food is the worse, we all get hungry on a flight and crave the pretzels but some of the packed lunches are a little over the top. Can't you eat that before you get on the plane?

Sleepers have my greatest admiration. How can you sleep on the plane? Gimme some of that sit back and relax.

A shirt over the face for darkness? I suspect a cover-up.

A hair raising head of hair, black on top with a full red head of hair flowing from it. How is that even accomplished? Only her hairdresser knows for sure.

Book reader? What does she have there? "Girl On a Train" either missed the boat or is displaced.

Voices always voices in a hushed tone, if you are lucky.

Headphones, I can hear your music, can't you?  It's REALLY loud.

First time ever, I received a survey from American Airlines.
How was your flight?
Basically a well behaved group with no issues, just ordinary people. 

 It is all about the journey and who you are traveling there with. It is no longer about the destination.

Thank you AA for getting me to my destination safely.

On the return trip, a slightly different experience.  The flight was flawless and touchdown was terrific but you know how everyone jumps up immediately as if they are going to go somewhere when the plane reaches the gate. I find it funny, so I was messing around with my husband and taunting him a little bit and pushing him towards the aisle. He turns to me and comments, "unbelievable", addressing my behavior. An older gentleman, so you would think he knows better, was sitting in front of us. He had been reading the New York Times in flight, so maybe a generalization, but you can surmise somewhat intelligent. He turns to my husband and called him an "expletive". I wanted to address this gentleman and tell him, hey, he was talking to me but here we are on a crowded slowly disembarking airplane, we are not going anywhere quick so for once, I had good sense and remained silent.

People are so precious.